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Ric Flair Slams Dutch Mantell: ‘Just a Miserable Old Wrestler Trying to Make a Buck’

March 11, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Ric Flair Ric Flair's Last Match Image Credit: FITE TV

– WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair took to Twitter yesterday and slammed former wrestler and WWE talent Dutch Mantell, after Mantell criticized Flair on his podcast. Mantell recently comments on the podcast in response to Flair slamming the critics of his Last Match event.

During his podcast, Mantell said on Flair’s Last Match performance, “He looked like hell. And we talked about this before. I thought he was gonna die. I thought the guy was gonna die in the ring. And as far as making $300,000, I don’t think he made that.” Mantell later added, “I don’t know if he made $300,000. If he did, so what? I was disappointed. And he ripped the fans off.”

The wrestling veteran continued, “So Ric Flair is trying to leave a legacy, and he should have left it alone or changed a lot of things in that match because his legacy now is tarnished. I don’t know. Ric Flair’s full of s*** and always has been.”

When Flair commented on Mantell on social media, he wrote, “Thank God They Used The Word Veteran & Didn’t Call You A Legend. Just A Miserable Old Wrestler Trying To Make A Buck. And BTW, You Never Had A Legacy To Begin With. WOOOOO!”

You can view Flair’s tweet and the video of Mantell’s comments below: