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Lucha Underground Producer Shares Practice Shots of Angelico’s Infamous Dive

April 25, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Back in 2015 when Lucha Underground was in the middle of its first season, Angelico made a name for himself by hitting an insane dive from a very high place in the building, wiping out his opponents. In a post on Twitter, former executive producer Eric Van Wagenen posted footage of Angelico’s practice runs at the dive before it was taped properly. He then shared a second video of Ricochet (who was working as Prince Puma at the time) trying the same dive.

He wrote: ““Something for the believers! Found this gem from Feb ’15 before a #LuchaUnderground taping – @AngelicoAAA practicing THE crossbody. Needed to show MGM lawyers we practiced it – just in case. I was nervous, but he made it look easy. @KingRicochet and @lilcholo01 measuring he catch. … You can see how amped up he was for the real thing … overshot where they thought he’d land and almost beheaded The Crew. Made it look way better though. Fun memory. Not to be outdone, @KingRicochet gets in on the action. @ElTexanoJr and an unmasked @PENTAELZEROM are watching from the railing. (Blurred for Kayfabe reasons.)