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Matt Menard on Blood & Guts Injuries, Forced to Withdraw From IWS Show Due to Rehab

August 6, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AEW Dynamite Jericho Appreciation Society, Matt Menard Image Credit: AEW

– Jericho Appreciation Society member Matt Menard reflected on the Blood & Guts match from last June during a recent video from Jofo in the Ring. However, due the injuries he suffered and is still recovering from in the match, Menard has been forced to withdraw from tonight’s International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) Scarred 4 Life show in Montreal.

However, Matt Menard stated that IWS has another AEW talent who will be taking his place on tonight’s show. He stated the following:

“IWS fans, Daddy Magic Here. Got a little bit of a story to tell you guys. June 29, Detroit, Michigan. Blood & Guts. Big cage match. Two rings. Hell of an ordeal. Very early on in that match, I kind of get dumped on my head by Santana. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t pretty. Ended up actually tearing parts of my shoulder, my labrum, my rotator cuff. If you’re wondering, ‘Geez, Daddy Magic, early on in the match. Didn’t you climb to the top of the cage to save Chris Jericho? Did you climb to the top of the cage to save Chris Jericho with a torn shoulder, with your shoulder torn to shreds?’ And the answer is yes. I’m basically a hero. The good news here guys is that it doesn’t look like it’s going to require surgery. We’re rehabbing it, injected some stem cells into the shoulder. The bad news, however, is I will not be able to participate in the event for the IWS. It’s kind of heartbreaking honestly. I was really looking forward to coming to Montreal and seeing everybody again. We had a great time last time back in March. What’s going on over there, I’m trying to cut a promo. Angelo Parker will be there, however. I apologize to the people who bought tickets to see me. Hopefully, I’ll get to make it up to you in the near future. IWS has secured an AEW talent to take my place, so everything’s going to be alright guys. Enjoy the show.”

You can see a video of Menard’s announcement on the IWS show below: