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September 27, 2020 | Posted by Scott Slimmer
WWE Clash of Champions Paul Heyman

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Welcome to 411’s WWE Clash of Champions 2020 Report. We are LIVE in beautiful Orlando, Florida. Tonight’s Kickoff Show panelists are Charly Caruso, Booker T, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and Peter Rosenberg. The start by announcing that Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Nikki Cross have not been medically cleared to compete tonight, so the scheduled Women’s Tag Team Championship Match and SmackDown Women’s Championship Match will not take place tonight. The move on to a rundown of the entire card followed by a video package for Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso. MVP joins the Kickoff Show panelists from backstage to discuss Bobby Lashley vs. Apollo Crews, and then we head to a video package for Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn.

Kickoff Show Match
SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match
Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro vs. Lucha House Party

It’s going to be Kalisto and Lince Dorado for Lucha House Party. Dorado and Cesaro start the match, and Dorado connects with a drop kick the sends Cesaro to the corner. Kalisto gets the tag and hits a diving splash off Dorado’s shoulders. Kalisto locks in a sleeper hold, but Cesaro slams him into the corner to break the hold. Kalisto hits a diving hurricanrana from the second rope and makes the tag to Dorado. Cesaro makes the tag to Nakamura, and Nakamura connects with a head kick that sends Dorado to the outside. Nakamura positions Dorado on the apron and hits a running knee shot to the head. Nakamura drags Dorado back into the ring and makes the tag to Cesaro. Cesaro works over Dorado and makes the quick tag back to Nakamura. Nakamura traps Dorado in the corner and goes to work with Good Vibrations. Nakamura follows up with a standing knee drop and gets a two count. Cesaro gets the tag and grinds his forearm into Dorado’s face for another two count. Dorado fights back with a sunset bomb, but Cesaro kicks out and retaliates with a big boot for a two count of his own. Nakamura gets the tag and positions Dorado on the top turnbuckle. Dorado avoids Nakamura’s running knee shot and connects with a diving crossbody from the top. Cesaro gets the tag and big boots Kalisto off the apron to prevent Dorado from making the tag. Cesaro positions Dorado on the top turnbuckle and makes the tag to Nakamura. Nakamura goes to work with knee shots to the rib and gets another two count. Nakamura makes the quick tag back to Cesaro, and Cesaro hits an uppercut in the corner. Cesaro goes for a back suplex, but Dorado flips over and lands on his feet. Dorado FINALLY makes the hot tag to Kalisto, and Kalisto hits a DDT for a two count. Dorado and Nakamura charge into the ring, and Dorado catches Nakamura with a Back Stabber. Kalisto goes for a suicide dive onto Cesaro on the outside, but Cesaro catches him. Dorado dives onto both of them, and Kalisto uses the momentum to hit a DDT. Kalisto rolls Cesaro back into the ring and connects with a moonsault for a two count. Kalisto goes for the tag, but Nakamura pulls Dorado off the apron and suplexes him over the barricade. Kalisto goes for Salida del Sol, but Nakamura makes the blind tag. Cesaro swings Kalisto, and Nakamura connects with the Kinshasa mid-swing for the three count.

Match Result: Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Kalisto with a Kinshasa / Cesaro Swing combination.
Match Length: 10:45
Slimmer’s Rating: **½

The Kickoff Show finishes up with a video package for Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton.

Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (Champion) vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn

Styles decks Zayn to start, and Hardy follows up with a basement drop kick to Zayn’s head. Hardy heads to the outside to retrieve a ladder, but Styles connects with a baseball slide into the ladder and Hardy’s chest. Zayn heads to the outside and drops a ladder onto Hardy’s back before doing the same to Styles. Zayn slides the ladder into the ring and tries to set it up, but Hardy stop him. Hardy props up the ladder against the top rope and back body drops Zayn onto it. Hardy sets up the ladder upside down and tries to drop Styles onto the supports, but Styles evades. Hardy heads up to the second turnbuckle and dives toward Styles, but Styles sidesteps him, and Hardy crashes ribs-first onto the supports of the inverted ladder. Styles props up the ladder in the corner and bounces Zayn off of it. Styles grabs a taller ladder and sets in up in the middle of the ring. Styles climbs the ladder, but Zayn pulls Zayn back down to the mat. Styles connects with a Pelé kick and then climbs the ladder, but Hardy climbs the other side of the ladder. Hardy gets dumped back to the mat but pulls Styles off the ladder before Styles can grab the belts. Zayn tosses Hardy out of the ring and climbs the ladder, but Styles grabs Zayn’s boot. Styles tries to slam Zayn into the ladder in the corner, but Zayn blocks and delivers an exploder suplex onto the ladder. Zayn slowly climbs the ladder, but Hardy charges into the ring and beats Zayn back down to the mat. The action spills to the outside, and Zayn slams Hardy into the barricade. Styles slams Hardy’s head into one of the ringside ladders, but Hardy fights back and hits Poetry in Motion off the ring steps. Zayn connects with a Helluva Kick that sends Hardy over the barricade. Zayn heads back into the ring and climbs the ladder, but Styles grabs a short ladder and throws it at Zayn from outside the ring. The flying ladder knocks Zayn down to the mat and may have injured Zayn’s right hand. Styles and Hardy climb the ladder, but the ladder tips and sends both men to the outside. Zayn sets up the ladder and climbs. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm to knock Zayn off the ladder, but Hardy tips the ladder and sends it right into Styles in mid-air. Hardy hits Zayn with a Twist of Fate and climbs the ladder. Zayn tries to tip the ladder, but Hardy tries to slide down the other side of the ladder as it tips, but eventually Hardy and the ladder tumble all the way to the outside in an ugly way. Styles and Zayn head to the outside, and Zayn slams Styles’ head into the ring post. Zayn uses a ladder to bridge the ring apron and the announce table, but Styles catches Zayn with a moonsault off the announce table into an inverted DDT. Styles sets Zayn on the bridging ladder, but Hardy slams another ladder into Styles’ face. Hardy sets up a huge ladder and hits his signature Swanton Bomb off a giant ladder through a bridging ladder spot. Styles heads back into the ring and sets up a ladder. Styles climbs, but Hardy tips the ladder. Zayn attacks Hardy on the outside and whips him into the barricade. Zayn grabs two sets of handcuffs from his ring jacket. ZAYN PUTS THE HANDCUFFS THROUGH HARDY’S EAR LOBE AND ATTACHES HIM TO A LADDER ON THE OUTSIDE. Oh that was a special kind of sick and twisted. Zayn heads back into the ring and tries to handcuff Styles to the ropes, but Styles fights back. Styles hits a suplex… but Zayn handcuffed himself to Styles in the process! Styles tries to climb, but Zayn goes limp to block him. Styles puts Zayn on his shoulder and climbs the ladder as Hardy heads back into the ring with his ear still attached to another ladder. Zayn unlocks himself from the handcuffs and handcuffs Styles to the ladder. Zayn climbs the other side of the ladder and retrieves the belts to win the match.

Match Result: Sami Zayn retrieves the belts to win the match.
Match Length: 26:43
Slimmer’s Rating: ****¼

R-Truth is backstage and accidentally walks into the referees’ room. Truth slowly backs away, but Drew Gulak sneaks up behind him and rolls him up for a three count to win the 24/7 Championship.

Raw Women’s Championship Match
Asuka (Champion) vs. Zelina Vega

Asuka toys with Vega to start and gets the best of a test of strength. Asuka muscles Vega to the mat and gets a two count. Asuka lands a forearm shot to the jaw and locks in a side head lock. Vega whips Asuka to the ropes to break the hold, but Asuka levels Vega with a shoulder block on the rebound. Asuka catches Vega with an arm bar, but Vega makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Asuka hits a hip attack that sends Vega tumbling off the apron. Asuka heads to the outside, but Vega slams her shoulder-first into the ring steps. Vega rolls Asuka back into the ring and works her over in the corner. Vega locks in a hammer lock and flips into a bridge to add to the pressure. Asuka fights back to her feet and goes for the Asuka Lock, but Vega tries to counter into an arm bar, but Asuka tries to counter back into the Asuka lock, but Vega kicks her away. Asuka goes for another hip attack, but Vega side steps her and locks in a crucifix around the top rope. Vega goes for a Back Stabber, but Asuka blocks. Vega goes for a springboard kick in the corner, but Asuka blocks and locks int eh Asuka Lock for the submission.

Match Result: Asuka defeats Zelina Vega with the Asuka Lock.
Match Length: 7:05
Slimmer’s Rating: ***

United States Championship Match
Bobby Lashley (Champion) w/ MVP vs. Apollo Crews w/ Ricochet

Crews clotheslines Lashley to the outside and follows up with a springboard moonsault. Crews rolls Lashley back into the ring and heads up top for a diving crossbody that gets him a two count. Lashley shoves Crews to the corner and hits him with Flatliner on the rebound. Lashley works over Crews in the corner and hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Crews rolls to the outside, and Lashley follows him. Lashley lifts Crews onto his shoulders, but Crews slides out the back and shoves Lashley into the ring post. The action returns to the ring, and Crews drives his shoulder into Lashley’s gut in the corner. Crews catches Lashley with a back elbow shot that sends Lashley back to the outside. Crews retrieves Lashley and hits a leaping head kick. Crews hits the standing moonsault but only get a two count. Crews heads up top, but Lashley heads up with him and his a superplex for a two count. Crews fights back with a standing Shooting Start Press and heads up top to hit a frog splash for a two count. Lashley catches Crews with a choke slam and locks in the Hurt Lock for the submission.

Match Result: Bobby Lashley defeats Apollo Crews with the Hurt Lock.
Match Length: 8:13
Slimmer’s Rating: **¾

Raw Tag Team Championship Match
The Street Profits (Champions) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza

Dawkins and Andrade start the match, but Andrade quickly takes control and makes the tag to Garza. Garza works over the arm and makes the quick tag back to Andrade. Andrade locks in a standing side head lock, but Dawkins breaks from and hits a drop kick to the face. Ford gets the tag and hits drop kicks to both Andrade and Garza. Garza gets the tag and kicks Ford in the ribs before suffering an unfortunately wardrobe malfunction. Garza makes the tag to Andrade and holds Ford as Andrade hits a drop kick from the second turnbuckle. Andrade makes the quick tag back to Garza, and Garza hits a running knee shot to the face. Garza locks in a side head locks on the mat, but Ford gets his feet under him and lifts Garza into a back suplex to break the hold. Dawkins and Andrade get the tags, and Dawkins catches Andrade with an exploder suplex. Andrade fights back with a drop kick to the face and goes for double knees in the corner, but Dawkins slides out of the way. Garza and Ford get the tags and head up top together, and Garza hits a Spanish Fly from the top for a two count. Garza lands knee shot to the face and makes the tag to Andrade. Andrade knocks Dawkins off the apron and works over Ford, but Ford breaks free and makes the hot tag to Dawkins. Dawkins hits Andrade with the Anointment and gets the three count, but Andrade definitely kicked out at two. The medical team checks on Andrade at ringside after the match, so it’s not clear if the referee made a mistake or intentionally ended the match due to an injury.

Match Result: Angelo Dawkins defeats Andrade with the Anointment.
Match Length: 8:19
Slimmer’s Rating: ***¼

R-Truth attacks Drew Gulak backstage and wins back the 24/7 Championship.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
Bayley (Champion) vs. Asuka

Since Nikki Cross isn’t medically cleared to compete tonight, Bayley comes to the ring and issues an open challenge to anyone who wants a shot at her title. HERE COMES ASUKA!!! Asuka hits a drop kick to the face and follows up with a hip attack. Asuka goes for an arm bar, but Bayley rolls her into a pinning predicament for a two count. Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock, but Bayley slides out of the ring. Bayley heads back into the ring and hits a suplex for a two count. Bayley focuses on Asuka’s left arm that was injured by Zelina Vega earlier in the night. Bayley hits an arm breaker and heads up top, but Asuka knocks her from the top to the outside. Asuka heads to the outside and levels Bayley with a roundhouse kick to the head. Asuka hits a German suplex on the outside, but Bayley grabs a steel chair and connects with a chair shot to the ribs to draw the disqualification. Bayley grabs her championship and celebrates at ringside, but SASHA BANKS ATTACKS BAYLEY WITH A CHAIR!!! Bayley fights back and rolls Banks into the ring. Bayley grabs two chairs and a kendo stick. Banks kicks the knee and grabs the kendo stick. Banks goes to work with kendo stick shots and then grabs a chair. Banks hurls the chair toward Bayley, but Bayley retreats to the outside.

Match Result: Asuka defeats Bayley via disqualification.
Match Length: 3:33
Slimmer’s Rating:

Ambulance Match for the WWE Championship Match
Drew McIntyre (Champion) vs. Randy Orton

McIntyre takes the fight to Orton as soon as the bell rights and levels him with a stiff punch. Orton gets back to his feet and goes for the RKO, but McIntyre blocks. Orton kicks the middle rope to low blow McIntyre and then hits his patented rope-assisted DDT. Orton set up for the Punt, but suddenly the Big Show pulls Orton out of the ring and choke slams him through the announce table. The Big Show leaves as quickly as he arrived, and McIntyre drops Orton onto the barricade. McIntyre slams Orton into the ring post and stomps on Orton’s hand. McIntyre picks up Orton and throws him face-first into the back door of the ambulance. McIntyre grabs a steel chair and drives it into Orton’s ribs. McIntyre hits a chair shot to the back, but Orton grabs a crutch and fights back with a crutch shot to the ribs. Orton picks up the chair and grinds it into McIntyre’s fractured jaw. Orton opens the back door of the ambulance, and both men brawl into the ambulance. They both get out of the ambulance and continue to brawl next to the stage. Orton slams McIntyre face-first into the side of the ambulance. Orton tries to slam McIntyre’s hand in the driver’s side door of the ambulance, but McIntyre counters with a Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre goes for the Claymore, but Orton dives into the ambulance to avoid contact, and McIntyre kicks the door right off the ambulance. McIntyre beats Orton into the backstage area and chops him against a concrete wall. McIntyre tries to whip Orton into a wall, but Orton counters and instead whips McIntyre into the wall. Christian shows up out of nowhere and throws Orton into one of the catering tables. Christian leaves as McIntyre slowly gets back to his feet. McIntyre beats Orton back into the arena and tosses Orton onto the hood of the ambulance. McIntyre climbs onto the hood of the ambulance with Orton, but Orton gauges McIntyre’s eye and throws him back-first through the windshield. Orton beats McIntyre onto the roof of the ambulance and connects with a knee to the jaw. McIntyre begins to slide off the back of the ambulance, and Orton stomps on McIntyre’s hand to make him lose his grip and fall to the floor. Shawn Michaels climbs up behind Orton, hits him with Sweet Chin Music, and shoves him off the top of the ambulance. McIntyre gets back to his feet and carries Orton toward the back door of the ambulance, but Orton slides out the back and hits an RKO on the floor. Orton rolls McIntyre into the back of the ambulance and closes one of the doors, but McIntyre blocks the second door from closing. McIntyre rakes the eyes and levels Orton with a Claymore. McIntyre tosses Orton into the back of the ambulance and hits a skull punt for good measure. McIntyre slams the ambulance doors and wins the match. After the match, Ric Flair hops in the driver’s seat and drives the ambulance out of the arena.

Match Result: Drew McIntyre defeats Randy Orton.
Match Length: 21:35
Slimmer’s Rating: ***¼

Universal Championship Match
Roman Reigns (Champion) w/ Paul Heyman vs. Jey Uso

Reigns and Uso circle each other to start. The lock up, and Reigns shoves Uso to the mat. Reigns muscles Uso to the corner and then tosses him out of the ring. Uso charges back into the ring and lands two stiff punches, but Reigns levels Uso with a clothesline for a two count. Reigns chokes Uso against the middle rope and then slams him face-first into the top turnbuckle. Reigns decks Uso and then knocks him off the apron. Reigns heads to the outside and slams Uso’s head into the apron. Reigns slams Uso’s head into the announce table and then rolls him back into the ring for a two count. Reigns locks in a seated rear chin lock, but Uso fights back to his feet. Reigns lands a head butt, but Uso fights back with a kick to the gut and a Samoan Drop for a two count of his own. Uso whips Reigns to the corner and charges toward him, but Reigns catches Uso with a Superman Punch. Uso rolls to the outside, and Reigns follows him. They trade punches at ringside, but Reigns gets the best of the exchange and levels Uso. Reigns rolls Uso back into the ring and gets a two count. Reigns delivers another head butt, but Uso answers with a chop. Reigns clotheslines Uso in the corner, but Uso hits a volley of punches and posts Reigns in the corner. Uso clotheslines Reigns to the outside and hits a suicide dive that sends Reigns into the barricade. Uso rolls Reigns back into the ring and hits an enzuigiri. Reigns flees to the outside, but Uso catches him with another suicide dive. Uso again rolls Reigns back into the ring and heads up top. Uso hits a diving crossbody for a two count. Uso lands a super kick for another two count. Uso goes back up top but leaps down the Reigns charges toward the corner. Uso turns and eats a running leg drop from Reigns. Reigns goes for a spear, but Uso counters with a rollup for a two count. Uso lands a super kick and heads up top. Uso hits a diving splash for a looong two count. Reigns delivered a low blow to Uso as he kicked out, but it’s not clear if it was intentional or not. Reigns connects with a spear but doesn’t go for the cover. Reigns drags Uso to his feet, whips him to the ropes, and hits another spear. Reigns orders Uso to say that Reigns is the Chief, but Uso refuses. Reigns becomes incensed and viciously beats on Uso. Reigns orders Uso to acknowledge him, but Uso still refuses. Reigns grinds Uso’s head into the mat and continue to pound on his face. Jimmy Uso hobbles down to ringside and tells Jey that he’s going to throw in the towel. Jey begs Jimmy not to throw in the towel, but Reigns beats Jey so viciously that Jimmy has no choice by to throw in the towel. Jimmy tells Reigns that he’s the Chief so that Reigns will stop beating Jey.

Match Result: Roman Reigns defeats Jey Uso when Jimmy Uso throws in the towel.
Match Length: 22:56
Slimmer’s Rating: ****½ (not a technical masterpiece by any stretch, but absolutely fantastic storytelling and character development)

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