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January 19, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling

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Hey guys! I’m Jack and I’m the new IMPACT guy. It’s a privilege to have this position as since I was a kid, I’ve held some sort of loyalty to the brand. I liked rooting for the underdog in TNA, riding the rollercoaster of events that would define the company in the last decade. It was chaotic and it gave me something to invest in.

Fast-forward to 2021 and the company is more stable than ever, with shocking momentum. As a kid, this is the kind of thing I always rooted for. A Kenny Omega led incarnation of Bullet Club is running wild in the IMPACT Zone. Not to mention, that Omega has now pinned the IMPACT World Champion, Rich Swann, who had not lost since coming back from injury. To think this company has nearly gone belly up more times than I’ve celebrated a birthday is hard to believe.

With my nostalgic rant out of the way, it’s time for the fallout of Hard to Kill!

We start with a recap of Hard to Kill from Saturday, featuring Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan’s Barbed Wire Massacre, and Kenny Omega scoring a victory over IMPACT king, Rich Swann.

* We head back to last Saturday with Omega, Don Callis, and The Good Brothers heading to the hotel to celebrate their big main event win. Callis then grabs the camera’s attention and lets the audience know that they are headed to Jacksonville for a brief hiatus. The Jaguars don’t have a playoff game this year so AEW Dynamite may some company.

Opening video sequence followed by the new voices of IMPACT Wrestling, Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown.


Young is out with his newly branded stable, Violent By Design with Deaner and Joe Doering. Rhino has some clean new gear and is accompanied by his Call Your Shot trophy and Cousin Jake. They start off hot, with Rhino gaining the early advantage causing EY to grab a breather. Jake tosses him back in for some more Rhino offense. They get tied up in the corner and EY floors Rhino with a low blow. This allows EY to control the match and ground Rhino to a chorus of planted but not obnoxious boos. EY misses his signature elbow from the top as Rhino searches for momentum. Rhino starts tossing EY around with a mini gore in the corner and a belly-to-belly. Doering trips Rhino from the outside and starts attacking the leg of Rhino, taking out Jake in the process. EY locks in the heel hook that sidelined Rich Swann and Rhino taps out. D’Lo begs EY to let go as Deaner chases ref Brian Hebner out of the ring. The group holds Rhino down as Doering stomps on a chair with Rhino’s leg sandwiched between. Violent by Design seems to have taken out Rhino. Eric Young def. Rhino via heel-hook submission. ** This match was solid an1/4d never boring, putting over the new stable by taking out Rhino which is hard to complain about. I liked the briefness of it all, getting right to the point. Fine open.

* We meet up with D’Lo and Striker as they discuss the beef between Moose and Rich Swann. After the main event at Hard to Kill, Moose attacked Rich Swann after owning up to his promise of working with him in the tag bout. The TNA Champ is seeking the IMPACT strap and plans to see Swann soon. Swann says he can prove that he deserves to be champ tonight.

* Acey Romero and John E. Bravo approach Tommy Dreamer claiming Swinger has been framed for the attack on Bravo. Acey reveals that he has found ring rust which was sprayed on Larry D, turning him into Lawrence D, the murderer. The same fingerprints are shared among the gun and the bottle of ring rust. Detective Dreamer is puzzled and will presumably look into it.

The Good Brothers make their entrance decked out in everything on the merch table. They brag about their performance at Hard to Kill, alongside their Biz Cliz brother Kenny Omega. Gallows promises to keep the IMPACT Tag belts for as long as they want. They tease a Too Sweet, and Chris Sabin interrupts. Sabin questions if they’re hungover, drunk, or stupid. Sabin reminds everyone that he and Shelley were never pinned for the belts, invoking their rematch clause. Gallows calls Sabin a dwizeeb and notices that Alex Shelley is not here. Sabin has another trick up his sleeves, as Longnecks and Rednecks hits. With a big smile on his face, James Storm walks down the IMPACT ramp once more. He hits all the catchphrases and accolades and does his classic badass Storm promo. He goes too far with a cheesy catchphrase and keeps it simple with his usual “Sorry About Your Damn…”.

MATT HARDY’S NAME APPEARS ON THE SCREEN! Hardy and Private Party find their way down to the ring, as TNA ICON Big Money Matt tries to ensure that he gets his cut for the warm-up match he has scheduled. Matt takes credit for saving TNA back in 2016 from going bankrupt. Matt starts shooting about the bad teleportation angle that stripped The Hardy’s of their TNA tag belts back in 2017. How is this real? The Good Brothers calm things down and The Private Party is booked against Sabin and Storm for an opportunity at the IMPACT Tag belts. Wow.

This was insanely random. I was 80% sure James Storm would come out to help Sabin, that’s not what got me. I can’t say Matt Hardy was in the books, nor Private Party. This is obviously so cool though, and you really can’t complain at this point. I could see the AEW inclusion getting old at some point but I’m a sucker for random surprise appearances and this was welcomed.

* The former “Zack Ryder”, Matt Cardona is interviewed, who made his debut at Hard to Kill against Ace Austin. He is excited to start this new opportunity in IMPACT. He is here to prove himself.

* Recap video of the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament, won by Fire and Flava, Kiera Hogan, and Tasha Steelz.

* Kaleb with a K and Tenille meet up with Fire and Flava. Hogan and Steelz seem to be looking for the money that has been passed around for about half a year. Fallah Bahh has come for his money as well. Brian Myers reluctantly comes out of the elevator and ends up beefing with Fallah Bahh. Bahh appears much more humanized and showing a natural personality. This is much appreciated.


Dang Kimber Lee has a fire theme song. Jazz and Jordynne rough em up a bit to start out until things calm down with Jazz and Susan. Jordynne comes in and picks up where her partner left off. Kimber blindsides Jordynne on the outside as we head to commercial break. Kimber Lee tags in Susan as they have been in control since the break started. Susan taunts Jazz and Jordynne makes her pay for it. Susan and Kimber Lee using great ring control to neutralize Jordynne. Kimber hits a spinning back kick for a two-count. They get into a chop-fest, with Kimber coming out on top. Jordynne catches Kimber with a big back elbow and clothesline that floors her. Jazz receives the tag and starts boxing Susan up. Jordynne nails Susan in the corner and Vader Bombs her. Jazz absolutely plants Susan with a DDT for a two count, broken up by Kimber. Susan prays for it to end. Deonna nails Jazz in the back with her belt and Susan scores the rollup on Jazz. Jordynne is enraged as she chases them out.

**1/4 This match was pretty solid but the finish felt very flat. It gave Jazz a pinfall loss which I suspect will lead to a Jordynne Grace heel turn. Jordynne and Kimber looked particularly good here.

* Taya Valkyrie is interviewed backstage, as she is questioned on her next plans. She starts going off but Bravo pulls up. Bravo accuses Taya of spraying the ring rust on Larry D. Dreamer reveals that her prints were found on the object. Taya starts confessing, and she is arrested by two guys in shirts that say “POLICE”. Dreamer fears that she could be headed to Jacksonville Penitentiary or maximum punishment in Stamford. Acey suggests that she could end up in Baltimore, which Bravo fears most of all. Rosemary and Taya meet up for one last time as Taya shows a more sincere side. They embrace and Rosemary is left in tears, with Crazzy Steve. They walk off perhaps with a little more edge, giving me 2016 vibes. IMPACT gets creative with their write-offs, I must say.

* AEW ad with Tony Schiavone in his “real” production studio. Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn are watching IMPACT together, as they hype Private Party’s athletic ability. They hype AEW Dynamite tomorrow. Tony Khan has hired Matt Hardy to out-carny IMPACT and make AEW look great. Oh my goodness. They reveal that they are just inches away from IMPACT’s set. Tony Khan and Jerry LYNNNNNN (metal scream) are in the IMPACT ZONE.

Rich Swann is in the ring with a mic. Swann is now placing his attention on Moose, who has been a thorn in his side for some time now. Swann is now available with Omega being gone and invites Moose to the ring. Moose makes his grand entrance. Suit, tie, and TNA World Title for Moose. He warns Swann not to make emotional decisions and anger him. Moose will not rest until he gets his title shot. Swann mocks him and says he’s ready to go. Moose says he decides when they fight, on his time. They brawl and Swann uses his quickness to take Moose out. Swann lands a Phoenix Splash leaving Moose flustered.

* Rohit Raju comes up to Scott D’Amore as TJP approaches as well. Rohit is beyond upset to see TJP without his Manik mask. He is owed a title shot due to TJP sneaking his way around the clause that would not allow him to challenge for Rohit’s belt at the time. D’Amore grants him an opportunity which he is satisfied by. As Rohit marches away, D’Amore informs TJP that it is a non-title contest.

* Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are still interviewing talent. Alisha Edwards is offered an MC job. Ref Brandon Tolle is approached with the Fire and Flava Celebration offer. They offer him a spot to stand next to them for a small fee. Havok and Neveah come up, looking to purchase a package. They only offer them a spot to watch it from their television screen at home, avoiding a match.


This is the perfect IMPACT midcard match. Myers tries to lift Bahh and expectedly has minimal success. Bahh has an easier time tossing Myers around. Huge running crossbody from Bahh for a near fall. He follows up with an explosive belly to belly for another close call. Myers fights back, showing a more physical side than at the start of this match. Back and forth they go, as Bahh begins turning the momentum back around. Bahh’s butt meets the face of Myers in the corner, followed by a Samoan drop for another kick out by Myers. Myers makes the mistake of hitting Bahh’s head and he starts Bahhing up. He attempts to “No, No, No” but catches Myers in the eye by accident. He is thrown off by this but Myers capitalizes on it by low-blowing Bahh and landing his Clothesline from Stamford finish for the win.

This was a really solid little match and I enjoyed the storytelling. One of the stronger Myers matches, putting over his smarts. He has never wowed me but he does seem to be improving in his role and is a genuine heel.

* Ace Austin is backstage verbally attacking Josh Alexander, calling him boring. He also attacks Matt Cardona, claiming he is so bad that WWE paid him not to wrestle. Josh Alexander comes up to him enraged and cuts a strong promo. Fulton attacks him from behind but Cardona appears, saving Josh Alexander. Ethan Page just got subbed for Zack Ryder. I can’t say I’m not interested.

* We get a photo gallery of the Barbed Wire Massacre match between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan.

* The doctor is backstage checking on Eddie Edwards when Brian Myers approaches with his injured eye demanding care. Myers calls Eddie a backyard wrestler after his brutal affair. Eddie says he will show The Most Professional Wrestler what wrestling is all about.

* Next week we’ve got Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs. Josh Alexander and Matt Cardona, Cousin Jake vs. Joe Doering, Tenille vs. Rosemary,
and Fire and Flava Fest.


The ultimate TNA tag team of Chris Sabin and James Storm make their entrances. I wish Big Money Matt had his TNA branding. Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy make their IMPACT debuts. Kassidy and Sabin kick things off. They have a nice athletic exchange, but Private Party takes control with Quen tagging in. Frequent tags here as they force Sabin their corner. Sabin fights back and tags The Cowboy. Storm is overwhelmed by the tag team chemistry of the young duo and gets kicked to the floor. Jerry Lynn and Tony Khan take a front-row seat for the main event as we hit the final commercial break. Kassidy and Storm are brawling in the corner when we return, as Private Party leaves Storm in desperate need of a tag. Matt ties up Storm on the outside, allowing Quen to plant Storm. Tandem spinning dropkicks nearly seal the deal, but Storm keeps things alive with a kickout. Both men grab a tag and Sabin works his excellent hot tag. Sabin takes out both men with his spinning DDT and kick combo. Dropkick to the back of Kassidy sending him to the mat. Storm comes through the ropes and gives Sabin a boost on another DDT for a near fall. Kassidy saves Quen from a double suplex and they send both guys outside. Sabin and Storm land an awesome sunset flip-backstabber combo for a close one. Sabin looks for Cradle Shock but Quen breakdances out of that. Storm looks for the Last Call on Kassidy, but receives a flashy kick to the face. Sabin makes him pay for it with a brainbuster leaving everyone down. Sabin and Quen get in a strike exchange. They trap sabin on the knees of Kassidy and Quen lands a shooting star off Sabin’s back. Storm breaks up the pinfall attempt but gets met on the outside with a Fosbury Flop. With Kassidy and Sabin on the top rope, Jerry Lynn grabs Sabin’s leg and Private Party hits Gin and Juice for the win. Private Party now has an IMPACT Tag Team title booking against The Good Brothers. The Champions come down and brawl with everyone as the show fades to black.

This was by far the match of the night and featured great tag team wrestling as you’d expect. Private Party works well with IMPACT’s style and seeing them work against major names of IMPACT/TNA history was neat. Jerry Lynn being on IMPACT TV is certainly welcomed and his involvement spices things up a bit more. Good eventful match here.

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