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PCO Discusses His Backstage Heat With Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash in WWE, Why He Refused to Job To Nash In Montreal

February 20, 2020 | Posted by Ashish

PCO was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet and discussed his issues backstage with Kevin Nash and the Kliq and how it impacted his career, particularly his decision to threaten to walk out instead of losing to Kevin Nash at a WWE Montreal house show in 1995 (the finish ended up being changed to a double countout after PCO threatened to leave). Highlights are below.

On how his heat with the Kliq started with Shawn Michaels: “The heat had started the year before with Shawn Michaels where I didn’t want to put him over but I ended up putting him over in a match and just the fact that I said, ‘No, I don’t think it’s a good idea,’ but I said, ‘No, finally I will do it, it’s alright.’ I think that I just put enough to get a bad taste of myself, and then I was undefeated for eight months as Jean-Pierre LaFitte and Kevin and Shawn were good friends, so I think that the fact that I came back to Montreal where I had that little altercation with Shawn just came back to haunt me because they really put a lot of grease on the machinery there to make me bite on it and I did, I did bite like crazy, I said, ‘No, if I’m doing a job here tonight, I’m taking my bag and going home, you won’t have a main event, there’s no main event tonight, I’m leaving, I’m going home.'”

On what Kevin Nash did that upset him: “The story is like, we usually for TV shows or house shows, we always get the finish in the afternoon from the agent or whoever, and a month before the Montreal show, which was a house show for the title against Kevin, he came up to me, and very arrogant, and he said, ‘It’s gonna be a big boot, jackknife, one, two, three in Montreal.’ And I was fuming. In my mind, ‘No, it’s not gonna happen like that.’ So when the show arrived, and the show comes in Montreal, and Tony comes to me and, ‘We want like a 10-12 minute match and put Big Kev, the champ, over, big boot, jackknife.’ I said, ‘No way, I’m not doing it.'”

On why losing to Kevin Nash mattered so much to him: “That was the principle, that wasn’t for the show. For the show, I didn’t care, I would have put him over a thousand times. It was just the fact that he called it to me a month before the show. If I would have showed up in Montreal and they would have said, ‘OK, of course Kevin is the champ, we want to put him over,’ I would have said, ‘Yeah, no problem.’ But the fact that they ribbed me with it, it’s the rib that I didn’t like. It’s the rib that I really went crazy for.”

On what led to his altercation with Shawn Michaels: “And the first little thing that happened with Shawn, I had still Jacques [Rougeau], Jacques wanted to go to WCW, I wanted to stay with WWE, and then when he knew that I was wrestling Shawn, he was saying, ‘Naw, they’re going to make you lose again,’ and I got worked up. With Shawn I wasn’t sure, because I was only like 25 years old, so I was like, ‘Should I listen to someone who has experience, or should I listen to Vince who’s a boss and tells everybody what they want to hear,’ and so I was kind of confused, so I created a little altercation with Shawn that came back to haunt me a year later, but it wasn’t about doing the job, there was maybe like 5,000 people there, I don’t think that was the big factor. The big factor was the fact that months prior to that, he came to me and he said in Montreal, your hometown, it’s going to be the big boot, jackknife, one, two, three.”

On how the Kliq impacted his move to WCW: “Eventually I decided to go to WCW and then, by the time I got booked by WCW, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall made their move there, so that cut me off there right away.”

On how he and Kevin Nash ultimately became friends: “So that’s why it was a hard time from 1996, ’95-’96, from that night on with Kevin and all the way to I worked against him back in 2001, I think, he came back to Montreal and worked against me and put me over. And I remember his friends telling him, don’t go to Montreal, it’s a big trap there, they want to beat you up, and this and that, and Kevin said, ‘Naw, come on, it was so many years ago.’ And we hang out together after the match, we hung out, we had so much fun and I learned so much about the business from Kevin, he was like a different guy, and today I’d say he’s a good friend of mine.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit Chris Van Vliet with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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