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Nasty Boys Getting Major Heat For Horrible Smackdown Dark Match

November 21, 2007 | Posted by Ashish

The Nasty Boys (Jerry Saggs and Brian Knobbs) worked their first match for WWE in years in a dark match at the Smackdown taping last night. The match was said to be a total disaster.

The Nasty Boys apparently treated the dark match as if they were major stars who just returned. They took too long getting into the ring when they came out because they kept interacting with their friends and family seated at ringside. Knobbs got in the ring with his back to the hard camera while Saggs came in and stood right next to opponents Drew McIntye and Dave Taylor, making them look stupid.

During the match, the Nastys were stiff with McIntye who is only 21 and new to the main roster. He took the abuse for awhile but eventually started giving out his own stiff shots to the Nastys. The Nastys even worked stiff with Dave Taylor even though he is a respected veteran.

Some blamed the Nastys match taking so long for screwing up the entire Smackdown taping, causing it to end at 9:54PM ET and giving WWE just six minutes to change the ring and set for ECW On Sci-Fi.

Credit: PWInsider.com


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