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More Details On Damage Sami Callihan Caused Prior To MLW Exit: Callihan Reportedly Spit In Jim Cornette’s Face

June 20, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Sami Callihan MLW

As we previously reported, Sami Callihan is legitimately done with MLW after losing a Loser Leaves Town match to Mance Warner on a recent episode of MLW Fusion. There were actually plans for him to return, but due to damage he caused to the venue in that match, MLW ultimately decided to just let him go. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has more details on Callihan’s exit and exactly what kind of damage was done that led to it.

The idea for Callihan’s loss is that he would miss the July 6 show due to his Impact Wrestling commitments and would be out for a month. He would then return to TV on the July 25 show under a mask in New York and feud with Promociones Dorado. He even shot interviews to set up that return.

However, MLW claims that Callihan caused the company to have to pay $2,700 in damages to the venue in Waukesha, Wisconsin, during his match with Warner. Court Bauer says he broke a new $15,000 bleacher, as well as other property, and “dinged a garage door pretty bad.” Callihan was fired over the incident.

Callihan also reportedly spit in Jim Cornette’s face during the taping, although there are different sides to the issue. One version suggests that it was an angle because people would buy into heat between the two. Cornette bashed Callihan on his podcast some time ago after Callihan accidentally injured Eddie Edwards when hitting him in the face with a baseball bat. It’s said that some, possibly all, of what happened betwene them going back to April was part of an angle, as it was allowed to air on TV. If it wasn’t planned, it would have ended and it would have been edited off TV.

Another version suggests that the spit wasn’t planned but wasn’t edited off the broadcast. Callihan was simply playing up the backlash over Cornette’s comments about Sonny Kiss earlier this month. MLW guessed he was simply working his own angle, played it off as a work so no one would overreact and had talked to Cornette about using their heat to their advantage.

Either way, everyone seems to agree that at some point it turned into a shoot and the heat is now real, as Callihan believes Cornette got him fired and Cornette will always react to those who try to insult him publicly. Callihan’s return was set to be on a show that Cornette wouldn’t have worked, as Cornette works on a show by show basis and didn’t want to work the New York show. The last work he agreed to work was on July 6 and hasn’t committed to any more past that.

One person claims that Cornette actually went backstage to check on Callihan after the match and they hugged, and others say Cornette was fine, and never seemed mad about the incident or brought it up after. It’s believed that if it was a shoot, he would have had a different reaction. Another person said that it was a shoot, but Cornette just laughed it off, claiming it was “good heat” and “smart for Callihan to do it.” People were expecting things to go down differently, as Davey Boy Smith JR and Low Ki were backstage to break things up if something happened, but nothing did. Callihan was upset when he got backstage, but nothing happened.

Both Callihan and Cornette even had exchanges on Twitter over it.

MLW wasn’t happy with Callihan’s hashtag #IStandWithSonny because they didn’t want to be associated with that controversy, even to advance an angle. Callihan reportedly really believes Cornette got him fired and doesn’t believe the damages had anything to do with it, even when those in the company claimed Cornette wasn’t to blame. Multiple people have said it was due to the building damages and MLW officials have said they likely lost the building and will never be allowed back in if Callihan is on the show again. MLW added that Callihan was also an agent, so they lost a top star and agent over this entire incident.

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