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Low Ki Discusses Why His WWE Run Didn’t Work, Being ‘Wasted’ In NXT

May 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Low Ki Kaval NXT MLW

– Speaking with Jeffrey Harris for the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast, Low Ki discussed why his WWE run didn’t work out and what he felt about being put in NXT. Low Ki was brought into NXT as Kaval in June of 2010 for the second season, having worked in WWE’s developmental system. He would move to Smackdown after winning the second season competition but was released from his WWE contact in December of that year.

Highlights from that discussion are below:

On if his WWE run not working was due to ‘poor taste or quality’: “Not on my end. I showed up to work, the same way I do everywhere else. I’ve been consistent. But the games that are played there, and the management that was there at that time, they weren’t interested in my participation. I came with more experience than some of the main eventers at that time, so why was I wasted in that fashion? But that’s what they wanted to involve me in. Just like fighters, you just show up and fight. You don’t complain, you just get it done. I tried, didn’t work out, so we went our separate ways.”

On whether it bothered him that he was put in NXT first: “Initially when I first found out, because they didn’t bother telling me. They told me to watch just like everybody else. And I’m like, ‘Okay. This is what you guys are doing? All right, I’ll try to make it work.’ It was pretty simple on my end.”

On how he’s adapted his style over the years: “Well, you said a particular word, which was actually frowned upon when I was in WWE. They had asked us for information about ourselves in regard to the production for the NXT video graphics and information being presented to the public. So they would ask as far as, what would you consider my style? And I always considered it ‘adaptation.’ And the reason being is because I can flow with just about everybody in that ring, in any style. But that takes skill, because you have to study those styles. You have to practice those styles, you have to train with people who know those styles, so that when you come across people with those styles, you can hold your own. So I trained, I learned. I was qualified to do practically any style. Why? Because I trained for it. And I wasn’t a loudmouth like a lot of other people in order to hype matches, I’m old style. We do our talking in the ring. And then when we’re in the ring, what is it that we’re saying? It’s the quality of what you’re doing. So I’m not coming in and just being a hype machine that generates some attention. I’m coming in to be the best one in there. There’s a reason why I’m a multi-time champion, there’s a reason why I’m a multi-time Hall of Famer. I’m coming to win. But it’s not calling it in and taking it easy, and insulting the people that show up at the arena. You never do that to them. You let everybody know who you are through the quality of your work. It’s that simple.”

In the full interview, Low Ki talks about his WWE run, the mismanagement of TNA and the infamous appearance of Pacman Jones in the company, his contract status with MLW, the current state of the wrestling industry and much more. You can listen to the full interview below.

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Introduction (0:00)
On working with Tom Lawlor in MLW (1:00)
On his MLW contract status and if he is open to a long-term contract (2:02)
On the current state of the wrestling scene and rise of options outside of WWE (3:40)
On the launch of All Elite Wrestling (5:03)
On why his WWE run didn’t work out and being put in NXT (6:05)
On how he’s adapted his in-ring style over the years (7:15)
On his match with KENTA at ROH Final Battle 2005, and if he’d like to work with KENTA again (9:17)
On rumors of heat between him and Jim Cornette in ROH (14:22)
On if he has been given a bad rap by people in the industry (15:06)
On if he’ll be at MLW Fury Road and what Court Bauer’s done with the company (16:17)
On if Impact Wrestling is in a better place now than during the Spike TV era (18:16)
On his time in TNA and Dixie Carter being “used” by the company’s management (19:42)
On hating the Pacman Jones storyline in TNA (21:41)
On the most upstanding talent that he’s ever worked with (21:51)
On where fans can find him (25:51)

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