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Rikishi Says Chyna Deserves Solo WWE Hall of Fame Induction

March 17, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Chyna Raw 1-11-99, WWE Image Credit: WWE

Chyna is part of the WWE Hall of Fame with D-Generation X, but Rikishi believes she deserves her own singles spot in the Hall. Rikishi recently spoke with For The Love of Wrestling and during the conversation he talked about the Hall and Chyna’s status in it. You can see highlights below (h/t to Wrestling Inc):`

On Chyna deserving a solo9 Hall of Fame spot: “Oh, my goodness, the Eighth Wonder of the World? She was women power! I mean, Chyna was there back in the day [when] not too many women back then [were] going around just body-slamming a male-dominated sport … She was one of my good friends. Damn sure gone too soon. I feel like Chyna needs to take her rightful seat into the Hall of Fame … She was a loving person. Very, very kind.”

On his experiences with her: “When I come to the gym sometimes, and I see Chyna in the gym? I’ll turn around and make a U-turn and walk right back out, because I know she’s gonna embarrass a lot of the guys in there. But you know, a heart of gold. And I hope one day they do finally induct this wonderful, wonderful woman, a beautiful icon, into the WWE Hall of Fame.”