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April 15, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE RAW 4-15-24 Image Credit: WWE

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Michael Ornelas is more excited about Costco than a mildly successful middle income white family of five!

It is The Judgment Day ERA!

After some intro stuff, we go live to Rhea Ripley coming out in a sling and a bit of a sad face.

She says it’s obvious we know what’s going on. After the attack from last week, she is being told that she is stuck on the bench for a few months. She’s also been told. No, she is angry right now, pissed. She has been told she needs to vacate the one thing that means the most to her.

A BULLSHIT chant starts.

She agrees. She says this champion means the most to her in her entire life, and that’s why this is so painful.

She lays the title down on the mat.

This is all because of Liv’s stupid revenge tour. Rhea could have actually had some respect for her, but she blindsided Rhea like the coward that she is. She knows why, too. She would have dropped Liv where she stood. So this is a warning to whoever wins her title, she will drop them.

She then tells Liv that she’s going to destroy her.

Liv Morgan’s music hits and that little spitfire is NOT scared. She comes out, but security is nearby to stop any action. They hold Liv back and she smiles, shedding fake tears for Rhea. Rhea allows herself to be held back as well as Liv is ushered to the back.

Rhea headbutts a security guard.

Sheamus is here! He’ll be in action tonight!

We come back to Rhea Ripley walking up to The Judgment Day. They all hug. Damien Priest tells her they know when she comes back, she’ll be more bad ass than she is right now, because she is Rhea Bloody Ripley. Rhea tells her to keep JD on top, and to look after Dom. Rhea walks away.


His last match was August of 2023, and he gets a hell of a reaction. He’s in action against…

Sheamus vs Ivar

The bell rings and Ivar gives a bit of a pause to let the crowd soak it all in. LOCKUP! Stalemate. Another and Sheamus gets a side headlock, to the rope, tackle sends Ivar to the ropes, he hits his own, Sheamus backs into the ropes. Neither man down. Sheamus wants a fight. He hits a hard right, ICar next, they go back and forth. To the ropes. Shoulder tackle sends Ivar down! Sheamus tries to beat down on the chest against the ropes but Ivar hangs him up! Ivar in and he corners Sheamus, but Sheamus reverses, climbs the top rope with Ivar. WHITE NOISE OFF THE 2nd BUCKLE!!

We come back to Sheamus hitting a powerslam. He gets Ivar to the apron, and here we go! Ten Beats! He tries to lift Ivar, but Ivar steps down, hits a big boot, spinning kick to Sheamus. Ivar to the top rope! Big splash! Cover! 1…2..NO!!! Ivar with the right hands, Sheamus begs for more, Ivar cartwheels, hits a running knee, springoards, but Sheamus hits his own knee!!! Sheamus drops the knee pad.

He runs with a Knee Cap(running knee)! Crowd LOVES HIM! Sheamus in the corner. Here comes the BROGUE KICK! Cover! 1`..2….3!!!

Winner: Sheamus
What a welcome return.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:30

Triple H is here as a welcomed surprise!

We see some covered up belts (I presume) in the ring, alongside Adam Pearce.

Triple H says Mania started a new era, and that new era altered the tag team division. Pearce says Raw and SD deserve titles they can be proud of. So let’s bring out the champs.

Here come Awesome Truth.

YOU DESERVE IT chant. Truth and Miz hold the old RAW titles.

The chants gets Truth to do a jumping splits.

Triple H would like to be the first to say, “Whats up” and shake their hands. Lol.

Triple H says, personally, seeing Truth have that mania moment was awesome.

Going forward, they wil be known as the World Tag Team Champions, and thy will be wearing the new titles.

Truth goes buckwild, saying he’s seen a rabbit come out a hat, seen a lady cut in half, but he has never seen a trick like that. He knows a good magician when he sees one. He just made titles appear out of thin oxygen! That boy good!


The Miz explains that HHH is not a magician, and Truth says that’s exactly what a magician would say. Everybody used to be able to see Lil Jimmy, so what else is HHH hiding?

Miz tells Truth this is what they wanted, this is their chance to elevate the tag team division. Their chance to take titles to new heights. Which is why HHH…

Truth says, where is HHH! He sees right through Tommaso Ciampa!

Miz stops Truth, says they wil try one more thing. Miz tells Truth, in French, that these are the new titles, and they belong to them.

Truth says yes, but in French, and that starts a chant.

Truth asks if he can take them now?

Triple H just wants to go. Can he just go? Lol.

He takes the red titles and hands the champs their new titles, then shakes their hands and wishes Pearce good luck.

#DIY vs The New Day vs The Creed Brothers

We got some triple threat action, with Brutus, Woods, and Gargano to start. They corner Brutus until he fights out, Woods roll up for 1..2..NO!! Butus rolls up Gargano, lits up and slams Woods with Gargano. Clothelsine to Woods and Gargano! Tag to Julius. The brothers try for a suplex, but in come Ciampa and Kofi to stop it. Dropkicks send out The Creeds. DIY whips Kofi and Woods, they send The Creeds off the apron, then DIY sends them outside. They hit knees to Creeds, jump oout into the clutches of The Creed Brothers, and here come The New Day to fly over the top rope!

Back from break, and Ciampa, Kofi, and Julius are trading right hands in a triangle. Kofi gets knocked down, leaving Ciampa and Julius to go back and forth with right after righ! Ciamap tries for some chomps, spins, and Julius hits a huge knee! Trouble in Paradise attempt from Kofi gets blocked! Julius turns it into an ankle lock, running knee from Ciampa! IN come Woods to send Ciampa away, but there’s Gargano with a knee! Julius drops Kofi, a knee! Garghano sends Julius out of the ring! Gargano to the apron, he and Ciampa attack Kofi in the corner! Gargano flies off the apron onto Brutus and Woods! Ciampa with Project Ciampa and a pin for 1..2..NO!!!

Ciampa gets a TRIPLE H chant, tries for a Pedigree, possibly, but Kofi escapees and tags in Woods. Woods with Honor Roll to Gargano, Brutus comes in for a belly to belly, but Woods boxes the ears slides under, check to the chin. Tag to Kofi! Ciampa is up! Kick to Woods, Kofi flies over the back with a kick to the side of the head. Woods sends Ciampa into the post. He lifts Ciampa in a wheelbarrow, and Kofi hits a Fameasser! IN comes Julius to lift Kofi out of the pni and send him flying! Belly to belly to Woods! One for Gargano! Ciampa with a waist lock, Julius switches, hits a suplex. Tag to Brutus. Brutus splashes Ciampa and Gargano in the corner. Northern Lights with Ciampa locked up. Julius with his own on Woods. 1..2..NO!!! Julius gets Ciampa to the shoulders, Brutus to the top rope! Kofi shoots him off…right into a superkick from Woods!!!

Julius runs up the corner, SUPERPLEX! But Woods flies off with an elbow! MEET IN THE MIDDLE TO WOODS! CIAMPA covers! 1..2…3!!!

Winners: #DIY
This could have added a few more minutes and became a classic, but they still packed a lot in ten minutes, particularly the second half of those ten minutes. Solid.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 10:32

We get a recap of CM Punk screwing Drew over then get him live with Jackie Redmond, who is surprised at Drew MCIntyre simply laughing at the footage.

Drew stops smiling, and kicks something nearby, then storms off.

Maxxine and Ivy Nile vs Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell

Indi and Ivy to start. Ivy with a quick pin, gets a 1, side headlock into a sunset flip off the ropes and a pin for 1..2NO!!! Ivy kicks, Indi catches a second, but Ivy hits an enziguri. Tag to Maxxine who heads to the top rope and hits a crossbody. She lcoks the head, points to Candice, hooks the leg, and gets a Fisherman’s and a pin for 1..2,NO!! Maxxine wants Candice. Indi takes the distraction and hits a short arm clothesline. Tag toCandice, who runs in and attacks the back of the head! She mounts, hits some rights, then slams Maxxine down face-first.

Tag to Indi, who gets kicked into the corner, and Candice gets a blind tag. She grabs the boot, Maxxine misses an enziguri, Candice drags her to the corner, swipes away at Ivy, but Maxxine grabs her and hits a DDT.

But this time it’s Indi who does the dastardly deed! She distracts the ref just as Maxxine tries for the hot tag. The ref turns to stop the faces, Big Boot to Maxxine. Candice covers. 1.2…3!!!

Winners: Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae

Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:38

We get a video package for Damien Priest from flab to fab, and chump to champ! It’s beautifully done.

After this, we see Damien hyping up his Judgment Day brethren. Finn Balor wonders why he is facing Jey Uso tonight, and Priest tells him because he is The Prince, and he wants him to beat Jey’s ass.

We get some footage from earlier today where Chad Gable is in the ring with The Creed Brother training for later tonight. Jackie asks him how important this is.

He says the most important, this is all that matters. He is excited.

Jackie asks about the Canadian crowd.

Gable says when he was on the Olympic team, he was a Minnesota guy in Iowa, meaning everyone hated him. When training Sami, he showed all his weaknesses, and tonight, Master Gable will expose him.

Andrade vs Dominik Mysterio

Dom with a HUGE chop off the fake handshake. Andarde shoots him to the ropes, but Dom holds onto the head, gets a side headlock, Andrade backs him in tohe ropes, then hits a shoulder tackle off the rebound. Chop to Dom. Into the corner. Whip from Dom, Andrade flies over the top rope, runs to the top rope and hits a crossbody. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Andrade with the Three Amigos. Dom reverses the last one, though, and Dom hits his own one…two…but Andrade with the final one! He heads to the top rope. Climbs. JD is on the apron, and Dom crotches Andrade.

We are BACK and Andrade has Dom cornered! Andrade hits some running knees then covers! 1.2…NO!!! Andrade gets Dom to the apron, with him in the ring. Big chop to Andrade. Andrade to the apron, Dom kicks, locks the head in his legs, but Andrade with a bck…NO! CANADIAN DESTROYER FROM DOM TO ANDRADEE!!!! He rolls Andrade into the ring. Cover! 1..2…NO!!!!

Dropkick from Dom! Dom hits the ropes, but Andrade is up! Back elbow to Dom! Elbow to JD! Andrade with The Message! Cover! 1.2…3!!

Winner: Andrade
Not bad.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 8:39

JD McDonagh attacks immediately after the bell. He wakes Dom up, and they double team him in the corner. Dom holds the arms as JD hits right hands to the jaw.

Here comes Ricochet to make the save.

After a recap of Tonga’s debut on Smackdown, Cathy wants to talk to Jey Uso.

He says messing with The Bloodline is a deep and dark road. As for Jimmy, he told Jimmy to come with him.

He needs to concentrate on Finn Balor, though. He’s going to catch this beatdown.

Piper Niven and Chelsea Green vs Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

Piper and Kayden to start, but Piper shoves and wants both girls in the ring. K&K hit the ropes and Piper hits a clothesline to both girls. Piper gets Chance in a submission then allows Piper to tag in, hit a sloppy right, and Piper with a clothesline. Cover from Green. 1..2.NO!!! Kick from Chance. Drop toe hold to Chelsea then a double knees to the back of the head along with a kick from Carter. Carter got the tag and runs in with a pin for 1..2..NO!! Green slaps Carter, goes for a tag, fails, and Carter chops the chest, again, another and another into a Flatliner. To the shoulders, Katana to the top rope, runs off the back of Green, into the arms of Piper! She sends Chance flying out of the ring.

Carter covers, but Piper hits the ropes and a low crossbody! Green rolls into a pin for 1.2…3!!!

Winners: Chelsea Green and Piper Niven
Too short to matter, but also not exactly clamoring for more?
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:14

Cody Rhodes is backstage walking wit a smile and his new belt.

Cathy is backstage with Liv Morgan and she asks if this is the end of the revenge tour.

Liv is not the bad guy here, Rhea literally tore her shoulder out her socket. There wasn’t any love, right? Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, shoulder for a shoulder. Rhea got what she deserved. The best part? This is not the end of the revenge tour, it’s just the beginning.

YOUR WWE Champion is here.

The crowd shows hella love, with Cody asking them what they wanna talk about in French. He wants to thank Pearce for allowing him here on RAW even though he’s a Friday Night superstar.

We can’t reflect on Mania forever, especially with a pending challenge. He will face either AJ Styles or LA Knight come Backlash.

We can reflect a little bit, though. This man said he’d be his shield.

The crowd tries to sing for Seth, but they don’t get a good start.

Cody wants to thank Seth Rollins, and does so.

He then talks about The Rock and all the conditioning he did for the match. He thinks The Rock has more than one match left in him. In typical faction, The Rock told Cody he’d make him bleed again. The Rock is probably right, but n amount of training and preparation can stop the fact that if Cody is going to bleed, The Rock will bleed with him.

As for The Bloodline. Well, he’s a bit confused. The introduction of Tonga, by order of The Tribal Chief, and yet Reigns was nowhere to be found. More questions than answers.

He’d like to bring someone to the ring who knows The Bloodline very well, a friend of Cody’s…Jey Uso.

Cody says Jey is the Number One Contender. RAW is about to belong to Jey. No one has earned it more than Jey.

Jey helped him finish the story. He knows when one member of The Judgment Day is present, the rest are not far behind, so he’d love it if he had Jey’s back like Jey had his.

Jey shakes Cody’s hand and they hug. He appreciates it. He’s gotta do it on his own, just be him, The Yeetmaster, Mr. Yeet Down.

Cody asks if he doesn’t need him, if he’s just gotta do it on his own, he understands. Good luck.

They hug again. Cody stops, says one other thing…

Cody: “Until we YEET again.”

They then share a yeet.

Nia Jax is backstage to talk to Cathy, saying there are two types of women in the world, then says she is neither. She brings up The Draft, then says there are two more types of people in this world.

Ugh…I hate me a Nia Jax promo.

Anyway, the Women’s Title is hers.

We head to the ring where Jey is still waiting when from out of nowhere, Finn comes out and attacks him from behind.

Jey Uso vs Finn Balor

Finn gets the upperhand after some back and forth with a cravat from behind. Finn corners Jey and Jey reverses. He hits the corner, hops up top, hits some right hands, until Finn pulls him down. Right hands in the corner till. The ref stops ihm. Finn with a dropkick. Jey ends up outside.

We are back with Jey getting all the offense in. Priest is shown backstage and he’s had enough. He thinks it’s time to say hello.

Finn rakes the eyes and drops an elbow then covers for 1..2.NO!!! Slingblade to Finn! He’s up in the corner! He waits, runs….right into a SUPERKICK! Jey to the top rope! He flies! Finn rolls out the way, Jey rolls through, shotgun dropkick to Jey!

Finn to the top rope! COUP DE—NO!! JEy rolls out the way! SPEAR! Jey to the top rope! USO SPLASH! Cover! 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Jey Uso
An unfortunate commercial break really cut this thing in half, dropping the quality immensely. Still, this was more of a mean to an end.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 9:07

Damien Priest comes down with his title to stare Jey down. He enters the ring and stands toe to toe wit Jey, as Finn watches from the mat.

JD attacks from behind! Here comes DOM!

Priest seems bothered, appearing as if he didn’t know this was coming.

Finn gets in the face of Priest to yell at him some then continues to attack Jey. Jey hits a superkick to Dom on the outside! JD chases as Jey runs into te crowd. Jey sends JD into Finn and leaves up the stairs in the crowd. He turns to stare down Priest, who stands on the top rope in the corner.

WE get an angle from Jey walking though the hall towards the outside food area, and follow him through the concourse. Jey pushes a fan out the way and looks to leave the arena. He’s gone, and heads out a door just to see Sami Zayn staring up at the sky.

Jey asks what he’s looking at.

Sami says over 25 years ago, the first show he ever saw in his life was in this building. All these years later, he walks in a champ. Tonight, he walks in through the front the same way he did all those years ago.

We follow Sami as he asks us if we’d like to see the best wrestling city in the world.

We see Sami walk through a crowd of excited fans, and follow him back towards the hallinto the stands as his music hits and damn…

That was beautiful.

Bronson Reed stops Chad before he heads out to tell him that whoever wins will have to answer to him.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Sami Zayn vs Chad Gable

The feeling out process I short lived as Gable outwrestles Sami to the mat. The crowd is pro-Sami and boos Gable as he gets a side headlock. Sami shoots him to the ropes, hops over, arm drag, one from Gable, Sami with his own wrasslin move and sends gable out of the ring. Gable runs back in, hits the ropes, Saami holds on, and Gable falls outside! Sami looks to fly, but back flips and lands on his feet instead. Gable back into the ring and he goes face to face with Sami.

We are back and Gable drops Sami onto the top rope. Sami falls to the outside, hodling his knee. Gable to the top rope. He flies off with a splash and we see Sami’s wife in the crowd.

Gable to the top rope after sending Sami into the ring. Headbutt off the top! Cover! 1…2…NO!!! Gable tries to get a sharpshooter, but Sami kicks him away. Sami to the ropes, Gable with a throat check, Sami hits a clothesline. Back elbow from the corner, Sami to the 2nd rope. Elbow to the to pof the head. Sami limps to the corner. Gable runs, Sami tries for an exploder, but Sami spins, roll through, into a pin for `1..2…NO!!! Lockup and Gable rolls through with an ankle lock! Sami shoots Gable to the outside! Sami kicks, kicks again, Sami to the apron, springboard moonsault to Gable!

WE are back and Gable is hitting an Angle Slam to Sami off the top rope! Deeeeyum! Gable locks up behind, hits a German, holds on, hits another, holds on again, Sami with a back elbow, another, spins, waist lock, GERMAN FROM SAMI! He holds on! Another German! He goes for three, but Chad hits an elbow, switch, GERMAN FROM GABLE!!! Switch from Sami! GERMAN FROM SAMI! Elbow from Gable, another, switch, waist lock, switch, they go back and forth, with Sami ending it with a HUGE GERMAN landing Chad right on his head!!!

Both men up, trading right hands, Gable flips forward with a pele kick type move. Sami to the corner, Gable rushes him, EXPLODER TO THE BUCKLE! Sami to the corner! He tries for the Helluva Kick, but Gable rolls forward and picks the leg! Ankle Lock! Sami shoots Gable out of the ring, he runs up the apron, to the top rope, flies off the top and Sami hits him with a powerbomb!

SHARPSHOOTER FROM SAMI!!! BUT HIS KNEE GIVES OUT!! He didn’t get the hold! Sami up in the corner, limping as he gets there. Sami waits. Gable up. Runs, Gable with a go behind. GERMAN INTO THE BUCKLE!! Gable to the top roep! MOONSAULT, Sami with the boot up, Gable grabs the ankle! ANKLE LOCK!!! Sami rolls through into a pin for 1..2..NO!!!

Sami staggers to the corner, Gable rushes him. ANOTHER EXPLODER! Sami calls for the end. HELLUVA KICK TO GABLE! COVER! 1..2…..3!!!

Winner: Sami Zayn
Match of the night by far and a great story. Awesome.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 17:13

Sami celebrates with his title as his wife watches on. The ref helps him stand and we got two minutes left, plenty of time for a heel turn.

We get a replay, Sami lays his title down on the mat, and looks over to Gable, who sits in the corner, in tears.

Sami crawls over to him, lays the title down in front of him, and extends his hand out to Gable. He pulls Gable to his feet and holds his hand up high. Gable shoves him then holds Sami’s hand up high, then leaves the ring.

Sami leaves the ring and heads to his family. He holds his wife, but HERE IS GABLE!!!


Gable sends Sami into the ring post then into the announce table. Gable sends Sami to the apron. He sends Sami to the post then wraps Sami in between the ropes and gets an Ankle Lock on him, with Sami screaming, all in the face of his wife.

End Show

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