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Latest on Jim Cornette’s NWA Resignation: Why Line Wasn’t Edited Out Initially, Heat Over Anti-AEW Comments

November 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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More details have surfaced regarding the situation around Jim Cornette’s resignation from NWA over his comment on this week’s episode of Powerrr. The WON reports that the real issue from NWA’s side over the whole matter was that Cornette refused to apologize for the line, in which he made a comment about Trevor Murdoch being so tough that he’s “the only person who can strap a bucket of fried chicken to his back and ride a motor scooter across Ethiopia.”

According to a person close to the matter, NWA executive Dave Lagana held himself responsible for the line not being edited out of the initial broadcast, which was blamed on exhaustion. That Cornette refused to apologize appears to have been the last straw for a man who has been embroiled in several online controversies as of late.

Among those are his recent comment in which he made comments online toward former PROGRESS announcer Jim Smallman that the NWA referred to as “taken as making light on the subject of suicide,” and saying that Justin Roberts “looks like he ought to be registered somewhere to be around children. He’s so happy. You see a f***ing guy dressed up like that with that big smile coming across his face coming towards your kids, run” which many equated to calling Roberts a pedophile.

The site also notes that there were those in NWA who were not happy that Cornette had become very anti-AEW on his podcast due to the fact that NWA Powerrr and AEW Dark have a strong crossover audience. These comments were viewed as a bad look for the company and he had only been allowed to get away with it until now because of how good he was as an announcer.

As previously noted, Cornette does not seem apologetic and has promised to address the matter on his podcast tomorrow.

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