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October 19, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Welcome to D.A.D. Day 2!

Y’all, I am LATE AS SHIT! Alexa is in the ring when I turn on the show in some newish gear, and Bray Wyatt’s music hits long enough for him to head out with his head in his hand. He enters the ring and stands behind Alexa.

We get a cute hand-holding moment, but Retribution is here! Ali is in charge. They hop onto the apron then enter th erring and circle Wyatt and Alexa. Alexa is unphased, as is The Fiend. They stand erect until Ali holds his hand in the air, and the lights go out.

They turn back on and The Fiend and Alexa are gone. Ali seems confused.

The Hurt Business isn’t interested in disappearing. They come out to stare down Retribution. Ali is all smiles as T-Bar and Left Eye and Chili stare on. MVP calls the shot to enter the ring and…


MVP, Lashley, Cedric, and Shelton enter the ring, and they toss Retribution out. Cedric hits the ropes and flips over it then onto all five members of Retribution.

BACK FROM THE BREAK, and Matt Riddle gets a video package that we’ve seen already, or, at least it feels like we’ve seen it already. He’s pretty chill but can go from Bro-Down to Show-Down in a flip of a switch.

T-Bar and Lashley to start. Lashley drops him with a clothesline. He rushes the corner with another clothesline. Kick and back elbows to the head and Lashley is beatin that ass. Kick out of the corner from T-Bar then an attack to the back. He screams and turns into a Flatliner from Lashley. Tag to Hockey dude. Slapjack, my bad. Lashley with a delayed suplex to him, dropping him on his back hard. Cedric tags himself in and kicks Slappy then attacks the back. Right hand to Cedric. Again. Cedric with a front suplex then a running kick. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Tag to MVP and he stomps Jack in the corner. Whip from MVP hard then a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! MVP tags in Cedric who gives Slapjack some kidney shots. High kick in the corner. Cedric chokes up Jack in the corner. Hard forearm from Cerdic and Jack rolls to the outside. Mace slaps the steps and tries to hype up his friend. Cedric pulls Jack into th ring and heads to the 2nd rope. He’s distracted, though, and Right hand from Jack. He pulls Cedric down hard. Honestly, it looks like Jack is a bit hurt.

Tag to Ali and he dropkicks the arm.Ali sends Cedric onto the apron. Cedric hits a forearm, bounces off the ropes but Ali trips him up. Boot to the chin and Cedric falls to the outside. Ali calls MVP in the ring. He then slides to the outside and sends Cedric into the barricade headfirst.

All eight men of the team go to the outside and stare each other down. The Fiend comes up on the screen to stall them and we go to break.

We are back and Mace is in the ring with Shelton. Shelton kicks, Mace tries to fight bk, hits a right, uppercut. Shelton sends Mace into the ringpost then hits a German! Shelton rushes the corner, running high knee. Mace falls forward, rolls through, Shelton covers. 1…2..NO!!! Another cover for 1..2..N!O!! Knee to the head. Shelton with a chin lock. Shelton sends Mace into the corner and tags in Lashley. Lashley with a right to the face. Whip to the ropes. Lashley duks and Mace kicks Lashley, only for Lashley to no sell and clothesline the big man over th ropes. Mace in, SPINEBUSTER!!! Lashley hops over T-Bar, SPEAR!!!!! Cover for 1.2…NO!!! Ali breaks the pin. Looks like T-Bar got a surprise tag. Lashley corners Ali. T-Bar locks him up from behind. Mace pulls Ali out of the ring. Back elbows to Lashley. Another. FULL NELSON!!!!!! T-BAR TAPS!!

Oh man…

Match 1:

Ok, this is a lot to unpack. As a person who has not liked the idea of Retribution since its incarnation, I can see how it might be hypocritical for me to complain about them losing, but not only did they lose, they got their asses handed to them. We already find them laughable, with their motives non-existent, and their message unclear. I love the tenacity of Ali, and even Mace and T-Bar came in with some fire, but it was put out almost immediately with a match that was incredibly one-sided when they got in the ring. Nearly every member of THB was leaps and bounds above everyone save for Ali. They made Retribution look like chumps, and admittedly, looked really good in doing so. Including The Fiend into this only made their weaknesses more prominent, as he handled the biggest one with ease. How are we to care or see these guys a anything but a nuisance now. I am not even sure what they are doing.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 10:53

The lights go out, and when they come back on, The Fiend is on the ring apron right by Ali. He sends Ali to the outside. URANAGE TO MACE ONTO THE TABLE!!!

Ali is seated against the steps. Fiend walks over to him, Ali runs into the ring. The Fiend follows. He looks for a Sister Abigail. T-Bar in to kick The Fiend! Mandible Claw to T-Bar. SISTER ABIGAIL TO T-BAR!!!

The Fiend turns to The Hurt Business, who stand by. The Fiend stares them down as his music hits. Alexa is on the screen. She says “Let me in” and it’s a voice over of Bray.

AJ Styles comes out next for his match, and it looks like he’s not alone. He’s donned by Shane McMahon’s security guard, who is wearing a suit, black turtleneck, and a gold chain.

AJ wants to give credit where it’s due to the powers that be. They finally drafted a true leader. A true leader in him. AJ Styles. Rollins with his messiah complex, spewing propaganda, yeah, sure. He gets it. He can only assume it was Jeff Hardy stumbling out to the ring, when AJ thought what a great time to reclaim the promise land. That’s not hat happened, though. The real redemption of RAW was the return of the Prodigal son. He beat Jeff. He beat Rollins. This was never Monday Night Rollins, and when he beats Riddle tonight, he will shepherd RAW into the future. This is much more than the Season Premiere. It’s a new era that belongs to The Face that Runs The Place.

Riddle now has promo to go along with his flip flop kick off.

The bell rings for the matchup, but AJ’s new friend won’t leave the ring. The ref tries to tell him to leave the ring. The man won’t leave. The ref says he’ll count to five, and if he doesn’t leave, AJ is DQd.

Ref starts the count. He gets to 3. Big dude grabs the hand of the ref and lowers it slowly. The ref asks, please, leave the ring. H’s just trying to do his job. AJ says it’s his choice, big man. The big dude leaves the ring, and this makes no fucking sense.

Match 2: AJ Styles vs Matt Riddle

Riddle with hard rights. Chop in the corner. Riddle kicks AJ’s chest a few times, dropping ihm down. Riddle grabs the leg and pulls him away from the ropes. Riddle hits some kicks then a knee. Ref backs Riddle up. Right hand from AJ. Gutwrench suplex, and Riddle holds on again, hits another, flips into a third and sends him flyin. Nice. Riddle sends AJ to the outside. He hops on the apron. He winds up for a running kick, but the bodyguard stands in the way.

WE COME BACK and Riddle is hurting in the corner. AJ stomps him then snapmares and cinches the waist. Riddle is able to hit a forearm in the corner. Another one. Suplex out of the corner. He hits the ropes, misses a kick, moonsaults, lands on his feet, goes for a Broton, but AJ just kicks the kid in the back. Nice. Riddle with a kick, AJ with a Pele Kick! Riddle does’nt go down! GERMAN TO AJ! Fireamans from AJ and a neckbreaker onto the knee. Cover from AJ. 1…2…NO!!! AJ sets up for Styles Clash. Riddle drops his weight. AJ clubs the back, lifts up for it, Riddle hops off, Fisherman’s SUplex from Riddle!!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Riddle to the top. AJ crotches him! AJ climbs up. Riddle hits an elbow. AJ up, hits a right hand to the face Riddle slaps him as he climbs up high. Riddle is standing on the top, using the post for support. Right hand to both. THEY BOTH FALL. Riddle to the outside.

AJ to the mat inside. The big guy walks slowly over to Riddle. He closes his fist slowly as the ref hits the count of six. Riddle runs into the ring. Kick from AJ Stlyes Clash! Cover. 1…2….3!!!!!

Winner: AJ Styles
First, the positive: this made me want to see these two go at it in a legit 15-20 minute banger. About two minutes was wasted on kicking the man out of the ring, which made no sense. It’s not like this guy is a fool to the rules, and him staying in the ring and bullying a ref didn’t make him intimidating, it made him dumb and annoying. Although I love AJ’s arrogance with the big guy behind him, AJ is most certainly not one of the guys who needs a ‘bodyguard.’ Chalk this up as one step forward and two back.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 11:25

Charley is backstage in the make shift ring for promos. She introduces Drew, and he comes into frame with his title on his shoulder. This is his first tim in the Cell, and Charley wonders how big a factor that’ll play.

Drew wants to address Orton directly, and selfishly tells Charley he’s got it from here. Drew says it’s been obvious to him for years; Orton is evil, sadistic, and entitled and selfish. He’s also intelligent. When he slammed the ambulance door closed, that should have been it, but Orton saw him celebrating with four guys he respects, and took them out. He thought it was for the hell of it, but it was calculated. Drew has a temper, he saw red, Orton challenged, and he accepted. He sees the bigger picture now. Hell in a Cell. A last resort. Those with darkness thrive in that environment. He’s been in zero of these matches. Against anyone else, Orton has the advantage, but Drew is not anyone else. He has defended this title with honor and respect. This Sunday, there will be no honor or respect; Orton doesn’t deserve any. He will go through hell and put Orton through hell to remain WWE Champion. He’s all in black tonight, he looks like he’s going to a funeral – maybe he is. He hears Orton has an interview soon. Don’t be surprised if he shows up.

Match 3: WWE RAW Women’s Championship Match
Lana vs Asuka

LOCKUP and Asuke with a side headlock. Lana shoves Asuka, Asuka with a shoulder tackle. She hits the ropes, runs over Lana, Lana lea frogs and Asuka shoves her. To the ropes, arm drag into a pin from Lana for 1..NO!!! Backslide, into the Asuka Lock! Lana rolls to the bottom rope. Ref breaks it up. Both women up. Test of Strength, Lana kicks the right hand, misses a kick, misses a leg sweep, ducks under a kick, rollup for 1..2..NO!!!! Lana escapes a spinning back fist. Kick to the face. Kick to the head. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Lana sends Asuka into the corner face first. Stomps in the corner. Asuka shoves Lana away, back elbow to Lana. Kick to the arm pit. Asuka lifts Lana, hard right hand from Lana, one from Asuka.

Lana kicks, Asuka catches it, locks up from behind, elbow from Lana, Asuka works the arm, Lana stacks Asuka up for 1….NO!!! ASUKA LOCK!!!

Winner: Asuka
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:19

Nia Jax’s music hits. She comes from behind in the ring. She shoves Asuka down from behind. Shayna is with her and she sends Lana to the outside as Nia clears the announcer’s table. Nia brings Lana over and sets her on her shoulders. SAMOAN DROP TO LANA!

IN the ring, Shayna grabs Asuka and underhooks but Asuka lands on her feet. Kick to Shayna. Asuka runs and Hip Attacks Shanya off the apron. Asuka rolls out and leaves with her title.

The invisible barrier that goes up after a match ends prevents Nia and Shayna from furthering their two-on-one attack.

Shayna and Nia cut a promo after their destruction, saying that they own the Women’s Division on both RAW and Smackdown, and if any of them refute it, she dares them to come out and do something about it.

Mandy is the one who seems to find this laughable. She and her new partner Dana come out.

They aren’t the only ones, apparently, because Lacey Evans is here as well. She is followed by Peyton Royce who comes and does her pose right in front of Lacey. They walk down the ramp trying to get in the way of one another then both get on the apron together and do their poses, running over one another. What…the hell?

This is…

There’s a ref, but before we know what’s going down, The Riott Squad is here, after being told they were drafted to Smackdown, saying they seem to be…omg, why am I even trying.

Match 4: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke vs Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans vs The Riott Squad

All the girls attack Nia and Shayna. Liv and Ruby send Nia and Shayna out of the ring with kicks, then Mandy and Dana slides through the rope to attack Nia and Shayna. Peyton flies off the top rope to all the women, then Lacey hits a moonsault that nearly kills her. Ruby and Liv are on the top rope and they each dive off with crossbodies. Liv and Ruby roll into the ring.

WE COME BACK and Peyton aggressively tags in Lacey. Lacey snapmares Liv then pulls her up for a powerbomb. Liv head scissors her into the corner, back elbow and a tag from Ruby. Ruby with a snapmare into a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Ruby kicks, Lacey trips her down and punches the stomach. Lacey hits the ropes, Mandy tags herself in. Nia tags herself in. Mandy ducks under, hits. A bunch of right hands. Nia lifts her, Mandy lands on her feet. Tag from Dana, they kick. Lock up. SUPLEX attempt to Nia. Nia suplexes both women. Nia rushes the corner, Mandy and Dana side step, Nia hits the corner, handspring back elbo from Dana. Tag to Mandy. Kick to Nia. Mandy sends Peyton and Evans off. Knee strike to Nia. Nia goes own. Tag to Dana. Mandy sends The Riott Squad off the corner. Swanton bomb and a cover for 1..2…NO!!! Baszler there to stop it. Mandy kicks Shayna out, spinning leg lariat to Rose. STO to Royce from Ruby. Woman’s Right to Ruby. Brooke sends Lacey out. Liv gets a blind tag. Dropkick to Nia. Lacey gets a tag. Drop toe hold to Lacey. Tag to Ruby. Stomp to the head. Ruby with a double kick double knees from Liv, Riot Kick from Ruby. Cover for 1.2….NO!!! Shayna pulls Ruby out and locks in The Clutch! Nia to the top rope.

Shayna rolls Ruby in. Tag from Nia. Nia grabs Lacey, fireman’s. Samoan Drop. Pin for 1.2….3!!!

Winners: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler
So much wrong, so little time. Why are Ruby and Liv even “In the arena” if they are now Smackdown property. Why would any of these teams go out without a chance at the title? Why make Peyton“begrudgingly” team with Lacey? What interest would she have in doing so? Lacey’s moonsault was something to behold, nearly landing on her head to the outside where four women were there to catch her. Speaking of missed moves, Dana hit a swanton, overshootin Nia by quite a bit. Just a whole ass mess.
Total Rating: 2/25ths of a star
Match Time: 8:26

Hello, he is Elias.

Elias has a full band at the top of the stage. He play the frontman and asks us who wants to walk with him. I’m sitting, and I’m not getting up, so….

Elias mentions his new album dropping next Monday.

We get a medley of his tracks that all kind of bleed into one they’re nice little diddys, but no “Judas Effect”.

*cashes Khan check*

Elias is the country singer from The Walking Dead that turns into Beta, right?

He thanks us, tells us goodnight, and he loves none of us.

Elias hands his guitar over, thanks his band, hears the cheers of the crowdless crowd, and he hears the need for an encore. He will not disappoint. He’ll do another song for us, and asks for his guitar.

Someone in a hoodie is playing his guitar tho. Elias tells him this is Elias’s show. It’s Jeff. He removes the hoodie and the mask. Jeff swigns the guitar and misses, but knocks over the mic stand.

Jeff: “I didn’t hit you with that car, man.”


Backstage, Miz and Morrison ponder over Mandy Rose and Lars Dull-Again.

In comes Tucker to bring up that Miz used his influence to have him drafted to RAW, and he’s delaying the trial to drain his wallet. He and Otis may not be on the same show, but he will find a partner to ruin their lives.

Miz says he is not trying to ruin Otis’ life, he’s trying to restore dignity. They don’t believe Tucker will find a partner. In fact, they find it laughable.

This is proven by them laughing.

ELIAS is pissed. Next Monday, he will drop Jeff Hardy. He’s challenging Jeff to a match at Hell in a Cell.

Kofi and Elias are nonplussed, killin it with the sickest dance moves in the middle of the ring. Kofi will face Sheamus.

Gotta love these fresh matchups.

Kofi says for the first time in four years, they’re RAW champions. A lot has changed, though. Last year, this time, he tore his Achilles. 2020 has been garbage fire. Kofi says they’ll be ok. They gotta breathe with it.

Sheamus interrupts the transcendentalism to call them “Two turds” of The New Day. He says they will both end on the wrong end of A Brogue Kick.

Kofi says that The New Day is far from over and finished. They got both sides covered. The New Day get to spread their seed (of positivity) all over the entire WWE Universe. They Johnny Appleseedin.

Sheamus wants them to look at reality. Power of Positivity is not reality. Both of them are divided and divided, they will fall.

Apollo reminds Sheamus of Big E dropping him on the hood of a car. They then make fun of Sheamus for lacking moisture. I think Sheamus has great skin, personally.

New Day starts a NEW DAY ROCKS chant.

Match 5: Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi is quick with the dropkick and a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Kicks to Sheamus. Right hand from Sheamus. He uppercuts Kofi. Kofi swipes. Sheamus grabs him, Kofi hits a chop, kick from Sheamus. Club to the back. Whip to Kofi. Kofi kicks Sheamus. Hits the ropes Sheamus lifts and presses Kofi. Kofi stands on his feet, clotheslines Sheamus to the outside. Dive from Kofi with a dropkick sending Sheamus down then Kofi hits the ropes and flies, but Sheamus catches him and sends him into the barricade!

We are BACK and the red on Sheamus’ body means we missed some good hits. He trucks Kofi down hard then hits the beats on the ropes, giving Kofi some hard hits, stopping at 4 then starting over until the ref hits 4 again. Woods points out that Big E is in the ring. He’s watching! We see Big E in the Thunderdome, shirtless, hyping Kofi up. Kofi with a stomp to the throat of Sheamus. Kofi with a hard chop. Again. High dropkick. Sheamus misses a clothesline. Kofi with one of his own. He hits the ropes. Boom Drop. Kofi points to Big E. Kofi calls for it. Rushes the corner, Sheamus moves, Kofi hops off with a crossbody. Kofi kicks out of the corner. Kofi to the top rope. He flies, Sheamus catches him, Sheamus with swings Kofi and drops him on the mat hard. 1..2…NO!!!! Sheamus grabs the legs and looks for the Cloverleaf. Kofi kicks away, he jumps up, Sheamus catches the legs and locks in the Cloverleaf. Kofi crawls towards the ropes, then pulls himself up and rolls Sheamus up for a 1..2…NO!!! Kofi kicks out of the conrer. Trouble in Paradise, but he can’t quite get it. Sheamus grabs the leg, ALABAMA SLAM! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Sheamus lifts Kofi, puts ihm on his shoulders. Sheamus to the top rope. Kofi is able to jump off the corner. He flies up. Side Russian Leg Sweep from the top rope! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Kofi lifts Sheamus, gets him set up for an SOS. Sheamus with a surprise rollup! 1…2…NO!!!!

Tries for a Irish Curse, but Kofi with a crucifix pin. 1..2..NO!!! Kofi up. TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!!! Pin for 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Kofi Kingston
Personally, I find it cute having Big E watch on from the crowd and be proud of his friends, solidifying that they are not broken up, but can stand tall on their own. The problem stems from the inconsistency of the rules as set forth by the draft. On the same show, even though the titles are multi-branded, Liv and Ruby just happened to be in the building to come out when Nia and Shayna called for challengers. Since that match, according to commentary, wasn’t even for the title, they had no business being there. So, when in the same show, we see Big E seemingly not allowed to be at the side of his friends and have to watch from “elsewhere in the Thunderdome,” it just doesn’t make sense. Kofi and Sheamus had a good match here that, thankfully, escaped the formulaic and gave us some emotion and a nice back and forth.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 13:12

Recap of Retribution getting their asses handed to them.

Ali says that The Fiend and THB made a huge mistake. His power is creating chaos, and they all have no idea how much chaos he can create. All he needs is a laptop, a cell phone, a secret. One click, he can make anyone’s world come crumbling down. He’s learned to embrace it. Over the past year, while he sat at home, because this corrupt company couldn’t figure out how to make a buck off of someone named Mustafa Ali, he watched all of these wrestlers pathetic little secrets. He should confess. He was the hacker. And he did it because he wants the entire world to know that this sick place is infecting everyone with greed and corruption. Good and talented individuals are being abandoned and forgotten, their dreams left to die. But he found them. United them. And promised them that their truth will be heard. So anyone, The Fiend, The Hurt Business, or anyone on RAW, if they try to stop the truth from being heard, THEY will shut you down.

SLOW CLAP AS FUCK. Such a GREAT promo. A GREAT reason. A GREAT motive. A CLEAR idea. And yet…it’s way too late. Good for Ali, he just proved he’s got it, but the holes in the plot are way to Swiss-y for me, and we just saw his group of “chaos” get handled by another character they think is scarier and more “evil.”

Backstage, MVP is proud of his peeps. In come Titus, who shakes their hands, saying he would be a hell of an addition to The Hurt Business. He dresses the part, looks the part, and with his public image, he could take their crew WORLD WIDE!

MVP says he definitely dresses the part, and Ricochet doesn’t seem to be coming to his senses, and give him a moment.

MVP turns, says they’re in business.

Titus is happy, shakes some hands, but MVP clarifies that THEY are in business. They jump Titus. Hahaha. Damn.

Lol The Hurt Business actin like a ring apron, draping over a tripped up Titus.

Miz and Morrison in the middle of the ring, telling Tucker it’s time.

Tucker is out, saying he scoured the globe…in twenty minutes. He found him a lucha.

Here is….

El Gran Gordo.

It’s Otis in pink trunks and a mask. He’s also wearing a cape.

Miz says that’s Otis in a mask.

Otis: “Yoy soy El Gran Gordo”

Tucker answers my question, saying he scoured digitally. El Gran Gordo has potential to be the next Rey Mysterio.

Miz calls for an end to these shenanigans. Miz says he looks like he ate Lucha House Party. Miz says that Otis spits on everyone that has ever held the contract. That contract changed his career, and Otis is wasting it, and he can’t figure out why he is making a joke of it. The only thing he can think of is that Otis is the joke. Miz looks at Otis. When they stand side by side, there is a difference. One of them looks like a Superstar. He’s been here for 15 years, beating Hall of Famers. He has represented WWE in all forms of media. He is championship material, yet everyone boos him and cheers Otis. Why? Because Otis is the “underdog” story. When people call Otis an underdog, it’s code for feelin sorry for him, and they will feel evn more sorry for him when the court case favors Miz. He played the system. He separated he and Tucker, him and Mandy, and will do the same with the contract and bring prestige back to it. You can put a mask on a pig but it’s still a pig.

Lol. Commentary calls THAT “too far.”

Otis and Tucker clear the ring of the heels.

Match 6: Tucker and El Gran Gordo vs Miz and Morrison

Tucker flies off the 2nd rope with a crossbody. Yes, Tucker. He covers for 1..2.NO!!! Morrison high kicks then chokes Tucker up on the 2nd rope. He distracts the ref and Miz continues the choke. Tag to Miz and they drop Tucker onto their knees. Miz kicks Tucker in the face. Right hand to Tucker. Morrison stomps Tucker, then hits a right hand. Morrison with a knee. Another knee. Tucker attacks the mid, misses a right. Throat thrust from Morrison. Right elbows and Morrison works the arm with an arm bar but Tucker kicks out. Tag to Miz, but Tucker is sure to clothesline Morrison hard first. Tag to Otis. Otis with a clothesline. Another. He presses Morrison then drops ihm. Clothesline sends Morrison to the outside. Kick to Miz. Gordo flies off the 2nd rope with an arm drag then cartwheels. Body slam and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Morrison stops the pin. Tucker in to drop Morrison. Kick from Miz sends Tucker to the outside. El Gran Gordo stands, Miz wants the Skull Crushing Finale.

R-Truth runs from the timekeeper area into the ring. Akira and Drew Gulak chase him up the ramp. Otis smashes Miz.

Lucha House Party are a part of the chase. They stop at the bottom of the ramp and watch Gordo hit the Tequila Worm, then a splash off the 2nd rope and pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Tucker and El Gran Gordo
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 4:31

Backstage, The New Day – who should be really upset about not having Big E by their side, yet watching Otis pretend to be a Lucha to be on the show, are celebrating with Otis and Tucker. In comes Mandy to hand over a ham to Otis.

We get a weird intro to The Funhouse with a rap song playing over Todd as he speaks.

Into the Funhouse, and Bray pulls out the mallet he used at Hell in a Cell. This is followed by a black mask ala Braun, and a branding iron…I think. He welcomes us to the Season Premiere then says it makes him sad to leave all his friends on Smackdown, but can’t wait to make new ones on RAW.

Recap of the start of the show in all red.

Back to Bray who says they’re off to a great start. Sister Abigail wants to sleep, and asks to keep it down. Bray says this is all about having fun. Husky and Ramblin say this is about new beginnings and Ramblin says he’ll be a better father and husband. Bray didn’t know he had a wife, but it’s cuz Bray never asked.

Bray promises to be a better friend going forward.

Recap of Ramblin’s many deaths, including some we’ve never seen before.

Bray says the past is in their heads, but the future is in their hands.

In comes the next death of Ramblin Rabbit.

Someone is here. Bray wonders who that could be.

He opesn his door, and in comes the hottest psycho ever. Alexa comes in and says their fun is just getting started.

Braun Strowman comes out favoring his ribs.

Match 6: Braun Strowman vs Keith Lee

Strowman comes out hot with some right hands into the corner then a splash. Clothelsine sends Lee to the outside. Braun leaves the ring and rushes Lee, hitting him hard with a tackle. Braun sends Lee back into the ring then comes in at 4. Braun goes for a powerslam, but his ribs gie out and he drops Lee. Lee is quick to attack the ribs. He punches them down a few times then kicks Splash to the back of Braun. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Lee punches the kidney then hits some shoulders into the corner. Lee tries for a whip, but Braun stops him and hits an uppercut in the corner. Bounce off the corner, goes for a splash, Lee moves and hits the ropes. He runs into Strowman, dropping him. Lee with a waist lock from above. Lee says they ain’t done yet. He grabs the hips, but Braun uses his head to give Lee a nut shot. Low blow to Lee drops him to his knee.

Strowman hits the ropes, didn’t see the low blow. Kick to the face. Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Braun Strowman
I very rarely use the term 50/50 booking, as I find it generalizes an issue that’s far more pressing than just trading wins and losses. Braun’s win is an example of that. He just got his ass handed to him on Smackdown, but now that he’s on RAW, he apparently needs a win to start off his red brand stay strong. While the follow up is somewhat salvageable, this is a sign of what they deem necessary for every big guy, and it’s really just not.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:16

Lee is pissed. He turns Strowman, who has his hand in the air. He kicks Braun in the crotch then grabs him by his beard to yell at his face, saying he has tangled with the wrong one. He says Monster, Meet Dragon. Oooo….that was kinda cool.

Randy Orton is here with the cell lowered. He locks the door and grabs a chair. He has a seat, and says he wanted the cell to be lowered so that he can reflect and remember.

Ever since he could remember, he’s been poppin his collar.

No, he brings up his seven matches inside this structure, and he has never left any piece behind. He has simply understood himself better each time he walked out. He understood what he was truly capable of. He remembers Mark Henry, surviving Sheamus, remembers mutilating Jeff Hardy, and remembers beating Daniel Bryan. He recalls facing John Cena twice, becoming WWE Champion twice, but he remembers most importantly, he remembers looking the Deadman in the eye and earning his respect right here. Now, every name he just listed are hall of famers, or will be. Speaking of Hall of Fame, the word that comes to mind with him is “Legend.” The word gets thrown around these days.

Orton is cut off by Drew’s music, because we are most definitely out of time.

Drew comes out shirtless, making me rethink my pastrami sandwich from earlier.

He goes to the door of the cage, with Orton on the otherside. Drew rubs the gate, as Orton goads him into the ring. Drew is all smiles. Orton tells him to wait till Sunday. Drew tells him to keep going. Orton calls for him to come get ihm. Drew says ok. He’ll come.

Drew finds some bolt cutters on the other side of the barricade. Oh, he’s so smart. Orton has to fein fear as Drew cuts the chair. Orton runs into the ring and grabs the chair. Drew cuts right through the chain. Drew enters the cell. He closes the door and the show ends.

End Show

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