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Rhea Ripley On Her Chemistry With Dominik Mysterio, What She Whispers In His Ear

April 1, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Rhea Ripley Dominik Mysterio Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Rhea Ripley spoke about her onscreen relationship with Dominik Mysterio and how the two built their chemistry. Here are highlights:

On her onscreen chemistry with Dominik: “It just built out of nothing. I barely talked to Dominik before. We were in different groups. But the pairing of us sort of just clicked, it was a really smooth and easy bond. And it’s been really cool watching him grow as well. He was the biggest babyface all smiles to what he is now. It’s just it’s been fun to watch his evolution and him grow into the Latino Heat that he is today.”

On what she whispers in his ear on TV: “Everyone wants to know what I’m saying. But that’s a little secret between me and Dom. A lot of the time, he does crack a smile. And that’s what intrigues everyone because they don’t know what I’m saying. But I don’t want to spoil it too much. But I’ll be coming up with some stuff.”

On how she interacts with kids as a heel: “It really depends on the environment. Like, if I’m working, then yes, I’ll stay in character a bit. But if I’m outside of work I’ll be nicer to them, and I’ll encourage them to do whatever they want, because obviously, I want people to feel comfortable in their own skin. And I want them to know that it’s OK to be themselves and look how they want to look. Not everyone needs to look the same. Not all girls have to have long hair, they can have short hair, they can have tattoos, they can have muscles, like whatever they want to do, they can do it. And that’s what I want to portray to them. I’ll still throw Rhea Ripley in there, because Rhea Ripley is a 10x version of me anyway. So it is my natural sort of, I want to say charm, because people seem to like it. But I will be cheeky and like I will call someone out on their Liv Morgan shirt if they’re wearing a Liv Morgan shirt. “You want to be my fan, but you’re wearing a Liv Morgan shirt?” But I’ll still make them feel good about themselves at the same time. Because I want them to know that you don’t always have to please people in your life. Just be you, that’s the whole point of life.”

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