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August 10, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero

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If that wasn’t the shittiest week the WWE has given me in quite some time…

I’d hope for the best, but man, I’d settle for something even slightly better.

Joe is here in the middle of the ring; and we’ve got a contract signing. This is a rare occurrence, as one of the signees will be signing two contracts. Dominik will be signing his WWE Contract as well.

Joe introduces Seth Rollins, being sure not to use any mean adjectives, as he is a professional. We are told that if Joe wants to keep his job, he cannot “mix it up” with Seth.

Dominik has his own entrance that is like a quasi-Rey remix, sure to shout 619. Dominik has a kendo stick with him. He looks like a tall thirteen year old.

Seth calls him a coward, a scared little boy. Joe says yes, this will be much safer with Joe. Joe holds the kendo stick instead. Seth wonders if Joe thinks this is a joke. Joe says personally, he thinks this whole thing is sad. Simply, what he is looking at is sad. What he should be seeing is Seth Freakin Rollins, but instead, he sees a man who got booed a few times then got caught up in his own feelings and said this makes it righteous to take Rey’s eye, or have his man go after Black. What would Seth have done to Joe? It’s sad, and the saddest thing of all is that Joe is watchin Seth Freakin Rollins give someone with zero to no training NO CHOICE but to fight for his father.

Seth says he has given Dom a choice every step of the way, and he’s made the wrong decision. Same with Rey and Black, and could go for Joe if he makes the wrong choice.

No, the person who has had no choice in this whole thing is Seth Freakin Rollins. He is the one. He got crapped on. He had no choice in making sacrifices necessary for the greater good.

Dominik says Seth is selfish, the greater good is just for Seth.

Seth says he is on the cusp of fulfilling his dream and he doesn’t even understand that it is all because of Seth. He should be on his knees thanking Seth.

Dominik says he’s right. This was his dream. But now, his dream is to kick Seth’s ass at Summerslam.

Seth says Dominik wouldn’t last ten seconds in a regular, standard one on one match with Seth. However, Seth will do him a little favor. He seems to be pretty handy with the kendo stick, so how about at Summerslam, Dom can bring the stick and use it how he sees fit. He wants Dominik to have every opportunity at his disposal so that he and his family have no excuse when he ends Dom’s career before it ever begins.

Seth signs the contract.

Dominik signs his, watching Seth the entire time. He also signs his Superstar contract, being sure to watch Seth.

Seth congratulates him, welcoming the newest WWE Superstar. He tells Dominik to grab a seat and take notes as he takes on Humberto Carrillo.

Match 1: Seth Rollins vs Humberto Carrillo

Lockup to start and Seth rolls Humberto into the corner. Ref breaks it and Seth hits an axe handle. He drags Humberto over to the ropes to stare Dominik down. Humberto shoots the legs and mounts with some right hands. Clothesline to Seth. Springboard kick to the face. Seth rolls to the outside. Humberto comes outside and Murphy tries to get involved. Dom is there to prevent it.

Back in the ring, Humberto kicks Seth in the side of the head. He mounts in the conrer with a few rights, but Seth slides underneath and trips him up. Seth attacks the back with some right hands. He seats Humberto up in the corner and steps up to the 2nd rope. He locks up from behind, Humberto stands, Waist lock from Seth. Humberto with a punch and an elbow, knocking Seth down. Humberto stands, Murphy on the apron, Dom trips him with a kendo stick!

Moonsault but Seth has the boots up! Superkick! Powerbomb to Humberto. STOMP! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Seth Rollins
The match was nothing, just barely reaching three minutes. The segment afterwards was hard to watch for a lot of goo reasons. Dom took bumps he didn’t have to, but most likely wanted to prove myself. What troubles me was the complete silence from Joe who, just prior, explained that he couldn’t touch Seth due to him possibly losing his job, but it doesn’t mean he would have nothing to say, and only serves to mean they’re not smart enough to work themselves out of even the simplest of corners. Other than that, Rey’s son got his ass beat and maybe, hopefully, garnered some sympathy.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:59

Dom is staring Seth down and Murphy comes up to attack! He rolls Dom into the ring and we get a double team of Seth and Murphy. Seth kicks the ref out of the ring as Murphy holds Dominik up. Seth drags Humberto over and tells Dom to take notes and listen to the master at work. Dom hits an elbow. Dom mounts Seth, punches, Murphy attacks, Knee from Seth. Murphy rolls outside and grabs a kendo stick. He tosses it to Seth. Seth smacks Dom on the back. Another. One to the gut. Another smack across the back. Murphy rips the shirt of Dom off. Seth smacks him hard with one, then another across the chest, and another across the arm. Sheeeut, that last one was rough. Dominik stands. Seth helps him, locks him up on the ropes, and they tie him up. Murphy tells Dom he should have kept out of their business. Seth smacks Dom across the chest then talks to the camera to say hi dad. Seth screams at the screen to BEG FOR MERCY FOR YOUR SON, YOU COWARD!

Seth demands Murphy go grab something under the ring. Murphy tosses several kendo sticks into the ring. Seth grabs two. He hands one to Murphy.

“The kid’s gotta pay his dues.”

Seth tells Murphy to take the back side. Seth smacks him across the chest. Murphy across the back. They trade shots back and forth a few times. Seth then beats the shit out of him with some strikes in the middle of the ring. Murphy rolls in to congratulate Dom, saying he’s a WWE Superstar. Another one across the back.

Seth looks to stomp, thinks better of it, and talks to the screen: “To be continued, Rey.”

The idiotic Retribution storyline is touched upon with a video package highlighting those oh so crazy and inconvenient mishaps from last week.

Byron uses alliteration to strongly get his point across.

Zelina gets some mic time, saying she did not poison anyone, she is innocent until proven guilty. Why would she ruin the opportunity that her men have? She doesn’t thrive off her mens’success, she creates it. She tells Bianca to keep her temper in check. The Street Profits want the smoke, that’s fine, but they want the tag team titles, and she’ll say it one more time – she had nothing to do with Montez being poisoned, but Angel and Andrade will have everything to do with taking the titles.

Match 2: Angelo Dawkins vs Andrade

Dawkins starts hot with the punches. He hits a dropkick off the ropes to the face of Andrade. Andrade rolls to the outside. Ref starts the count. He gets to 8 and Andrade rolls in, then rolls right back out. Dawkins tries to leave the ring and Andrade trips him up then runs into the ring to stomp a few times. Punches to the head. Dropkick to the neck. Cravat from behind. Elbows from Dawkins. Right hand. Another. Forearms to Andrade, then some punches left and right. Andrade goes for a punch but eats a clothesline. Another clothesline. Dawkins hits the ropes, elbow to the face. Dawkins grabs the leg. Suplex to Andrade! He goes for a splash, but Andrade moves and hits some elbows. Andrade hits the corner, bounces off, runs with the knees to the face. Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Andrade to the top rope. He dives off. RIGHT HAND TO THE FACE! Cover but Zelina is on the apron!!!!

Out comes Belair to pull Zelina off the apron! Spinebuster to Andrade! Pin for 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Angelo Dawkins
Kinda weird to see Andrade lose to a spinebuster, even if Dawkins is a big guy. Another match that was, unfortunately, too short to really mean anything. I know Dawkins gets a lot of dislike, but I don’t mind him, and it’s Andrade; the boy can go with anyone.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:58

Bianca grabs Zelina and tosses her into the ring. Zelina runs back out of the ring. The match is next.

Match 3: Zelina Vega vs Bianca Belair

Match already in progress as Zelina hops on the back of Bianca. Bianca turns her and locks the head then hits a suplex. Zelina begs for forgiveness, Biana flips over her as ZElina screams that she didn’t do it. Bianca trabs the hair, zelina stomps the foot then hits the mid, goes for a crucifix, Bianca spins her, Zelina locks in a Triangle Choke. Bianca turns this into a pin for 1..NO! Another, but no! Bianca lifts Zelina, Zelina floats over and tries to roll up into a pin, but Bianca’s got them thigh muscles. She pulls Zelina up, slams he back down face first, then yells for Zelina to get up. She sends Zelina into the corner and beats dat ass with left and rights. Ref gets in between them, but Bianca goes at it again with a barrage of punches. Zelina with a poke to the eye without the ref seeing! Tornado DDT to Bianca! 1…2…NO!!!! Zelina gets in a kick to the back. Bianca whips Zelina, runs under, Zelina locks up from behind, Biance turns, misses a punch, Zelina shoves her into the corner. Kick to Belair. Zelina with knees in the corner. Cover in the middle of the ring for 1..2..NO!!!!

Bianca with an elbow, Zelina with a hurricanrana INTO THE ROPES! Zelina in the corner. She heads to the top rope. She dives with a crossbody, but Bianca catches her! Bianca presses Zelina up high, then drops her down hard! Biana with the beatdown yet again! She hits a snapmare then tosses her by the hair across the ring. Bianca hits the corner, but Zelina sends her into the post shoulder and head first. Zelina with a kick in the corner. Some stomps then some right hands.

Zelina to the top rope, she keeps punching, and proclaiming she didn’t do it.! Powerbomb from Bianca! She lifts up, sends Zelina into the buckle! Bianca grabs Zelina, hits the KOD. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Bianca Belair
Both the girls did really well here, even if this was yet another coming out party for Belair, who we already know can go. Girls got it goin on. The problem is the lack of consistency.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 6:12

Charley asks Bianca if there is any evidence towards the claim? Bianca says we all know what she did, and if she do it again, she’s going to have to get whooped.

Charley asks for an update on Ford’s condition. Bianca has had enough. Ford tells her that Montez will not be missing the biggest party of the summer. The Street Profits are up, and they want the smoke.

MVP is in the eing with Lashley and Shelton. MVP says he is not in a celebratory mood. He’d like to pop people in the mouth, not bottles. MVP never misses an opportunity to be the guy who says “I TOLD YOU SO” but he fucking did. Lights flickering during his match? He is a professional, how is he supposed to win championships in these unsafe working conditions. Apollo didn’t beat him, the lights did. How come they aint flicerking now?

Apollo comes out, says MVP always makes excuses. It’s always someone else’s fault.

MVP brings up Extreme Rules, and how he didn’t come fight.

Apollo says Lashley was the one that hurt him, all while his back was turned. He’s not hurting anymore, but he knows MVP is because Apollo has the new title on his shoulders.

MVP says he tried to help Apollo. All he does is make bad decisions, like the bad decision he made coming out here by himself.

Apollo says sometimes he does make bad decisions. But he’s allowed to. Because he is a bad man. As a matter of fact, MVP don’t care about Apollo? About his kids? Well Apollo doesn’t care about Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley, but he does care about MVP. Wanna talk about lights flickering? At Summerslam, the only lights going out will be MVPs.

Lashley and Benjamin roll out, Apollo rolls in, he attacks MVP. MVP rolls out. Apollo picks up an entire freakin couch and tosses it over the ropes.

We come back to the match already going down.

Match 4: Shelton Benjamin vs Apollo Crews

Come back to RAW with Apollo hitting a dropkick to Shelton. Suplex and a cover for 1..2..NO!! Benjamin is able to pick u pthe pace and hit a powerbomb and a pin for 1..2…NO!!! Shelton sends Apollo to the outside. MVP and Lashley cower over him and talk some shit. Ref tells them not to touch. Shelton leaves the ring. MVP quotes E-40.

Back in the ring, Shelton stnds above Apollo and locks him up with a cravat. Whip to the ropes, and Apollo just flies off em with a crossbody! Enziguri to Shelton! Apollo sends Shelton into the corner and hits some shoulders. Another splash in the corner, go behind, Apollo lifts up, can’t quite get it. Shelton hits the ropes. Powerslam! Standing moonsault! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Apollo hits the ropes, Lashley trips Apollo up.

Apollo kicks him in the face. Shelton rolls up Apollo. 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin
I just feel like certain people shouldn’t be falling for little tricks like that, even IF they’re wrestling tropes that likely won’t change. The match itself was fun for as long as it lasted, though.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 4:33

Lashley runs in to lock in the Full Nelson. MVP yells at him to stop, saying he needs Apollo healthy for Summerslam.

MVP tries to cheap shot, so Apollo high kicks him then runs out of the ring.

So, those pesky kids found cinderblocks and the only security guard shorter than them. He screams as if this job is his life, telling Ski-Masks Stans to get the hell out of here, and they fire back with a vicious retort, proclaiming, “NO, YOU, get the hell out of here!” That’ll show him.

They then toss a cinder block into a glass window. A second cinder block is thrown to assure maximum glass clearance. This excites them, and they run before Scooby and his gang can come and unmask them.

Mickie James is back, and she’s got a big announcement. She says she is here to help lead this locker room, but she also has gold on her mind.

In comes Lana and Natalya, and Lana says she needs a TikTok. Nattie is the most winning woman, the Serena Williams of the WWE. Lana creates a hashtag on the spot.

Mickie says she would expect this from Lana, because…it’s Lana. But Nattie? Shes got a legacy. She’s worked so hard off of her family’s coattails. And the thing about boats, Lana…they sink.

Nattie calls that rude unison with Lana.

What a visual comparison of skill and talent vs air and vapidity.

Backstage, Ivar is flirting with some blonde. In come Erik, Ricochet, and Cedric. Cedric has no tape. Erik is still not cute. Ricochet is choking on something, and the world keeps on spinnin.

Match 5: Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, and The Viking Raiders vs Akira Tozawa, Tum Tum, Rocky, and Colt

Ricochet with a Crane Kick to Tum Tum. Tag to Cedric, and we get a stomp to the back of the head. Rocky hops into the ring without a tag and eats a knee from Ricochet and Cedric. Tag to Ivar, tag to Erik. Knee to the illegal ninja. Another knee to Rocky. The Vikings head to the corner.

Akira yells for Colt to get in the ring, but he hops down. Akira hops down as well. The Viking Experience in the middle of the ring. Cover from Erik and a 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, and The Viking Raiders
Nope. Nope. Nope. Not worth my time or yours.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: Too Much

A ref comes out from the back to shrug to Akira. His ninja rolls Akira up. 1..2…3!!!

It’s R-Truth

BACKSTAGE, Drew is talking with Charley. He will be watching tonight’s match for sure, and he meant what he said last week. To build upon this, he wants Orton to know that Evolution has just passed him by. Charley asks what if Owens kicks Randy’s head off tonight, and Drew says they’ll have a long talk about the future of RAW then.

The Iiconics are here to talk some shizz to Ruby and Liv. They mock the return, calling Liv so two faced and Ruby’s personality changes more than the color of her split ends. Peyton says they’ve been shaping their futures, and their futures are…Iiconic!

Match 6: Peyton Royce vs Liv Morgan

Liv ducks under a right and gets a bunch of punches. She catches a kick, trips the leg, and mounts for some rights. Peyton with a knee. Peyton sends lIv to the outside. Peyton follows, tries to send Liv back in, Liv blocks and sends Peyton’s face into the edge of the apron. Liv rolls Peyton back in the ring, and Peyton kits a spin kick. Peyton grabs Liv, screams that Ruby doesn’t care about her, and drops some rights to the shoulder. Peyton locks the head, Liv escapes, go behind, roll through into a pin for 1..2.NO!!! High kick from Peyton. One from Liv, and both girls are down. Peyton rushes the corner, Liv hits some knees.

Bille onto the apron, Ruby hops on, too. Liv is distracted, Peyton attacks the back, grabs the head, turns Liv with a Deja-Vu suplex. Pin for 1…2…3!!!!

Winner: Peyton Royce
Peyton gets better weekly.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:02

Ruby rolls into the ring to check on Liv. The Iiconics leave.

Backstage, Shane comes up to his smoke-filled room and asks the security guard if anything is going ok. You know, in that room where there are no rules. Yeah, in that room. He says it’s almost ten which means it’s almost time for RAW Underground.

Y’all, I don’t even know how seriously to take this shit…

Riddick is in the ring with some other dude and they wrestle slightly more aggressively than what they would be doing in a WWE ring. They roll to the outside and Shane says there are no rules. Ross backs the blonde into some sheet metal then gets taken back to the apron. Riddick locks up and tosses the other guy into the ring. Front face lock into a cover from the blonde. Right hands to the gut from Moss. Hair pull and an eye gouge and a headbutt, which is all ok. Rigt punch to the face then a bunch of stomps and he bell rings. Shane congratulates Moss, who is so happy that he rips his shirt. Shane wonders what will happen next…

I do not.

Match 7: Asuka vs Bayley

ASUKA is pissed! She attacks Bayley with some fury. Snapmare after acover and some head smashes into the mat. Bayley rolls to the outside so Asuka follows and stomps Bayley outside. She rolls Bayley back in, Asuka to the top rope. Bayley clips her leg then pulls her off and slams Asuka down to the mat. Cover for 1..2.NO!!!! Bayley locks the head and hits a suplex to Asuka. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Clothesline to the seated Asuka. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Bayley with a cravat from behind.

The lights flicker a bit.

Bayley sends Asuka into the corner. Kick to Asuka. Bayley covers for 1. That’s a no. Bayley kicks Asuka away. A boot to the chest. Bayley misses a right, Asuka turns it into a backkslide, rollup but no, Asuka rolls out. Kick to the chest of Bayley!

The lights flicker again and no one mentions it.

Asuka sends Bayley into the ropes, hits a tackle, Bayley kicks, Sasha catches it, switches into a German! Asuak runs with a hip attack to the face! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Asuka runs into the corner, Bayley catches her, and sends her into the corner, head first into the buckle. Bayley up, rushes the corner, misses a kne,e so Asuka kicks her over and over to the back. Asuka runs up the ropes and steps onto Bayley then stacks her up for 1..2..NO!!!!

We are back, and Asuka has a cover for 2. Asuka is up first. She waits for Bayley to get on her knees then hits a kick to the chest. Another. Sasha on the apron. Asuka is distracted long enough for Bayley to catch a kick and lock in an Ankle Lock! Asuka rolls to the bottom rope. She reaches it. Bayley punches the leg a few times then lets go. Kick to the back of the knee. Bayley with a DDT to the foot. Cover for 1….no1 Another DDT to the boot. Bayley puts the boot across the bottom rope as Sasha teases Asuka. Bayley steps onto the ankle then distracts the ref. Sasha slams Asuka’s leg onto the apron. Cover from Bayley for 1..2..NO!!! Bayley with a kick. Another kick. Another in the corner. Bayley hits a back elbow. She hits the ropes and gets rolled up for 1..2..NO!!! Asuka rolls up again into a submission!!! Nice. Bayley escapes, turns into the hold, mounts, and Asuka locks in an arm bar!!! Bayley turns into it, gets a pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Double knee but Bayley reverses into an Indian Deathlock! Bayley puts the pressure on with her boot! Sasha continues to tease Asuka. Asuka reverses. Ankle Lock! Knee Bar! Bayley is up! Pin for 1..NO!!! Asuka still has the hold. Bayley lifts up from behind, but Asuka turns into a pin!! 1…2…NO!!!! Damn….Asuka with. Strike. Bayley with one of her own. They go back and forth. Asuka fires back with a bunch, spinning back, blocked, high knee to the face. Asuka grabs Bayley in the corner. She sits Bayley up in the corner. Asuka heads to the top. Right elbows to Bayley. Bayley sends Asuka down with a right. Bayley to the top rope. Elbow drop to Asuka! Pin for 1….2…NO!!!

Bayley is up first. She lifts, hits a hard back elbow, runs with a sunset bomb into the buckle!!! Bayley mocks Kairi! She rusn, Asuka with a flying arm bar into the ASUKA LOCK!!!!! BAYLEY TAPS!!!

Winner: Bayley
That was great. It followed the unfortunate formula of a WWE match with a commercial, with very little mattering before the break, but once we got back to the match, it was non-stop and both girls killed it. Bayley matched Asuka hold for hold, damned near, and looked good and heelish in doing so. Best part of the night.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 15:10

Back to RAW Underground, and we get a 17-time amateur wrestler in the ring who makes short work of a jobber by beating him while wearing jeans.

This is all just so…eye-roll inducing. The match ends when Denim Dave hits a high spinning kick to the face that very obviously misses.

This wouldn’t be a problem during a regular match. I’d not even mention it. But this is supposed to be Underground; gritty; real; different. Too bad no amount of Dunn cuts will make it that.

RAW Underground is so Underground Daba-Kato gets his own little chyron. He destroys some dude with an ass kicking and a dick grab, and since this guy is not Joey Ryan, it hurts. Bad. Right hand to the face.

Shayna Baszler hops up onto the ring and Shane asks Kato to leave. Shayna puts in the mouthguard. No one wants to face her so Shayna hops down and clocks some chick in the fae. Shayna rolls the girl back into the ring, some blonde comes in to help her friend, so Shayna beats her ass until another blonde comes in and locks on a sleeper. Shayna rolls her forward and locks up, but the girl gets a triangle. Shayna escapes, stands tall, and all three stand to circle (triangle?) Shayna. They shoot towards her and Shayna gets a right, a hip toss to another, a high kick to a third, takedown and a submission to the initial blonde, and Shayna wins.

The rules are still unclear, the reasoning is still unclear.

We rush outside where the collection of guys and girl(s) who, presumably upset about student loans, have flipped over a car.

Match 8: Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton

Lockup to start. Side headlock from Orton. A shoulder tackle sends Orton to the outside. Owens grabs him from inside, Orton pulls the leg and owens outside. Right hand from Owens. A chop. A right hand to the face. Thumb to the eye from Orto. Uppercut from Orton. He sends Owens to the table, but Owens blocks and sends Orton into the table instead. Owens gets kicked back in the ring. Chop to Owens from Orton. Whip is reversed and Owens ducks a clothesline, kicks, goes for the stunner, Orton for the RKO, but Owens gets a Superkick! Owens to the corner. Cannonball to Orton! Orton to he outside. Owens hits another cannonball to Orton against the barricade!

We are back, and Owens is stomping Orton out, then choppin him up in the corner. Owens mocks Flair and hits another chop, another, punches to the skull. On the outside, Orton sends Owens into the steps shoulder first, then into the plexiglass face first. Owens sells it well. Orton rolls back into the ring, then back outside. Another hard toss into the steps. Orton rolls back into the ring. Owens rolls in at 7. Orton is standing. He kicks Owens in the chest. Orton stomps the ankle. Orton with a knee drop then a pin for 1..2..NO!! Cravat from behind. Owens fights out, hits some hard rihts, kick off the ropes, uppercut from Orton, rebound with a clothesline and a senton from Owens! Owens shoots Orton forward, wants the powerbomb, but Orton rolls outside! Owens follows! Belly to Back Suplex onto the table!

Back in the ring, Orton has Owens on the top turnbuckle. Right hand from Owens. Raight from Orton. Owens punches the gut, Orton fires back. They go back and forth. Owens with a headbutt. Orton falls to the mat. Owens with a swanton bomb! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Flair calls for Orton to stand, Owens is hunting, looking like Orton, waiting for the attack, turns Orton, kicks, stun—NO!!! RKO!! Pin for 1..2….3!!!!

Winner: Randy Orton
They treated this like a main event fight, and gave the win to the guy going for the big belt. Nothing wrong with that here, as Owens looked good in defeat, and we got a ten + minute match that wasn’t droll.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 13:03

Orton calls for the mic. He tells Flair not to leave just yet. He wants to ask a favor of Flair. There’s something they need to talk about, and they also need to celebrate, so stay put.

WE ARE BACK, and Orton tells Flair that he has every right to be upset with him, but he can’t be angry with him. Flair is The Nature Boy, the Dirtiest Palyer in the Game. Flair has been right there for the past 20 years, and he’s why Orton is still in this ring after 20 years. He can’t be mad at Flair. Think back to 2002,2003. Orton got himself in a little bit of trouble in Illinois, and no one came to help him except Flair. He bailed Orton out that only his 22 year old dumb ass could have gotten him into. He respected Flair after that. Loved him. But he doesn’t respect Flair anymore, or love him anymore because Flair is a liability to everything he is trying to get done right now. Orton looks back and knows why Flair took a young Orton under his wing. He was thinking that Orton could be the son Flair wished he had.

Flair seems upset. Orton calls out his tears, but Flair isn’t crying. Orton tells him to cry him a river, and sob like a little baby. Flair is…not crying. Flair is not the Flair that taught Orton everything he knows. The Flair Orton knew wouldn’t need a pacemaker, wouldn’t have slipped into a coma, wasn’t a whore for the spotlight.

Flair takes the mic from Orton. He says he is taking this very personally, and he hears Orton. He wants to tell Orton something, first. One, that Ric Flair, as Orton came to see and be with, he’s not here anymore. Orton’s right. Flair loves the spotlight, calling Orton the greatest, and wants to be part of it, yes. He’s 71 years old on RAW. What that means to him…he’s got Hogan calling him, and he gets to tell him that it’s the greatest feeling in the world. He’s here because he wants orton’s approval, and does want to be with Orton. He wants to be here when Orton wins his titles. He wants Orton to break his record. Not Cena’s record. FLAIR’S RECORD!

How many million miles has he flown. Orton knows all about this. No cell phones. Orton knows what Flair went through. Orton is the greatest performer in the business today, but he’ll say something right now. Flair cant get mad because after 31 days of being in the ICU and being in a coma for 12 of them, he woke up and all he wanted in ife was to tell the people who he hadn’t told that he loved them and to make sure everyone he loved knew how he felt.

He called around everyone that mattered – you have to be this close to where he was. He’s not trying to take anything from Orton. He’s Charlotte’s dad and wants to be part of Orton’s life. He’s not Ric Flair anymore, but he’s a big fan, and Orton is the guy to break his record.

Orton grabs the mic, hugs Flair.

They break the hold, Flair turns, Orton low blows Flair as the lights flicker off and on. Flair on his hands and knees. Orton backs up. He sizes Flair up.

The lights go out.

They go back on.

Orton readies.

He runs.

Lights go out.


They come back on, and Flair is laid out. Orton grabs his hand and lays it on the chest of Flair, he whispers something in Flair’s ear. You can hear the shutter of the cameraman’s camera.

Drew runs down the ramp and enters the ring.

Drew: “Really? Even him? You evil son of a bitch?”

Orton stands at the top of the ramp to seethe. The camera gets a close up of his face. It looks a little something like this:

End Show

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