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Paige Reacts On Stream As WWE Stars Shut Down Twitch Accounts: ‘I’m Gonna Keep Streaming’

October 29, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Paige is one of WWE’s biggest names on Twitch, and she was incredibly unhappy as WWE’s plans to take over talents’ Twitch accounts seemingly came into effect on Thursday. As previously reported, several WWE stars including AJ Styles, Cesaro, Mia Yim and more all suspended their accounts on Thursday as WWE’s stated intent to take over talents’ Twitch streams apparently began to come into effect.

Paige was in the middle of a Twitch stream talking about horror films with her viewers when she started getting messages to her phone, which appear to be notifications that other talent were shutting down their streams or instructions to stop herself. She was clearly taken aback by the situation and addressed it with her audience:

“You guys. We have to make this — You guys. There may be a time where I have to stop streaming. So, I think just in case I walk away, I have to walk away, let’s make these next two streams crazy …. I have to go off. If I have to leave, we have to make today and Saturday f**king crazy before I have to leave. Because it might have to come to that.”

She began texting again, eventually walking past her green screen out of view. After returning, she appeared upset and continued texting and walking off and on camera. Eventually, she began to speak again, getting emotional as she said:

“I’ve honestly got to the point [where] I cannot deal with this company anymore … So now I have to make a very important decision … I’m f**king tired, man. I broke my f**king neck twice — twice — for this company. Over f**king worked. I broke my f**king neck twice for this company … All I wanted was to — they don’t realize that this community isn’t just about f**king subs. It isn’t about that. We built a wonderful community, a wonderful f**king family where this is an escape for a lot of people, including myself. I can’t wrestle anymore. I was worked so hard in WWE that I can’t wrestle anymore. My neck is f**ked. My whole dreams got taken away from me, dude. And I had to have something that fulfilled even a small part of that huge f**king void that I lost with wrestling. A huge f**king void. I couldn’t wrestle anymore, something I lived, breathed, f**king s**t wrestling since I was a fetus, dude. And it got ripped away from me. And I had to find something that even filled a little bit of that. And Twitch was such a wonderful thing for me. It’s such a wonderful place for me.

“And I understand. I understand if they’re like, ‘Hey, if you’re wrestling every day, if you’re doing shows every day, if you’re on TV constantly,’ that’s fine. But I’m a f**king injured wrestler, I can’t wrestle anymore. I get used for media stuff, sometimes, you know? But at the end of the day, I’m in my f**king house. I’m going f**king crazy, dude. I need something to keep me sane, man. And Twitch was my escape from that, you know? … Right now, I’m just sitting on my f**king ass.”

She went on to add:

“I had a terrible couple of years, where I had a tape leaked about me, where I popped a couple of drug tests because I was in an abusive f**king relationship, dude. And that’s the only thing I could f**king do. See, people think I should be thankful that I still have a f**king job, right? And I am, but it doesn’t mean I should be treated like f**king shit.”

She went on to continue streaming for several hours after that and is still streaming as this writing. She said at one point, “I’m gonna keep streaming, we’ll see how that goes.” She did note that she loves WWE, but doesn’t agree with what they’re doing here and doesn’t want people dragging the company or the talent there. She said she knows it’s a business decision and not a personal one, but she doesn’t agree with it.

You can see her reaction here. It begins at roughly an hour and five minutes in. It has been reported that she may make significant amounts of money through her Twitch stream, though it should be noted that since the start of this month, which is the point that word broke that WWE would be taking over talent Twitch accounts, her subscriber count has dropped heavily although there’s no clear indication that there is a correlation between the two. It was steadily climbing over the three previous months before October with 12,656 in July, 15,307 in August, and 17,788 in September. As of now, it has dropped to 9,302.

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