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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 8.3.22

August 4, 2022 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
AEW Dynamite Chris Jericho Wheeler Yuta Image Credit: AEW
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Pantoja’s AEW Dynamite Review 8.3.22  

AEW Dynamite

August 3rd, 2022 | Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio

Was close to buying tickets for this show but one of my friends couldn’t do it. However, we are going on the 24th of this month, which is sweet.

Jay Lethal (18-5) vs. Orange Cassidy (63-22-2)

Jay Lethal being ranked #2 is a choice. He is someone who I almost always immediately tune out. Since he’s involved, you know this only peaked at being good. Cassidy brought all of the charisma and personality here with the pockets gimmick and his soft kicks. They fought up the ramp where Sonjay and Satnam were, only for Best Friends to pull a Little Rascals, Scrubs, or Vincent Adultman from Bojack Horseman and come out with Trent on Chuck’s shoulders to match Satnam’s size. With them gone, Lethal took over by attacking Cassidy’s leg and keeping control through the break. Cassidy fought off the Figure Four and then got the ropes after Lethal properly applied it. Cassidy kept bringing the fun, avoiding an elbow off the top by rolling away and posing. He couldn’t hit the Orange Punch due to his damaged knee and he eventually fell to Lethal Injection after 12:14. That was good but Lethal is just so boring as a character. [***]

Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh came out as Sonjay ran down OC on the mic. Lethal put another Figure Four on to send a message to Wardlow. Best Friends tried to make the save but the real pop was for Wardlow showing up and the heels packing. A short promo led to the challenge of Wardlow vs. Lethal at Battle of the Belts III. Have Wardlow crush him in eight seconds, please.

A video package aired to recap Hook winning the FTW Title.

The Undisputed Elite hit the ring for a promo in their return. Even Landon was out with them. Cole spoke about how there are things for the Undisputed Elite to fix and he has an idea to do that as the leader. However, he isn’t cleared to wrestle. Despite their chemistry and talent, the most important thing to him is loyalty. He wants to win the Trios Titles but with him not clear, Kyle not clear, and the Bucks not wanting Bobby Fish as their partner (rude), Cole said the Bucks can’t enter the tournament. The Bucks protested and Cole said the Bucks won’t be physically able to do the tournament, leading to them getting laid out by reDRagon. I like that AEW isn’t sticking to the status quo and changing things up with this split and the one for Team Taz. Before Cole could PILLMANIZE Matt’s neck, Hangman Page made the save in butterfly jeans and carrying a pipe. The pop was great for this. Landon stayed with the Bucks and it looks like we’ll be getting the Hung Bucks again soon. Plus, Kenny is on the horizon too.

Jon Moxley cut a promo about how he doesn’t care who wins today. Whether it’s his friend or his enemy, he’ll happily beat them both up.

Earlier today, Christian Cage was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. He WRECKED Columbus verbally and then Jungle Boy showed up, trying to run him over. Security had to kick him out.

Britt Baker (37-13) and Jamie Hayter (9-6) vs. ThunderStorm (Toni 13-2, Rosa (59-9)

THE WOMEN AREN’T IN THE 930 TIME SLOT? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS? Rosa had a sandbagging shirt and I can’t stand this stupid storyline. This started with a brawl that had some sloppy moments but once it calmed down, things got better. Thunderstorm isolated Hayter but then a cheap shot from Britt allowed them to turn the tides and work over Rosa. We got split chants for Britt and Rosa. I’m gonna need folks to stop cheering for Britt so TK doesn’t give her the title again. She needs to be away from the title picture for a long time. Rosa remained the face in peril through a commercial break before hitting a Stunner and making the hot tag. Storm hit everything moving but I popped most for Hayter hitting a double suplex on her opponents. The teams went back and forth and we got a renewal of the Rosa/Britt program. The finish saw Britt pull Rosa into Toni’s ass attack and then Hayter pinned Storm with a short-arm lariat in 12:01. I dug that ending as Hayter FINALLY got a notable win and it adds to the likely Storm/Rosa match. The only thing I didn’t like was Britt winning. [***]

We got a video package of Sammy and Tay saying they’re in Europe about to get married. Eddie Kingston interrupted to say “congratulations, NOBODY CARES.” Incredible. He said that TK signed Eddie vs. Sammy for the PPV.

After a sad recap of Powerhouse Hobbs turning on Ricky Starks (a legit shocker), Taz said on commentary that he dissolved Team Taz. He respects the guys but wants nothing to do with this whole thing. Hopefully, it means he’ll be on commentary more.

Powerhouse Hobbs (50-21) vs. Ren Jones (0-1)

Jones is a pretty big dude but you just know how this went. Hobbs dominated and won with a clothesline in 0:51. Weird to have a lariat end two straight matches. [NR]

The celebration was cut short as Ricky Starks hit the ring to a pop. I AM READY FOR BABYFACE RICKY. He traded shots with Hobbs but ran into a spinebuster and was left out cold again. I loved this. It was short so they didn’t give much away and they’ll make us wait for Ricky’s true revenge while building up Hobbs even more as a threat. Simple, short, and effective.

Miro talked to God more about his match with Malakai Black that will happen one day.

Darby Allin cut a promo where he tattooed “the coffin drops on Brody King” onto his hand. I hope that isn’t real. They meet next week.

Christian Cage (8-3) vs. Matt Hardy (39-18)

Oh my god is it 1999? Matt tackled Christian to the mat to start because this is serious business. The issue here was evident pretty early as you got the sense they were getting time. Christian can still go in his late 40s but Matt has struggled lately and that was clear here too. They worked through a commercial break and we even got a table bump (there’s typically one per week on this show) but none of it really engaged me and it was all done at such a slow pace. This was 11:02 that felt closer to 25:02. After a bad table spot, Christian won with the Killswitch. This was bad. [*½]

Christian went for the Con-Chair-To after the bell but Luchasaurus interrupted. However, Jungle Boy also showed up with a steel chair and Christian bailed through the crowd.

Daniel Garcia was interviewed about how he submitted Bryan Danielson last week. He’s the dragon slayer and the greatest technical sports entertainer of all time. He’ll also be happy to slay the dragon again.

Footage aired of PAC defending the All-Atlantic Title in the UK against Connor Mills. It was really good on Dark this week (***¾). He also had words with someone who commentary believes is Kip Sabian.

Ethan Page was in the ring when the show returned and he ranted about how it’s bullshit that he’s not on TV more. THE MAN ISN’T WRONG. He dissed AEW for not giving him a figure and merchandise, leaving money on the table. He also dissed the fans for lining up to buy stuff for Cassidy or Punk but not him. Stokely Hathaway met him in the ring and gave him his card before they left together. I’ll say it again. STOP GIVING ETHAN MOUTHPIECES, HE CAN TALK ON HIS OWN BETTER THAN 90% OF THE ROSTER.

Backstage, 2.0 and Anna Jay were interviewed. They ranted about not having respect. Anna put herself over as the sexiest and toughest before threatening to choke out Tony and the cameraman. She then choked out a random worker. The promo was stilted but choking out someone random is great. Make her the new Bob Backlund.

Dumpster Match: The Acclaimed vs. The Gunn Club (10-2)

The Acclaimed jumped Billy Gunn before the bell, meaning no rap. However, after taking out the Ass Boys, they hit the music and we got our rap, complete with Max suggesting they’ll make the Ass Boys retire like Vince McMahon, which got a reaction. There wasn’t much to the match itself. It was just goofy brawling but that’s what I want from something like this. I’m not here for anything technical or great tag wrestling. Just have fun. The spots like slamming the dumpster lid on Bowens were enjoyable, as was The Acclaimed breaking free and scissoring. The biggest spot saw Max toss Austin off the tunnel and into a dumpster before putting Colton through a table with the Mic Drop off of it. TWO TABLE SPOTS TONIGHT. The Gunns went into the dumpster and it was closed to end this in 8:04. Then, as a tribute to the New Age Outlaws, the Acclaimed pushed the dumpster off the stage. That was fun. [**½]


· World Title Eliminator: Jon Moxley vs. Mance Warner (who won a battle royal at the Flair show)

· Madison Rayne’s AEW debut

· Street Fight: Swerve in Our Glory vs. Tony Nese and Josh Woods


· ROH World Title: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Konosuke Takeshita

· AEW Women’s Title: Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter

· TNT Title: Wardlow vs. Jay Lethal


· Coffin Match: Darby Allin vs. Brody King

· Tornado Tag: The Lucha Brothers vs. Andrade and Rush

· Jade Cargill open challenge for TBS Title

· AEW World Title: Jon Moxley vs. Jericho or Yuta

Chris Jericho (45-18-1) vs. Wheeler Yuta (25-19)

Not sure if Yuta’s record is accurate. I got it from the AEW site since the ROH nameplate didn’t pop up on his record. Claudio Castagnoli joined Wheeler at ringside to help combat 2.0. I liked Yuta doing things like an eye poke to open this and going after the nose. It’s the kind of dirty tactic he’s likely learned from William Regal. 2.0 got involved and were ejected, with Claudio not far behind, allowing this to be 1-on-1. Yuta got beat up through the break but started a comeback upon returning. He made the ropes a handful of times to prevent the Walls of Jericho and then applied the Regal Stretch. Jericho escaped by going for the bat, which distracted Aubrey and allowed him to hit a low blow. Yuta avoided the Judas Effect and got two on a rollup before Jericho rolled him into a sick-looking Liontamer for the win after 12:30. A very good main event here. [***½]

Jericho kept the hold on until Jon Moxley made the save. Jericho then promised to bring the Lionheart next week and said he’ll stretch the shit out of Moxley.

The final score: review Average
The 411
We all knew this wasn’t going to be some great show and that’s okay. Dynamite usually delivers and considering last week’s show was huge and next week’s is also big, this was fine. It was entertaining, had some misses, and had a strong main event.

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