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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 06.17.22

June 17, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE NXT Level Up - Ivy Nile vs. Elektra Lopez Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s NXT Level Up Review 06.17.22  

-Announce Team: Sudu Shah and Nigel McGuiness
-Taped: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Thea Hail (w/ Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward) vs. Arianna Grace

-Thea is the newest member of Chase U as she earned a scholarship last week. The crowd will be into this one as they love Chase U. Hail graduated high school just a month ago, so it makes sense to move to a higher school of learning. Side headlock from Hail into an armbar as we get a shot of The Chase U Student Section. Nerve hold into a crossface from Grace and she gets a slam, but Hail grabs the arm and keeps a wristlock. Grae lands a boot in the corner, blocks a head kick and drapes the arm over the top rope. She continues the work on the arm and the crowd is not happy. Solid selling from Hail as she looks like she is in agony. Grace gets a two count off a shoulder tackle and goes to a hammerlock turned into a DDT. Nice! She rag dolls Grace as she continues work on the arm and shoulder. Hail rallies while selling the arm. Neckbreaker gets a two count for Hail. She throws kicks and hits a back elbow. She gets caught on a charge and another submission from Grace as she goes back to the arm. Hail counters and gets a step-over into a weird roll-up for the win at 5:28.

Winner: Thea Hail via pin at 5:28
-Weird match as Grace dominated and just gets rolled up to lose at the end. Hail needed the win since she is now with Chase U, but she didn’t get to show much other than selling an arm. *1/4

-John Cena is coming back to RAW!

-WWE Shop commercial!

Guru Raaj vs. Myles Borne

-Borne is making his debut and I always like seeing these kids in their first match. The announcers are high on high and this is the kidd that is being compared to Randy Orton. They throw each other around while hitting flips and cartwheels with neither gaining an advantage. Roll-up by Borne gets two. He takes Raaj over by the arm and hooks an armbar. He works that for a bit as we are told that Borne has an amateur background which is easy to see. Northern Lights Release Suplex from Raaj and now he goes to work on the arm and shoulder. He stretches Borne for a bit as they are keeping this super simple. Borne escapes and gets a shoulder tackle followed by a sweet dropkick and then another. Scoop slam gets a two count. We also learn that Borne is hearing impaired and his father passed away last year. Raaj fires back with strikes and comes off top to face plant Borne for the pin at 4:55. Huh?

Winner: Guru Raaj via pin at 4:55
– I mean I know Borne is green as grass, but still weird to have him lose in his debut after all the hype from the announcers. Super basic match as you would expect. *1/2

-They shake hands after the match.

-July 5: NXT 2.0 Great American Bash!

-WWE Live with fewer and fewer stars due to injuries!

Ivy Nile vs. Elektra Lopez

-The crowd still loves Ivy and some point they need to pull the trigger and let her wreck people on 2.0. LDF gets sent to the back by Tony D’s crew, who remain at ringside. I guess this would be the last appearance of Two Dimes. Lockup to start as the crowd starts “Ivy’s gonna kill you,” chant. Nile gets a rear naked choke, but Lopez forces a break by running Nile into the corner alas Hogan vs. Sheik. Side headlock, but Lopez shoves off only to eat a knee in the corner. Suplex gets two for Nile. Lopez back with her power as she gets a body vice and just dumps Nile on her face. She stomps away and chokes with her boot on the mat. Spinning chop from Lopez that looked rough. Nile back with leg kicks, but gets caught with a sidewalk slam for two. Flash toll-up from Nile for two, but Lopez gets a slam. She works the ribs and the crowd is dying for Nile to roar back in this one. Lopez stretches Nile and then pulls the hair which makes the ref break the hold. Clubbing blows from Lopez as Nigel reminds us that both of these women are undefeated on Level Up. Things get a little wonky, but Nile starts her comeback with kicks. She lands a running kick to the jaw for two. Lopez hits kicks from her back, but Nile turns a slam attempt into The Dragon Sleeper and Lopez taps at 5:51.

Winner: Ivy Nile via submission at 5:51
-Give this woman a chance to run this division! Some rough spots but it was okay and they got the winner right. It looked like a fight at times and the crowd was into it. *1/2

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
This show is hard to grade as you know going in the in ring work is going to be super basic and sometimes rough as these are just kids getting their feet wet for the most part. The crowd helps a lot as they have bought into what they are seeing. It's a show worth watching as you never know who may end up being the next big star, but there's a lot of short, basic matches to sit through. On the adjusted LVL Up Scale this a below average episode.

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