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Leighty’s Retro Review: WCW Uncensored 1997

December 25, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WCW Uncensored WWE Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s Retro Review: WCW Uncensored 1997  

-Commentary: Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
-Date: March 16, 1997 
-North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, SC 
-Attendance: 9295
-PPV Buys: 325,000 (2nd most in company history to that point)

-I finally get to the show that I couldn’t get to 9 months ago.  This probably works out better because the way this show ended probably should have just led to Hogan/Sting the next month on PPV anyway.  Let’s get to it!

-Tony, Bobby, and Dusty set the stage for tonight and make sure to mention Dennis Rodman is here, which did draw some considerable buzz. 

No DQ: WCW United States Heavyweight Championship: Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Dean Malenko

-Eddie was on the path to his heel turn where he became even more awesome.  Fast start as they beat on each other and Eddie gets a shoulder tackle.  He hooks a side headlock and just punches Dean in the face repeatedly.  Effective!  Dean back with his own shoulder tackle and the crowd is pretty jacked for this one which is always good to hear.  Eddie stalls on the floor but gets caught back in the ring and Dean stomps the shit out of him in the corner as the crowd roars.  Vertical suplex from Dean then he talks trash before slapping Eddie in the face.  Eddie fires back and stomps the shit out of Dean in the corner to make them even.  The crowd is definitely behind Dean in this one.  Eddie charges and gets alley-ooped onto the top buckle and Dean follows with a belly to back suplex.  We go backstage where Rick Steiner is knocked out with The Outsiders and Syxx standing above him yelling for help.  Back to the match as Dean throws Eddie over the top rope and then grabs the US Title.  He clocks Eddie with it in the ribs and then to the back.  Heavy clothesline gets a two count.  Eddie ducks a clothesline and catches Dean with a side suplex.  No Eddie talks smack and slaps Dean in the face.  He rubs his boot across Dean’s face and fires off European Uppercut.  Eddie gets a dropkick to the knee and then comes off the top with a double axe to the damaged knee.  He slingshots in from the apron with a Senton onto the knee.  He continues the knee work with a knee-bar that is transitioned into the STF.  We go split screen as Rick Steiner gets stretched out in an ambulance.  Hall: “He has a history as a trouble maker.”  That made me laugh!  Nash giving Rick’s lifeless body a pat and saying “you’re alright babe” is also great.  Back to the match as they battle on the floor.  Dean reverses a whip and sends Eddie into the security rail.  Sick move from Eddie as he wraps Dean’s knee around the post and hits a dropkick.  Sweet!  Back in the ring Eddie gets a Figure Four and uses the ropes for leverage which is perfectly legal.  Dean is able to get close enough to Eddie to rake the eyes to break.  Eddie back with Uppercuts, but Dean tries to get a backslide that Eddie flips out and hits the third uppercut.  Eddie tries another slingshot Senton, but Dean bails to the floor.  Eddie just rolls through and connects with a baseball slide.  He heads up top, but Dean moves and Eddie splats on the railing.  Ouch!  Malenko drops Eddie throat first on the railing.  Back in the ring Dean hooks an armbar, but Eddie knees his way out and pulls down the straps.  He fires off chops and gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  Powerbomb into a jack-knife cover gets two.  Dean reverses a whip and they trade counters so Dean just kicks him in the balls.  Again, effective!  Powerslam from Dean and he heads up top and comes off with a Frog Splash!  Yo!  He picks Eddie up at two two and tries another powerbomb, but Eddie head scissors to counter.  Dean sticks Eddie with a tilt-a-whirl suplex for two.  They trade roll-ups for two.  Nasty German Suplex from Dean as he blocked a victory roll and that gets two.  Eddie blocks a charge in the corner with a knee and snaps off a Tornado DDT.  No Eddie wants to get personal and gets The Texas Cloverleaf.  Hell Yeah!  Syxx is out to steal The US Title as that’s his gimmick.  Eddie releases the hold and goes after Syxx, who takes a swing with his camcorder which misses.  Dean grabs the camera, ducks a belt shot, and blasts Eddie in the head to get the pin and US Title at 19:13. 

Winner: Dean Malenko via pin at 19:13
-Fantastic match and I don’t even mind the ending since the match was no DQ.  Dean just took advantage of the situation.  These two are great and so was this match.  ****

-Mean Gene Okerlund is backstage and plugs The WCW Hotline.  Its seems there is a WCW star that has hit the road and is gone.  Roddy Piper comes in and is pissed that he has to go through this 3 team match to get Hogan inside a steel cage.  He continues to rant and rave as he talks about Rodman and Hogan.  The Horsemen enter as Jarrett, Mongo, and Benoit are his three partners tonight.  Piper is just a little fired up here!

Psychosis vs. Ultimo Dragon (w/ Sonny Onoo)

-Mike Tenay joins the booth!  Lockup and Dragon grabs a side headlock and transitions into a takedown.  Psychosis breaks and we get a feeling out process as they continue the slow start.  Dragon block a whip, so Psychosis chops him in the chest.  Dragon lands on his feet off a backdrop and goes through his series of lightning kicks.  Stiff kick to the back which draws a groan from the crowd.  Psychosis back with a dropkick for two.  Running corner clothesline from Psychosis and then he gets transfixed on Dragon’s head stand in the corner.  Enziguiri from Dragon as Dusty is questioning Tenay about the slow pace of this match to start.  Heenan breaks Dusty on commentary as he talks about Dragon using a stretch rickshaw.  Tenay mentions Dragon trained in Tijuana and Dusty loves he trained in Tijuana once or twice as well.  Schiavone: “We’ve lost control of this.”  Pretty much but I am enjoying because I miss this commentary team.  Back to the match as they continue to trade holds.  Psychosis breaks a sleeper with a jaw breaker, but Dragon just shrugs it off and goes back to the sleeper.  Psychosis escapes and gets his own sleeper, but Dragon hits a belly to back suplex to break.  Dragon gets caught with a boot in the corner and Psychosis comes off the top with a spinning leg kick that sends Dragon to the floor.  Psychosis follows with a suicide dive over the top to the floor.  Slingshot legdrop from the inside to the floor that looked rough for Psychosis.  Dragon kicks Psychosis off the apron and on the floor connects with a hand spring elbow against the railing.  Asai moonsault from Dragon.  Sonny gets involved as he hits a nice spinning head kick on Psychosis.  Slam from Dragon back in the wrong followed by a moonsault for two.  Psychosis blocks a backdrop and tries a powerbomb which is countered and that is countered into a roll-up for two.  Dragon gets a La Majistral Cradle for two.  They head up top and Psychosis tries a superplex, but instead both just crash and burn as they land face first on the mat.  They each try a spinwheel kick and neither connects.  Slam from Dragon and he heads up top again, but Psychosis meets him up there.  He snaps off a top rope rana for two.  Dragon gets a pin off the weak cover for two.  Running Liger Bomb from Dragon!  Nice!  They head back up top again and Dragon gets a Tornado DDT and then a Tiger Suplex finishes at 13:18. 

Winner: Ultimo Dragon via pin at 13:18
-Kind of slow to start which had the crowd checked out by the time they hit another gear.  Not as good as the opener, but still a fun match.  ***

-Gene Okerlund plugs The Hotline and brings out Diamond Dallas Page.  DDP was on the verge of his push up the card and was getting over huge with The Diamond Cutter and with his constant turning down of the nWo.  This was the start of the Savage/DDP feud and DDP is here to throw out the challenge again for a match.  Savage (w/ Liz) shows up in the crowd and he tells Page that he misjudged him.  Liz pulls out a copy of Playboy’s Nude Celebrities, which has the crowd very excited, and I mean respectfully, it’s Liz holding a nudie mag.  What’s not to love?  Savage is great as he mentions Pam Anderson is on the cover and is an ex-girlfriend as they did BayWatch together.  Ha! Page knows where this is going and tries to cut Savage off.  Savage tells Page he is the man and Liz opens the centerfold where Kimberly is showing off everything (well placed nWo letter over Kim’s goods).  Savage: “I’m proud of you brother.  That’s sweet.”  A crying Kimberly makes her way out and she has been tagged with nWo letters.   That gets DDP’s attention which lets Savage deck him from the blindside.  Savage tags Page with the letters for good measure.  Savage threatens to piledrive Page, but Kimberly throws herself on him, so they tag her once again.  Liz even gets involved and shows off the centerfold.  Heel Liz is the best!  This was great and produced one of the best feuds of the year and the feud of the year in WCW. 

Martial Arts Match: Mortis (w/ James Vandenberg) vs. Glacier

-MORTAL KOMBAT HITS WCW!  The Mortis costume is so much cooler than what Glacier is rocking!  Mortis avoids the karate of Glacier and spits on him.  He makes the mistakes of turning his back and eats a kick.  Backdrop from Glacier, but he gets caught with a kick to the ear.  Mortis throws more kicks, but Glacier sweeps the leg and gets a back kick for two.  Mortis ducks a chop and slides to the apron.  Glacier springs off the bottom rope and lands a kick that sends Mortis to the floor.  Slingshot plancha from Glacier!  Suplex on the floor and that gets two as Vandenberg pulls Glacier to the floor to break.  Glacier chases and gets drilled with a baseball slide.  Nice!  Mortis carries Glacier on his shoulders, walks up the stairs, and drops him face first on the apron.  Again, Nice!  BUCKSHOT LARIAT gets two! Middle rope springboard legdrop misses.  Glacier responds with strikes, but sets too early on a backdrop and Mortis plants him with a Rocker Dropper.  Mortis Rules!  Glacier sets too early again, but this time counters the Rocker Dropper with a powerbomb to leave both men down.  Glacier sweeps the leg and fires off more kicks.  He rolls into an elbow and then dumps Mortis on his face with a tilt-a-whirl slam.  Glacier leapfrogs Mortis and hits a hook kick.  Mortis back with a round kick that gets two.  Mortis heads up, but Glacier falls into the ropes which drops Mortis on his balls.  Glacier meets him up top and gets a superplex for two.  Glacier up top, but Mortis blocks a chop and gets a Northern Lights Suplex for two.  Glacier back with a jawbreaker and he heads up top again.  Glacier misses the chop, but rolls through and comes off the middle ropes with a crossbody for two.  Cryonic Kick is blocked as Mortis pulls the ref in the ref in the way.  Mortis lands his own superkick for two as they as pulling the crowd into this one.  Vandenberg gets involved and nearly gets kicked by Mortis, but he is able to pull back.  Glacier uses the misstep to connect with The Cryonic Kick for the win at 9:03. 

Winner: Glacier via pin at 9:03
-This was a pretty sweet match and I would say easily the best match of Glacier’s career unless I am missing something.  They got the crowd into this one by the end by sheer hard work.  Fun stuff!  ***1/2

-Mortis decks Glacier from behind as Vandenberg signals for someone and it’s the debuting Wrath (formerly WWF’s Adam Bomb).  He drops Glacier with a version of The Rock Bottom. 

-Tony mentions The Steiners being run off the road by The Outsiders and how disturbing and horrific the video is and then throws to the video.  Edgy stuff at the time as Syxx records what was basically attempted vehicular homicide.  Tony tells us charges weren’t filed by The Steiners as they want to settle it in the ring.  Not sure how that works considering we just saw it clear as day, but 15 year old me didn’t think about that.  It just looked cool and different!

Strap Match: Buff Bagwell vs. Scotty Riggs

-The nWo basically told the entire roster to either join them or be against them and Bagwell was the first to join.  The heel turn to Buff is what made his career and this was the blowoff for The American Males.  Riggs is such a loser he is still using The American Males theme song.  Time to move on dude!  This is touch all four corners rules.  Bagwell poses and then uses the strap to choke Riggs.  Slam from Bagwell and he heads up top which seems to be a bad idea considering you are tethered to someone.  Sure enough Riggs yanks him down so that he crotches himself and then whips him with the strap.  Riggs brings him down with a suplex and fires off more shots with the strap.  It makes a great sound!  Bagwell heads to the floor, but gets yanked into the ring post.  Back in the ring for more lashes followed by an elbow as Dusty talks about hauling around sacks of cement.  Tony just humors Dusty! Bagwell gets his balls abused some more which pops the crowd.  Riggs ties up Bagwell and starts his tour around the ring as he touches two corners, but Bagwell is able to stop the momentum.  Riggs hits the mounted punches in the corner, but Bagwell walks out and hits a Stun Gun.  Bagwell unloads with some lashes and then poses some more.  He chokes Riggs down with the strap and starts  dragging him around the ring as he gets two corners, before Riggs breaks the momentum.  Bagwell poses some more so Riggs hits him in the balls again.  Lots of posing, ball shots, choking, and whipping in this match.  Dusty and Brain keep going back to the bag of cement reference and Tony is just rolling with them now.  Bagwell stupidly goes for a pin and then gets into a shoving match with the ref which gets the biggest pop of the match.  Bagwell to the middle rope as he looks for The Blockbuster, but Riggs ducks out of the way.  Riggs gets a boot up and then gets a series of running clotheslines.  He whips the piss out of Bagwell and breaks off a powerbomb.  Riggs comes off the top with a missile dropkick and tries up Bagwell to drag him around the ring.  Riggs gets three but Bagwell wraps himself around the ropes to break the momentum.  Riggs gets backdropped over the top and gets hung from there.  He is basically out and Bagwell easily touches all four corners without even having to drag Riggs to get the win at 12:26. 

Winner: Buff Bagwell via 4 corner touch at 12:26
-This started out fine, but went too long and they started to run out of things to do other than just whip each other.  They didn’t use the follow finish like we’ve seen with countless other matches at least and Bagwell got the clean win.  *

-nWo promo backstage with Savage, Hogan, Hall and Nash checking out Kimberly’s centerfold. 

Tornado Tag Match: Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri) vs. The Public Enemy

-PE bring a table and garbage cans down with them.  The bells sounds and they start teeing off on each other.  Stevie Ray and Grunge blast each other with garbage can lids and then a toilet seat gets introduced as Dusty loses it on commentary.  Sherri gets involved on the floor and it’s just weapon shot after weapon shot which the crowd is eating up.  Booker actually wrestles and gets an axe kick for two.  Sherri uses the trashcan lid on Rock before Stevie sends him into the stairs.  Swinging backbreaker from Grunge, but he turns around and gets decked with a pizza sheet.  Rocco uses a baking sheet and Dusty nearly his pants when Booker gets clocked with a garbage can.  He breaks Heenan and Schiavone as he says, “he just laid his tired ass out.”  It can’t be said enough how much I miss Brain and Dusty on commentary.  It just makes me smile and I know a match like this isn’t supposed to be “comedy,” but this is the most enjoyment I am getting out of it.  Booker gets the can put on his head and Public Enemy pound away as Dusty tells us he used to do that to his little brother.  Sherri chokes Rocco with a camera cable and back in the ring Booker gets caught coming off the top rope.  Rocco decks Booker with the pizza pan as Dusty is having the time of his life calling this one.  Rocco gets dropped balls first on the top rope and gets set for a trashcan shot from Sherri, but she misses and Stevie Ray no sells it.  We get a wide view which kind of sucks as we can’t see much of anything.  Everyone back in the ring for more weapon shots to their unprotected heads.  Stevie Ray gets hit in the balls in the chaos.  The crowd starts a table chant as this one is running out of steam as they are relying too much on shots with the various sheet pans.  Stevie gets a sidewalk slam and then tosses Booker off the top so he lands on Rocco with a splash for two.  Sherri goes after Grunge and gets backed into the railing to take her out of the match.  Stevie Ray gets put on the table and Grunge stands on the apron where Rocco dives onto him and then the fall onto Ray to put him through the table.  Jarrett and Mongo hit the ring and Mongo decks Rocco with the briefcase.  Booker up top and he finishes with The Harlem Hangover at 13:19. 

Winners: Harlem Heat via pin at 13:19
-For anyone confused, Jarrett and Mongo were supposed to face Public Enemy in this match before getting pulled and put in the main event.  Again, this started okay and fell off a cliff as they had nothing of note to do other than hit each other with sheet pans.  If you want a perfect template for a match like this go watch Nasty Boys vs. Cactus/Sullivan from Slamboree 94. The commentary is the most memorable part of this match.   *1/4

-Gene is in the back with Team WCW (Luger, Giant and Scott Steiner).  Scott mentions that he knows his brother and he will be back.  I mean, he would be back eventually, but not tonight. 

WCW World Television Title: Prince Iaukea (c) vs. Rey Mysterio Jr

-Over in the WWF Rocky Maivia was Intercontinental Champion, so WCW has Prince Iaukea as the TV Champion.  Tenay is back in the booth for this one.  This is a rematch from SuperBrawl where Regal got involved.  Feeling out process to start as they flip all over the ring to avoid each other.  Prince gets a suplex, but tries a springboard off the ropes and lands on Rey’s knees.  Rey flips onto the apron and drops Prince throat first over the top rope.  Rey springs in with a somersault plancha for two.  Prince tries a powerbomb, but Rey turns that into a pin attempt which gets two.  Head scissors from Rey sends Iaukea to the floor.  Rey follows out with a somersault dive over the top and to the floor.  This is all in the first 150 seconds of this match.  Back in the ring Rey gets hung out on the top rope and then a slingshot powerbomb from Iaukea.  Cool move but didn’t look as impressive as it could have.  Rey heads to the floor, but Prince catches him with a top rope springboard crossbody.  They are hitting all kinds of flashy moves, but this crowd is dead.  Prince misses a crossbody off the safety rail.  Back in the ring, Rey gets a split-legged moonsault for two.  Rey hits a splash in the corner and comes off the middle rope with a bulldog for two.  Rey hooks a head scissors to slow things down which is weird to see, and again, this crowd is gone.  Quebrada gets two as Dusty and Brain are baffled by Tenay.  They both climb and Rey brings Prince down with a sunset-flip powerbomb for two.  Dropkick and Rey tries to wake the crowd up, but it’s not happening.  Rey up top and he misses a Senton Backsplash.  Northern Lights Suplex gets two for Iaukea as a few people start a boring chant.  Rey gets caught with another powerbomb and a delayed cover gets two.  Iaukea springs off the ropes and gets caught with a dropkick which also doesn’t get any kind of reaction.  Man, what is the deal here?  The crowd is usually crazy for Rey.  Iaukea lands a headbutt kind of low, but he insists it was to the abdomen.  Weak legdrop from Prince gets two again.  They both try a dropkick and end up in scissoring position.  Perhaps somewhere The Acclaimed were watching this match!  Victory Roll from Rey gets two as Iaukea rocks back into a two count of his own.  Another roll-up for Iaukea gets two.  Rey climbs up and comes off with a twisting moonsault as the 15 minute time limit ends at 11:56.  That’s a shitty timekeeper! 

-Rey wants more time, but that fans don’t want it.  Iaukea agrees and we start again. 

-They shake hands and Rey fires off some chops.  The crowd is at least awake now.  Rey gets an arm drag and springs off the middle rope with a kick to the back of the head.  Rey springs off with a legdrop to the back of the head as the boring chant gets louder.  Rey brings Prince off the top with a head scissors and looks to finish with the springboard rana, but Iaukea rolls through and gets the pin to retain at 13:40 total. 

Winner and Still WCW World Television Champion: Prince Iaukea via pin at 13:40
-Quite possibly the most boring Rey Mysterio match ever. They tried hard, but the crowd was not into this one at all. They took a chance with Iaukea and it didn’t work and the TV Title would be off him and back on Regal in about a month or so. **

-Spring Stampede 97 commercial.  My review can be found here

Team WCW (Scott Steiner, The Giant, Lex Luger) vs. Team Piper (Roddy Piper, Chris Benoit, Steve McMichael and Jeff Jarrett) vs. Team nWo (Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Randy Savage)

-So the stipulations are that if Team WCW wins (hahaha) the nWo has to return all the Titles they have won and will not be allowed to wrestle at WCW events for 3 years.  If nWo wins they can wrestle for any WCW Title at any time and any place (or basically do whatever they want).  If Team Piper wins, Piper gets a steel cage match with Hogan.  I mean, WCW had no shot with that stupid nWo can’t wrestle for 3 year stipulation.  Also, if you are wondering why The Horsemen are with Piper, I will explain.  So, Piper had try-outs for his team and it was a segment with no names (other than Tenta I believe) getting try-outs and it was one of the worst segments in Nitro history.  Everyone came to their senses and added The Horsemen to Piper’s team which also helped set up Piper and Flair teaming up before turning on each other by the summer.  Now with all that covered, lets get to the rules of this match:  One man from each team starts and after 5 minutes, another member of each joins the match and this continues until everyone has entered.  The time period drops to 2 minutes after the initial period (similar to War Games)  You can be eliminated by pin, submission, KO, or toss over the ropes.  Last team standing wins! 

-Chris Benoit is out first for Team Piper which makes sense.  Scott Hall is out for the nWo and The Giant is out for WCW.  Benoit jumps Hall before the bell, but gets caught with The SOS slam.  The Giant just takes his team and watches as Hall and Benoit beat on each other.  He finally hits a double clothesline and the crowd is alive for this one.  Giant throws some chops and just dominates both men.  Hall tries to fight back, but one shot sends him back to the mat.  Benoit gets the shit chopped out of his chest and gets hurled across the ring.  Corner clothesline to Hall.  Benoit fights back, but he gets tossed on his head again.  Hall tries to climb on The Giant in the corner and gets swatted away.  Slam on Hall!  Benoit gets tossed into the corner and gets caught with a running clothesline.  Hall eats a boot to the face and gets an elbow dropped on him.  Benoit continues to fight back against The Giant, but it’s not happening.  Hall tries a hiptoss on The Giant and what the hell is he thinking?  He tries a sleeper next and it slows the big man, but he casually tosses Hall off his back.  Chokeslam plants Benoit, but Hall breaks up the cover which is pretty dumb actually.  Giant grabs a claw hold and charges in the corner, but misses and falls over the top to the floor.  That eliminates Giant at around 5:20.  Jeff Jarrett is out next for The Horsemen and here comes Savage for the nWo.  Luger is out for WCW, which only has two team members left.  Hall and Benoit continue to torment each other.  Luger gets a press slam on Jarrett and then one one Savage, but Hall makes the save.  Mongo is out for The Horsemen, Nash for the nWo and Scott Steiner for WCW.  Now it is basically a battle royal as we have 8 men in the ring.  Benoit eats Snake Eyes.  Steiner gets a tilt-a-whirl slam on Jarrett and then a double underhook suplex on Hall.  He gets a suplex on Nash and then one on Savage as the crowd is loving all of this.  Nash takes off Jarrett’s head with a big boot and dumps him over the top at 9:20.  Short night for JJ!  Mongo stupidly tries a backdrop near the ropes and Hall sends him packing at 9:40.  Roddy Piper is out as Steiner gets hit with a big boot that sends him over the top at 10:20.  Man, Team WCW looks like a complete joke and The Horsemen don’t look much better.  Hogan finally makes his way down and Dennis Rodman is down with him, which was a big deal at the time.  ESPN even covered it on SportsCenter that night.  Piper chokes Savage with a chain while Hogan and Rodman pose for the cameras.  Hogan finally gets in the ring at 13:00 minutes and we get a massive “We Want Sting” chant.  Piper goes right after Hogan and they fight on the floor which pops the crowd.  Hogan tries to run through the crowd, but Piper catches him and bites his ear and pulls whatever hair he can find.  Savage decks Piper from behind, but it’s does nothing as Piper chokes Hogan with the chain.  Savage has to direct Rodman in place so he can pull the top rope down which eliminates Piper at 15:00.  Piper is pissed and gives chase, but security keep him away from Rodman.  Benoit gets mauled by The Outsiders but still fights back.  Hogan and Savage beat up Piper on the floor while Rodman gets involved.  Razor’s Edge to Benoit and he gets dumped at 16:30.  Strong showing for Benoit as he was basically the workhorse of this match.  We are down to the 4 members of the nWo against Lex Luger.  Rodman gets on the apron to pose and again, the crowd is eating all of this up.  The nWo celebrate as Luger is a pile of goo in the corner.  Nash sets for a powerbomb, but Luger backdrops out.  He runs wild with clotheslines and racks Savage to end his night at 18:30.  Nash gets clotheslined to the floor and he is gone at 18:36.  Hall gets Racked and is gone at 18:50.  We are down to Hogan/Luger, but Nash has the ref while Luger racks Hogan.  Savage decks Luger with a can of spray paint (from Rodman) and Hogan fall on top for the win at 19:26. 

Winner: Team nWo via Hogan as sole survivor at 19:26
-This was a weird one as the early stuff was fun, but then it started to get bogged down and then closed with a fury as the crowd was into Luger.  Mongo and Jarrett were basically useless and I have no clue why they took Rick out of the match unless they just wanted Piper and Hogan as the last two in the match.  The crowd was into all of it thanks to the star power and Luger got to look like Superman again before the nWo cheated to win. I liked the concept of the match and wish they would have kept this one instead of the World War 3 Battle Royal. There was potential here and it was just long enough without being overly long. Also of note, Piper lost, but still ended up getting a cage match with Hogan. The Horsemen probably should have bailed and helped WCW to get the nWo gone for 3 years. Still can’t believe they thought people would believe there was a chance of that happening. ***1/4

-The nWo spray paint Luger and Rodman slaps him around a bit.  The nWo take their leave and Sting drops down from the ceiling to an insane reaction from the crowd.  He finally unleashes hell on the nWo to a thunderous reaction.  Hall, Savage, and Nash all get dropped with the bat and then a Scorpion Death Drop to each.  Dusty: “all hell has broken loose at Uncensored and Hell has brought with him a baseball bat.”  Twenty five years later and I still remember that call.  Rodman psyches up Hogan and he actually decides to get into the ring.  Hogan wants Sting to put the bat down.  Tony: “Hell no don’t put the bat down.  Hit him over the head with it.”  Hogan gets in the ring and Sting kicks his ass and gets The Scorpion Death Drop to send everyone home happy.  Then we waited 9 months for the match!  By sheer luck of me not doing this show back in March, Starracade 97 just happens to be the next show up.

-Thanks for reading! 

The final score: review Good
The 411
The opener was great as expected, but what makes this show is the very good Glacier/Mortis match and a fun Main Event. There is a little bit of something for everyone (even if the middle matches were kind of bad) and then the epic ending with Sting only added to what was a strong PPV. Definitely check this one out!