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Kevin’s Random Reviews: WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004

April 15, 2018 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004
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Kevin’s Random Reviews: WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004  

WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004
October 19th, 2004 | Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Attendance: 3,500

It’s a Pay-Per-View concept that I’m surprised the WWE doesn’t use these days. They love their Twitter polls and fan interaction on social media, so it’s a no-brainer. Except, these PPVs always tend to under deliver. I think it has to do with some of the fan voting not always going as planned, causing for uncertainty. This show was exclusive to the Raw brand. It was the first of two Taboo Tuesday events, as it was replaced by Cyber Sunday.

The opening video package focused on the fact that the fate of these feuds were in the hands of the fans. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were the commentary team, while Jonathan Coachman acted as host. Coachman had the Divas lined up on the stage as they were set to announce what the women would wear in the “Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal.” The live audience chose school girls over French maids and nurses, in that order. The online fans, who count, also chose school girls (53%) over French maids (30%) and nurses (17%).

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho [c] vs. Shelton Benjamin
Benjamin won the vote with 37%, over 14 other possibilities. Batista was the closest second, at 20%. The other options were Christian, the Hurricane, Rodney Mack, Maven, Chuck Palumbo, William Regal, Steven Richards, Rhyno, Rosey, Tajiri, Tyson Tomko and Jonathan Coachman. Benjamin won the early exchanges, so Jericho gave him some stiff chops. Though the crowd was pro-Jericho to start, he slightly leaned towards working heel. It was truly clear when he followed a vertical cover with the “COME ON BABY” pin. That got a big pop. The pace picked up after a superplex. Benjamin hit the dragon whip kick, before Jericho missed the Lionsault. Benjamin missed a Stinger Splash and got set up for the Walls, but he countered into a pin for two. Shelton survived a Lionsault, then caught a leaping Jericho in a T-Bone to win the title at 10:54. Very good way to open the show. The crowd was kind of dead early, but they got into it down the stretch. The match had some quality exchanges and didn’t overdo anything, making for the best choice for an opener. Plus, the title change made it seem like anything could really happen on a show like this. [***¼]

Jericho looked like he might attack Benjamin, but instead shook his hand.

Backstage, the three options for Triple H’s opponent for the World Title, stood by. Edge, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels. Edge won a triple threat with Benoit and HBK the night prior, making his case. Benoit noted that HHH hasn’t been able to beat him since he returned from injury. Shawn was accused of faking an injury for sympathy, but he shot that down. Coachman showed the results, which Michaels won. 39% for HBK, 33% for Edge and 28% for Benoit. Benoit was disappointed, but shook Shawn’s hand. Edge was distraught and angrily walked off.

WWE Women’s Championship Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal: Trish Stratus [c] vs. Gail Kim vs. Jazz vs. Molly Holly vs. Nidia vs. Stacy Keibler vs. Victoria
Trish looked incredible here. The match goes the way you’d expect. Lots of lame attempts at brawling. Nidia’s shirt was pulled off as Jazz eliminated her. Victoria then sent Jazz outside, while Trish stayed away from the action. Kim and Victoria worked a rather impressive powerbomb into a rana spot, where Kim ended up getting eliminated. Stacy gave us the obligatory foot choke/up skirt spot. Trish and Molly formed an alliance against Victoria and Stacy. Victoria was surprisingly out first and Stacy nearly dumped out Trish. Trish held on for dear life. Molly tossed out Stacy and Trish snuck up to eliminate her and win in 5:35. That final segment went too long. Basic stuff, but Trish made this worth it. [*½]

La Resistance chastised the voting system, as they’re now set to defend the World Tag Team Titles against the losers of the World Title vote, Edge and Chris Benoit. They’re wrestling under protest.

Chain Match: Gene Snitsky vs. Kane w/ Lita
The fans chose the weapon in the match. Chain (41%) beat out chair (30%) and pipe (29%). Kane was fighting for revenge after Snitsky caused Lita (Kane’s wife) to have a miscarriage (of Kane’s baby, after he basically raped her). 2004 was a weird time. This was the expected slugfest. Kane tried using the chain as a whip, but missed and Snitsky took over. Kane sold a lot for him, doing his best to make Snitsky look like a threat. Snitsky spent some time choking Kane with the chain. Kane started hit comeback and Lita pulled the chain away from Snitsky. Snitsky decided he didn’t care what the fans voted, and went to a steel chair. Somehow, that was still considered legal, even though the vote was to choose which weapon was legal. He beat on Kane with the chair, before putting it around his head and hopping off the second rope to PILLMANIZE his neck. The ref called for medics as Snitsky just got back in the ring and pinned Kane at 14:18. It went way too long for what they were going for. Despite that, a few points were redeemable and it worked to make Snitsky look legit. [*¾]

After the match, Snitsky returned to attack Kane during his stretcher job.

Backstage, Edge was upset and called the Tag Team Title match a consolation prize. I mean, that’s exactly what it is.

Eric Bischoff vs. Eugene
The fans choose the resulting stipulation after the match. Bischoff brought his martial arts stuff, before feigning an injury. It worked, but had little effect on Eugene. He hit a big boot and leg drop to win in 2:08. Not much of a match, as it was more just Eugene giving his uncle what he deserved. [NR]

The loser must get shaved (59%) over wearing a dress (21%) or being the winner’s servant (20%), according to the fans. Coachman intervened on behalf of his buddy. They tried to change it to Bischoff being Eugene’s servant for five minutes. Out came Vince McMahon to set things straight. Eugene proceeded to shave Bischoff’s hair. Also, Coach was punished by being forced to wear a dress.

Backstage, Edge went to Shawn Michaels’ locker room and called him selfish for taking his title shot despite an injury.

World Tag Team Championship: La Resistance [c] vs. Chris Benoit and Edge
Sylvan sang their national anthem before the match. Surprisingly, it wasn’t interrupted. In an interesting note, La Resistance won the titles by beating Edge and Benoit. Edge showed aggression, taking it right to Conway. He and Benoit showed off their chemistry and teamwork, but Edge would stop to jaw with fans or get distracted by his anger. That led to him getting isolated by the champions. The crowd woke up for the Benoit hot tag until he took a sternum bump in the corner. The Hart family one. Benoit got worked over and made the hot tag, but the referee didn’t see it. HE sent Edge back to his corner, causing Edge to just walk out. The camera followed Edge all the way to him getting his bag and leaving the arena. HE’S NOT EVEN TAKING TIME TO GET SHOWERED! No matter for Benoit, who started hanging out Germans. He put Conway in the Crippler Crossface to win the titles alone at 16:03. Some of it was kind of dull and the crowd say on their hands for the first half. They told a good story and seeing Benoit win the titles by himself was kind of cool. [**¾]

Todd Grisham interviewed Triple H about his strategy against Shawn Michaels. HHH said there was no strategy when the fans pick a surprise opponent. He doesn’t buy Shawn’s injury, claiming it’s so HHH will let his guard down.

Lingerie Pillow Fight: Carmella vs. Christy Hemme
This match got a damn video package. The fans chose Lingerie Pillow Fight (57%) over Evening Gown Match (33%) and Aerobics Challenge (10%). They were given these boxes to change in, which gave us a view of their silhouettes as they did so. Carmella stood too far to hers, so we couldn’t see anything, but Christy’s went perfectly. The match literally began with Christy removing Carmella’s bra padding and laughing. It was a pillow fight, nothing more to say. Christy won in 1:46. [NR]

World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H [c] vs. Shawn Michaels
They’ve already met in two singles matches and two Triple Threat matches on PPV in 2004. Shawn really played up the injury, limping to the ring and doing none of his trademark dancing. HHH obviously targeted it, with the story being that Shawn should quit, but won’t. HHH just dominated the knee and applied the Figure Four. Shawn stopped the referee from calling off the match and reached the ropes. That set off a slight comeback, but Shawn’s use of the atomic drop only hurt his leg more. Being the jerk that he is, HHH shoved the referee, allowing opportunist Shawn to hit a low blow. As he tuned up the band, Batista ran out, only to get knocked off the apron. Shawn hit Sweet Chin Music on HHH, but while the ref dealt with Batista, Edge appeared and took him out with a Spear. HHH rolled over to cover and retain at 14:08. They told a wonderful story very well, though it was too one-sided at points to be great. I appreciate that they went this route over doing something overly long. [***]

Backstage, a paranoid Bischoff thought everyone was making fun of his haircut.

Steel Cage Match: Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair
Fans voted Steel Cage (68%) over Falls Count Anywhere (20%) and Submissions Match (12%). WWE tends to put on shit cage matches these days. Thankfully, this was intense right from the start. Orton was first to bleed (I can’t believe it wasn’t Flair) when he was thrown into the cage. Flair took him to the woodshed, grating his face on the steel. It wasn’t long before Flair was sent into the steel, giving us double blood. They made sure to give us the old tropes of Flair getting his ass exposed and him taking the slam off the top. I popped for Orton going old school with a cross body near fall. Realizing he was in trouble, Flair went to the brass knuckles for a great near fall. Flair tried leaving through the door, but Orton pulled him by the leg. “OWW MY LEG GODDAMMIT” shouted Flair. Once back in, Orton hit the RKO and won in 10:35. Though a bit too short, this was a throwback to the better cage matches from earlier in Ric’s career. Flair was on his game and Orton more than held his own. It was intense, bloody and just what it needed to be to try to rectify the horrible decision they made with Orton at Unforgiven. With a bit more time and a better ending, this would be in four star territory. [***¾]

After the match, the two shook hands and embraced.

The final score: review Average
The 411
Hey, that was better than I expected. The fan voting shows usually lack and come off awkwardly, but most of this one delivered. The opener was a strong match and helped solidify that Shelton Benjamin had arrived. The main event was just what it needed to be and tried fixing the Orton problem. HHH/HBK told a quality story, as did the Tag Team Title match. Though both matches could’ve been better, they were enjoyable. The bad stuff, other than Snitsky/Kane, was kept short, though I could’ve done without the overly long Eugene/Vince/Bischoff/Coach stuff.