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Nia Jax Updates Twitter Profile Picture, New Image Says ‘Danger, Stay Away’

April 30, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Nia Jax RAW WWE Image Credit: WWE

– WWE Superstar Nia Jax has updated her Twitter account with a new profile picture. The new profile image, which she also shared in tweet today, says “Danger, Stay Away.” You can check out her tweet below.

Later on, the furloughed referee and producer, Scott Armstrong, commented on the new image. He wrote, “I’ve been saying that for years!” Jax also responded to that tweet. You can also view that exchange below.

Nia Jax has recently been the subject of criticism and has been labelled as “unsafe” following a controversial spot on Raw where she threw Kairi Sane by the back of her head and neck onto the bottom turnbuckle when attempting a Buckle Bomb. This is not the first time Jax has received such criticism.

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