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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 01.26.23

January 26, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Bronson Reed WWE Main Event Image Credit: WWE
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Leighty’s WWE Main Event Review 01.26.23  

-Announce Team: Kevin Patrick and Byron Saxton
-Taped: Philadelphia, PA

Bronson Reed vs. Akira Tozawa

-This is a rematch from RAW where Reed SQUASHED Tozawa. Maybe the power of being back on Main Event will help Tozawa out this time. Tozawa throws a bunch of strikes, but one from Reed sends Tozawa flying. Buckle Bomb from Reed! He just runs Tozawa over with his gut and then hooks a chinlock. Tozawa fights off as the crowd rallies behind him. He tries a waist-lock and that doesn’t go well for him. Backbreaker from Reed into a gut buster and that gets two. Reverse bearhug from Reed as he tries to wear down the Stamina Monster. Tozawa elbows out, but again, one shot and he gets dropped. Tozawa escapes a suplex and is able to get a head kick. He gets put on the apron and gets another head sick. Missile dropkick from the top sends Reed to the floor, but not off his feet. Tozawa flies out and gets a Tornado DDT. Nice! Back in Tozawa plants Reed with a DDT before heading up top. Senton is blocked by knees. Black Forrest Bomb is followed by The Tsunami and that’s obviously enough for the pin at 4:43.

Winner: Bronson Reed via pin at 4:43
-Just a step above a SQUASH as Tozawa got in a nice little flurry of offense. Right result though as Reed needs to continue to look like a monster. That finisher is money though. *3/4

-Don’t Try This at Home or Anywhere!

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-Back to SmackDown as Kevin Owens gives Roman Reigns a stunner and then a pop-up powerbomb through a table. Sami arrives just a tad late for the save.

-Back to RAW The Trial of Sami Zayn. This was amazing and captivating and any other superlative you want to place on it. Props to Paul Heyman for the Brock Purdy shout-out (Go Niners). Heyman: “What are we the nWo?” Sami is hurt by the accusations and his defense is he has no defense. Roman is pissed and him screaming “Solo” was jaw dropping as Heyman yelled “Oh my God.” Then Shakespeare breaks out as Jey Uso saves Sami and gives a heartfelt speech about Sami being family. Oh man, now I am going to feel for Jey when either Sami betrays him or when Jey has to turf Sami from the group while his heart breaks. Jey: “Hey, Sami Zayn I love you like a brother.” THE FEELINGS! Roman pronounces Sami not-guilty for now. Roman tells Sami to make The Bloodline proud tonight and then Sami is gone until Saturday at The Rumble. Again, this was amazing and deserved the millions of people who watched it.

-Now that rolled into The Usos defending their RAW Tag Titles against Prison Dom and Damian Priest. Jimmy seemingly blows out his knee and Pearce is about to make them forfeit the tag titles, but Sami wants to take Jimmy’s place. Pearce allows it since he let Judgment Day swap out a few weeks back. That is beautiful and attention to detail. JD can’t beef as they benefited from the same ruling. We then get some of the highest drama you will see as you bought every near fall because it was easy to believe that Sami was going to mess up and lose the titles. The Usos have been bullet proof and they found a way to add actual drama to one of their title defenses. Bravo to everyone involved! 1D finishes as Sami gets the pin. Brilliant!

-This Friday on SmackDown we get the semi-finals of the Tag Title #1 Contenders Tournament. Hit Row vs. Drew/Sheamus and LDF vs. Imperium! Also Rey vs. Karrion Kross!

-Royal Rumble commercial!

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-Back to RAW as Becky Lynch and Bayley are set for a Steel Cage Match, but the rest of Damage CTRL attack. Lynch gets locked inside the cage and gets her ass beat. No match as they had to cut something due to the Trial going long and they opted to run an angle instead of doing a sub 5 minute match.

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-Firefly Fun House returned with our favorite puppets back. Uncle Howdy is still hanging around as well. Apparently Rambling Rabbit is a fan of LA Knight (“he’s kind of like The Miz, but with muscles”).

-Back to RAW as LA Knight calls out WWE Legends and The Undertaker (American Bad Ass version) answers the call. LA Knight backs off, but the lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears behind him. Knight backs up to the ring and gets inside only for Taker to goozle him and hand him over to Bray for Sister Abigail. Taker then whispers something to Bray as this was basically a passing of the torch. That is the way to use a Legend with the current roster.

Nikki Cross vs. Dana Brooke

-So, no NXT kids this week! There is history here as Nikki Cross won the 24/7 Title from Dana and then tossed it in a trashcan. Nikki tries a kick, but Dana catches and sends Nikki head first into the top pickle. She repeats in each corner and then gets a knockdown for a one count. Nikki back with a thrust to the throat followed by a headlock. Dana breaks with a belly to back suplex and then a basement dropkick. Nikki bails to the floor, but Dana follows with a baseball slide. Dana tries another baseball slide, but Nikki suckered her in and traps her with the ring apron. She lands some strikes as we head to our commercial break.

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-Back with Cross pulling on Dana’s arms while standing on her hair. That always looks painful! Nikki gets a modified Cobra Clutch on the mat, but realizes quickly so she can bounce Dana’s head off the mat. Dana is able to get in an elbow to the face, but gets cut off with a shoulder to the guy. Brooke with a sunset flip for two and then a roll-up for two. Cross rebounds and gets a Single Leg Crab. Brooke is able to kick her way out and gets a weak jawbreaker. They clothesline each other as the ref starts his ten count. They trade forearms and Dana wins the exchange. Clothesline from Brooke and another and another. A fourth is ducked, so Dana slams Nikki down by her hair. Handspring elbow in the corner connects and a bulldog gets a two count. Cartwheel splash is blocked by knees and Nikki hits her neckbreaker for the pin at 7:57.

Winner: Nikki Cross via pin at 7:57
-Started slow and the crowd wasn’t into it. It did get better in the final few moments. *1/4

-Hulu commercials!

-Cody Rhodes hype video. He is returning at The Royal Rumble.

-Back to RAW as Austin Theory defends his US Title against Bobby Lashley in a no DQ match. Brock Lesnar makes his return and hits Lashley with The F5. Theory gets one as well, but Lesnar is nice enough to hit Theory with one that leaves him on top of Lashley to get the pin.

-Thanks for reading!

The final score: review Poor
The 411
I always judge this showed based on the matches and they weren't great this week. You can find The Trial of Sami Zayn on YouTube. Nothing much to this show this week sadly. Bring back the NXT kids!