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Kurt Angle Names His Dream AEW Opponent in New Q&A, Wishes He Could Have Worked With Kenta Kobashi

October 18, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Kurt Angle Raw 3-11-19

Kurt Angle’s latest Facebook Q&A is online and includes answers to questions about his dream AEW opponent, his thoughts on Kenta Kobashi and more. Angle tends to do impromptu Q&As on his Facebook page at random intervals and highlights from Saturday’s edition are below:

On his dream AEW opponent: “Rusev [now known as Miro]. Do I need to explain why? Olympic Hero vs The Bulgarian Brute. He’s an exceptional Performer,” replied Angle.

On if he would have liked to work with Kobashi: “Of course, I would have loved to work with Kobashi. He’s one of the best. Moonsault vs Moonsault. Would have been fun!”

On his experiences with Garrett Bischoff: “Garrett is a great guy. He was willing to learn and I enjoy working with guys that are green. Garrett was very talented for his little experience.”

On John Cena’s debut WWE match against him: “John was so great to work with. Kind, professional, and talented as hell. I didn’t carry him in that match. He carried himself. He’s the greatest WWE superstar of all time.”

On his favorite film about wrestling: “Vision Quest. All-time favorite movie. That’s where I got the theme song I used in TNA.”

On working with Kane & Undertaker: “Kane and Undertaker were the two best in-ring performers I’ve ever wrestled. It was easy to wrestle them and that doesn’t happen very often with a big guy.”

On if people tried to fight him “in real life”: “Never…Lol. I got my ass beat in 9th grade. This 23-year-old moron who was a bodybuilder saw me in a Gold’s Gym shirt. I weighed about 125 pounds. He whooped my ass. 5 years later I saw him and said “you remember me? I was the kid in the Gold’s Gym shirt. You want to kick my ass now?” He said, “I don’t remember”. I said “it’s ok. GOD Bless You” and walked away. Besides my brothers that was the only time someone wanted to fight me, oh and Eddie. That’s another story.”