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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 7.23.21

July 23, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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Leighty’s WWE 205 Live Review 7.23.21  

-Announce Team: Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuiness
-Taped: WWE Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, FL

Asher Hale vs. Guru Raaj

-Cautious start before a stiff lock up and neither man gains the advantage. They have another go and again, nobody gets a clear advantage. The crowd is split on who they are cheering for in this one. Raaj gets a side headlock and we get some chain wrestling for a bit. Raaj gains arm control, but Hale slips that to break. He gets mowed down with a shoulder and bails to the floor to slow down any momentum. He takes a full 7 count of the floor before heading back in and they have another go. Raaj shoots for a leg, but Hale gets arm control and a take down. Raaj back to his feet and they work off the arm a bit. Raaj gets a dropkick and then grounds Hale with a side headlock. Both men to their feet and Raaj uses runs the ropes in the corner to maintain the hold to the ground. Hale finally escapes, but gets caught with a hip toss. A clothesline sends Hale to the floor though it seems Raaj hurt his hand or wrist on the clothesline. Hale gets a trip from the floor to finally gain an advantage. He snaps the neck with his ankles on the apron and fires off some stomps back in the ring. Nice kick to the back and a few more as Hale is feeling good about himself right now. He hits a snap suplex into a float over cover for two. Hale hooks an Indian Deathlock and then bridges to bend the beck back as well. He rolls to his side to add more pressure, but then releases the hold. That seemed a little awkward. Hale stomps the hand, the back and snaps off some kicks that fire Raaj up. He has a flurry off strikes and shoulders in the corner. The bulldog is blocked, but Raaj counters a German Suplex with some body kicks and then a dropkick. The bulldog connects on a second try and Hale is out just before three. Hale ducks a clothesline and gets another trip, but Raaj sweeps the leg himself and gets a roll-up for two. Raaj goes to the backslide that won him the match last week, but Hale is ready for it this time as he rolls through and delivers a knee. He hits a modified neckbreaker and then a Fisherman’s Buster finishes at 8:23.

Winner: Asher Hale via pin at 8:23
-This played well off their match last week and was another solid one. Hale gets back to the Pay Window and Raaj continues to get a chance to show what he can do. This was once again fine. **1/2

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Jake Atlas vs. Ari Sterling

-Lockup to start and Atlas gets back control. Sterling gets a headlock to regain control. A clothesline is ducked by Atlas as he gets back control again. Standing switch from Sterling and he gets an arm. Atlas is out and gets a take down, but Sterling brings him down with an armdrag. They each then try for an armdrag so it’s a stalemate. They each try a head scissors take down, but each man flips to their feet. Sterling gets a take down into a 2 count, but Atlas rolls with him into a two count of his own. A loud chop from Atlas, but he runs into a head kick in the corner. Sterling gets the elusive head scissors take down, but gets dropped with a boot for two. Atlas gets another two count and slows things down with a bear hug on the mat and then opts for a body scissors. Sterling rolls back for a pin, so Sterling releases the hold and gets a slam for two. He goes back to the rear bear hug, but Sterling easily gets to the ropes to break. Sterling lands a few strikes and a clothesline followed by a forearm. Sterling gets a sloppy sunset flip out of the corner as a camera cut tried to cover for it. It was okay, but nearly turned into a neckbreaker. Atlas goes back to the body with another body scissors. A well placed back elbows breaks the hold. Forearms from Sterling and another back elbow. He connects with a leg sweep and another strike to get a two count. Atlas is back with a Single Leg Boston Crab as he sits down deep on it. Sterling gets to the ropes and is able to get a roll-up for two and then catches Atlas with a Flatliner for two. The Baja 86 is blocked as Atlas lands a knee to the jaw. He follows with an uppercut, but Sterling comes back with a jumping knee. Atlas catches a diving Sterling with a fall-a-way slam for two. They fight in the corner as Atlas heads to the top. Sterling cuts him off and looks for a superplex. Atlas shoves off and Sterling flips onto his face and heads back up with a rana for a two count. Nice! Sterling heads up top, but Atlas is out of the way though Sterling lands on his feet after the 450. Atlas hits a sick German Suplex into the turnbuckles and he finishes with the Cartwheel DDT at 9:38.

Winner: Jake Atlas via pin at 9:38
-Very good ending to a good match. It was a little sloppy in a few spots, but they kicked it into a higher gear in the final few minutes. Fun stuff here! ***

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Good
The 411
Back in the groove for this show as that is two good episodes in a row. Again, this show has a tried and true formula that works if you let the guys in the division do their thing. More of this please!

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