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Kevin’s WWE UK Championship Special Review

May 19, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
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Kevin’s WWE UK Championship Special Review  

WWE United Kingdom Championship Special
May 19th, 2017 | Epic Studios in Norwich, England

The show opened with a video package showing the participants of the UK Title Tournament talking about how things have been for them since the tournament. They all talk about how they want the title to represent the UK in the WWE.

The commentary team is Jim Ross and Nigel McGuinness, which is awesome. They green screened the hell out of them to give off the impression that they’re in the UK.

Joseph Conners vs. Wolfgang
Both men competed in the UK Title Tournament back in January. They each got a video package during their entrance to highlight them. Conners got overpowered in the early stages, but Wolfgang made a mistake when he went up top. After being knocked off, Wolfgang was worn down by Conners. Wolfgang’s comeback was realistic, as he had to stop and hold his midsection in pain on several occasions. They traded stuff as the match progressed, until Wolfgang caught a leaping Conners with a mid-air spear. The swanton followed to give Wolfgang the win at 10:59. It started slow and I wasn’t big on Conners’ heat segment. The stuff after Wolfgang rallied was strong though. [**¾]

The Brian Kendrick and TJP vs. Dan Maloney and Rich Swann
This show is also supposed to showcase some 205 Live stars too, hence this match. Maloney started for his team and took a beating for a bit. There was a funny moment where TJP made a mistake and worked the arm of Kendrick repeatedly from the apron. Swann took the heat next, having his tag cut off until finally making it. Maloney got a good reaction while working over TJP. Lots of “TJ is a wanker” chants. Maloney had to make the next hot tag, and Swann did his thing. Both teams nearly won, only to have a pin and submission broken up. TJP saved Kendrick from trouble before Kendrick rolled Maloney up in awkward fashion to win at 11:28. Not exactly the best way to “showcase” the 205 Live stars. I liked TJP’s antics throughout the match. The two heat segments weren’t that good though and the finish was sloppy. [**]

Footage was shown from the first night in Norwich. Trent Seven won but injured his arm against Wolfgang. He was interviewed and said nothing was broken. Pete Dunne came up to him and slammed his hurt arm into the wall.

Number One Contender’s Match: Pete Dunne vs. Trent Seven
Two members of British Strong Style! Pete came out with his PROGRESS Championship! Seven instantly sold the injury, using a stance that kept his arm away from Dunne. Once Dunne got to the arm though, he kicked at it and drove the steel steps into it. Seven had trouble defending it, so when Dunne went back to the mat, he could grab the hurt arm, which Seven blocked earlier. Each time Seven got something going, Dunne hit the arm to stop his momentum. Seven got his biggest break by hitting an apron dragon suplex. He tried following with a super dragon suplex, but Dunne landed on his feet. They traded blows and Seven finally hit the lariat. It only got two, because Seven couldn’t get everything on it with the bad arm. Seven escaped a submission and Dunne survived another dragon suplex before hitting the Bitter End to win at 14:44. That ruled. The arm injury came into play perfectly. Dunne attacked it wisely and Seven sold it well throughout. This was hard hitting and exactly what I wanted from it. [****]

Pete Dunne got on the microphone and said that at TakeOver: Chicago, he’ll take what’s rightfully his, by any means necessary.

WWE United Kingdom Championship: Tyler Bate (c) vs. Mark Andrews
The first five minutes saw they exchange some basic grappling. This worked for Bate as it kept Andrews grounded. Though it was more in Bate’s wheelhouse, they showed how evenly matched they were a few times. A lot of the early stuff was solid, but kind of boring. Once the match picked up the pace, so did the quality. Andrews brought his high impact offense, including a great reverse rana and tornado DDT on the outside. We got a ton of fire from Andrews as he desperately tried to capture the title. Bate got his knees up on the SSP and Andrews was out of it. He hit a rolling kick and the Tyler Driver ’97 to win at 24:12. I thought this got off to a lackluster start, only to pick up and great awesome by the end. They made the face vs. face style work and had a heavily invested crowd throughout. Andrews has won me over with his performances this year, while Bate continues to wow on a consistent basis. [***¾]

Pete Dunne came out and attacked Mark Andrews. Before he could do anything to Tyler Bate, William Regal intervened. Dunne and Bate had a stare down to close the show.

The final score: review Good
The 411
The first two matches were decent. I thought the opener was fine, but the tag match was missing a lot. The second half of the show is tremendous though. Both Seven/Dunne and Bate/Andrews delivered in spades. Not only were the main events awesome, but they were different. Also, the show ran just over 90 minutes, making it an easy watch.