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Various News: Kevin Matthews Appears On Daily Show Steve Keirn Memoir Released

April 12, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kevin Matthews AEW Joey Ace Image Credit: AEW

– AEW’s Kevin Matthews appeared on a segment on The Daily Show on Thursday night. You can see the clip from the episode below:

– Steve Keirn’s The Keirn Chronicles Volume 2: The Phenomenal Wrestling Resurgence of Steve Keirn is now available to buy on Amazon. You can get the book here which is described as follows:

The Keirn Chronicles Volume Two: The Phenomenal Wrestling Resurgence of Steve Keirn is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed book The Keirn Chronicles Volume One: The Fabulous Wrestling Life of Steve Keirn, which was a Finalist for “Best Pro Wrestling Book” as declared by The Wrestling Observer.

This 440-page sequel follows Steve Keirn through his return to wrestling, the creation of the Professional Wrestling Federation, and his stint in the World Wrestling Federation as the alligator hunter Skinner and the evil wrestling clown Doink. From there, Steve’s life progresses through a series of ups and downs that eventually sees him founding a wrestling school, starting an iill-fated independent wrestling company, and eventually becoming the head trainer who oversaw the most successful era of homegrown talent creation under the World Wrestling Entertainment banner.