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Lita Says WWE Had a ‘Conflict of Interest’ In Leaving Women Off Greatest Royal Rumble

May 9, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Lita Image Credit: WWE

– Lita spoke with WrestleZone Radio for a new interview promoting her new The UFO Sho on ASY TV and discussed women not appearing at Greatest Royal Rumble. Highlights are below:

On WWE not having women compete at the Greatest Royal Rumble: “I understand that they are a business, a global business and they are always looking to expand their global presence. However, I do feel this was a direct conflict of interest with them maintaining any integrity or truth to the fact that they say they would like to push forward women, their roles and their reputations in this business as anything resembling equal to a male. Make the money, that’s fine, but don’t try to cover it up. Don’t say, “No, we are doing this because in the future we would like to help progress their culture forward!” No, you want the money, you’re a business and businesses make money. That’s okay. From my perspective over here, I don’t own your business so that’s your call. From a PR perspective don’t say you are doing it because, “We want to help progress that culture forward.” No, it’s a direct conflict of interest, in my opinion.”

On her belief that the moon landing was faked: “I think we were never there. Why did we have the technology in the 60s to go there but haven’t, all this time later, gone back? The way the photography is from then… you could never run out of articles and theories on what is going on there.”