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Matt Sydal’s All Out Slip Gets Retconned On Latest Being the Elite (Recap)

September 14, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Being the Elite

The latest Being the Elite is online, and it provides a retconned explanation for Matt Sydal’s big slip at AEW All Out. You can check out the full video and a recap below:

* We start off with Promo Class Wednesday, where Matt Jackson has Eddie Kingston cut a promo on a chocolate chip cookie. Put on the spot, he proceeds to say how it kills him inside that the cookie’s so tasty and delicious and everything he wants. But in the world of wrestling that paid him to buy the cookie, he has to look better in the ring so that he can get paid more and buy more cookies so it won’t be alone, and it can only be him and the cookie. But that’ll only be when the time is right. Then he eats the cookie and we get the title sequence.

* Cut to a Brandon Cutler at the Dynamite taping, and he asks if the Bucks are feeling better. They say they’re fine and Nick says the fans are sick of the vlogs, so Brandon can do it. Matt says it’s time for the OG Young Bucks that superkick anyone breathing should come back and they should get back to the reason they became popular in the first place. Nick says that they’ve been devoting too much to the the jobbers that populate the show, and they scoff at the notion of being interviewed by Alex Marvez.

* That then cuts to the scene from Dynamite of the Bucks superkicking Marvez and getting fined. Afterward the two walk up to Tony Khan’s office and Matt chucks a wad of cash in.

* We next see Alex Reynolds and John Silver challenge Angelico & Jack Evans to a dance-off with Wardlow, Orange Cassidy, and Grayson judging. If the Dark Order wins, Angelico and Evans have to join. The babyfaces win 2 – 1, with Grayson voting against his stablemates, flipping off John Silver and walking out after. Silver and Reynolds try to get Cassidy to join the Order to no avail.

* We then go back before All Out with Kenny Omega, Matt, and Nick working on the Casino Battle Royale plans. Michael Nakazawa asks what number he is and they laugh at him, with Omega saying it’s a PPV. Nakazawa wants to be the final spot, the Joker, and the Elite find it hilarious considering the Joker is supposed to be a big surprise. Nakazawa asks the Joker is and Omega confesses that it’s Matt Sydal. Nakazwawa says he’ll go leave an impact and baby oils the top turnbuckle, which of course Sydal slipped on during the match. Omega and the Bucks complain about the match and Omega asks who put it together. Nick acknowledges it was them, and Nick says Sydal looks like the Shockmaster now. Nakazawa walks in and asks if they watched it, then shows that he screwed over Sydal. The Elite say he went too far and throw him out of the room.

* Evil Uno is then shown yelling at The Dark Order, as he goes into the men’s room and sees where it is written “Brody Sux – Stooo” on the mirrror. Brodie shows up and loses his mind over it, asking everyone to show their hands. Grayson has a red paintbrush but says he was told to hold it, but his name is misspelled on the window. Brodie demans that Reynolds show him his hands and there’s red paint all over them. Silver walks in with red paint all over him and Evil Uno makes a Matt Cardona joke. Lee then tells Silver to put his head in the toilet.

* Colt Cabana walks in with his face wrapped in bandages, calling for a doctor but Dr. Sampson says he’s done everything he can. Cabana finds Dustin Rhodes who isn’t a doctor, Daniels also isn’t but suggests a door that says “Doctor.” It’s Dr. Luther who screams and Colt walks angrily away.

* Daniels is at a bar and does a 50-plus informercial for Silver Fox Vodka. He thanks Page for letting him use the bar, and Cutler asks Daniels to hold the camera so he can talk to Page. Page offers Cutler a drink and when Cutler says he doesn’t drink, Page replies, “If I had your f**king record, I would.” Page asks if he talked with the Bucks and Cutler says he tried, but they don'[t want to hear it. Page goes off and says Cutler has two contracts but can’t do a think right, and only worries about his D&D game. Culter says he knows Page is just trying to get him angry, but he’s not going to give him the satisfaction and walks off.

* Matt walks in with his baby and says he wanted to pass along a message from the boy that he’s so happy about his Dynamite debut. He points out AEW’s ratings success and says he’s happy for AEW’s family environment. The Bucks say they’re glad he’s okay, and he walks off. The Bucks talk about how he’s normal now, but Nick thinks he’s way too normal. The baby, not so much.

* Nakazawa is forced by Cutler to acknowledge that the SSP botch was his fault because of the baby oil, and Sydal says things happen at first, but when Nakazawa acknowledges that he was trying to get Sydal to break his neck, Matt gets pissed. Nakazawa looks at the camera and says “Run” in and he does with Sydal chasing him in video meme format.

* Cutler walks in to talk to the Bucks and they say they aren’t interested in talking about Page, who Brandon says it’s not about. He mentions his blow-off match against Peter Avalon and says he’s 0-25, and says it would mean so much if they’d be ringside or in the crowd, and they say they already planned to be in the crowd.

* Finally, Megabyte Ronnie walks in with cakes that he is delivering for Cutler. Culter calls Page to see what he wants done with them, and Ronnie eats a few handfuls of cake behind him as Page is on the phone asking for icing that says “Happy Birthday.” The whole thing goes on forever as Ronnie eats the cakes in their entirety and when Cutler turns around, he stares at Ronnie and says “I couldn’t help myself.” Cutler freaks out and Ronnie says he has an addiction as we cut away.

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