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Madusa Weighs In On Nick Aldis’ Assessment Of NWA

November 21, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Madusa AEW Image Credit: AEW

On her first episode of the new Trash Talk with Madusa series, the eponymous wrestler offered an alternative opinion to Nick Aldis’ recent analysis of NWA (via Wrestling Inc). Aldis has been very blunt about his disapproval of the way the company is being run as he ended his association with NWA recently, but Madusa disagrees with his perspective. She also commented that Aldis’ public statements were not the best approach. You can read a highlight and watch the full episode below.

On how she would handle a similar situation in Aldis’ shoes: “The one thing that Nick forgot, I feel, is that it wasn’t his company. If there was some animosity between [Corgan and Aldis], it should be kept personal. I feel airing your dirty laundry out in public when you have a real, deep, personal thing — or belittling something, I’ve learned in the past myself, is not the place to do; it’s not. Especially nowadays, this time, today, is that if I were somebody in another federation, I definitely would be taking note in how he handled this publicly. ‘Would he do this to me? Would he do this to my company?’ I’m not saying he was right or wrong about his feelings and his right; he has every right and his feelings are correct however it is, but, the narrative to push that and just absolutely call it toxic and stuff — this is where I’ll stop — I’m there and I don’t see it toxic. I don’t; it’s not toxic. I wouldn’t be there.”

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