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Ring Crew Reviews: WWE No Way Out 2009

April 3, 2011 | Posted by Jack Bramma
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Ring Crew Reviews: WWE No Way Out 2009  

Relevant Storylines: Randy Orton had a brain disorder for a week. Mike Knox, Kane, Show, and Kozlov all crib each other’s movesets and strategies. JBL can’t defeat HBK straight up or Million Dollar Man in a ladder match. And Edge wins and loses different world titles in the same night.

Scheduled Card:
1. Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship: Undertaker vs. The Big Show vs. Kozlov vs. Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Edge (c).
2. No Holds Barred Match: Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton (c).
3. WWECW Championship: Finlay vs. Jack Swagger (c).
4. Shawn Michaels vs. JBL.
5. Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship: Mike Knox vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena (c).

• Video package delves into the Orton-Shane-o-Mac feud. It comes complete with biblical esque, mythical language about the son avenging the father against the defiler. It even has some angelic choir like hum in the background. We also get some focus on JBL-HBK and then a mention to the two elimination chambers. Good package.

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship: Undertaker vs. The Big Show vs. Kozlov vs. Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Edge (c). Normally, JR’s first few calls are a good sign into whether or not he’s going to chew the commentary all night or play it straight Ed McMahon style. Before Taker can even get in the ring, he calls the chamber an “ignominious structure with a diabolical personality.” I’ll let you figure out which one that means. Edge won the title at RR 2009 after Matt Hardy turned on him. Kozlov is the serious Russian Sambo champ here and “undefeated in singles competition” which means he probably ate a pinfall in some tag matches or at Survivor Series. During his entrance, he stares down Showster and Taker and does the hilariously overdone noob entrance by shaking the chains to test their elasticity. Triple H mounts Show’s pod and does the spit taunt onto Show for mind games. Nice little touch that’s easy to overlook. Taz and JR nicely put over how Hardy exercised his rematch clause but Vickie unfairly stuck him in this match.

• Hot crowd early getting all over Edge. Hardy with a couple of sleeper neckbreaker clotheslines and a flying burrito to start but Edge waffles him down with a big boot. Edge with a right hand to “Hardy” chants and then soaks in the boos. Edge with a crossbody Bossman attack that chokes Hardy on the second rope and covers for 2. Edge pounds away in the corner and mocks Showster’s chokeslam taunt right in front of him. Awesome. Hardy with an up and over headscissors out of the corner, an inverted atomic drop and the sitout low blow legdrop. He taunts now to cheers. After reversing some signature moves, Hardy hits the ToF and goes for the Swanton but Edge rolls under and out of the way. Edge goes for the Spear but gets small packaged for a 3 out of at nowhere at 3:04. Pinning the world champ clean in three minutes wouldn’t work in a normal match but in this gimmick, it works beautifully and gives Hardy some nice retribution. Of course, Hardy would have his own ignominious defeat at the hands of Sting in less than a minute clean but that’s another story. Edge sells disbelief as the fans go crazy. Triple H mocks in laughter. Edge pleads for another chance for the duration of the interval until Kozlov is next. He hits the hardcore Snitsky taunt before even doing a move. He hits a big boot and some rights in the corner. “USA” chant breaks out. Hardy clips the knee to counter but eats a battering ram coming off the top. Kozlov now rams Hardy into the cage a few times. I guess grabbing the chains during his entrance paid off strategy-wise. Kozlov rams him some move and snap-ab suplexs him back in for 2. Kozlov puts Hardy on the turnbuckle, headbutts him a few times and then punts him. Kozlov with another snap-ab suplex for 2. Kozlov hits a shitty ribbreaker for 2. Now, he goes to the lying waistlock to buy time until someone can save him. “Undertaker” chant going. Hardy fights up but Kozlov cuts him off with a shoulderblock. Kozlov tries Oklahoma stampede but Hardy kicks him off and hits the step-up dropkick in the corner. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind as TBS is next. Show tears off Hardy’s shirt and hiptosses him across the ring. He does the Andre step spot. Show and Kozlov give a bunch of headbutts to Hardy. The crowd doesn’t know what to make of this “evil synergy” as JR calls it. Crowd mildly boos the double-team as Show and Kozlov prepare for the alpha male showdown. Show with a bodyslam and postures. Kozlov now gives his own body slam and postures. Alright, enough of this. Sensing the crowd’s boredom Jeff fights back but eats another headbutt. After yelling at Hardy to “SAY WHAT AGAIN, I DOUBLE DARE YA MOTHERFUCKER!” Show chops him down. Show with chops and Hardy is DOA. Kozlov gives Show the battering ram and they lock up. Show wins the test of strength until they trade right hands. Kozlov actually refuses to budge for Show on a suplex as Triple H is next. H with rights and a jawbreaker on Show. He hits the high knee and Kozlov has no idea how to sell it. Show tries a charge but H dodges and gives him a spinebuster. Hardy tries to cut him off with a ToF but Trips gives him a man-sized clothesline. Kozlov charges but eats grate as Trips lowers the bridge. “Triple H” chant as he and Kozlov jockey on the outside. Kozlov tries a headbutt but eats pod-post. Great spot that works in the structure and Kozlov’s gimmick seamlessly. H preps the Pedigree but Show grabs him by the hair and chops him back in the ring. Show works over H with rights and Kozlov with rights on Hardy. Show gets 2 of a sideslam. Taker pounds the pod to show his eagerness to get in the ring. Feels like they are just stalling until Taker gets in. “Undertaker” chant for the 2nd time and he’s not even in the match yet. TBS tries the ChokeSlam. Trips escapes but runs into a press slam instead. Show sends Trips into the cage and then hits a Ho Train on him. Hardy finally escapes from Kozlov and flies off the top toward Show but he catches him and rams him into Trips on the cage. Nice. Show tries another Ho Train but both dodge and he eats the “sinfully sinister steel (TM JR)”. Trips and Hardy give Kozlov a double suplex. Hardy with Whisper in the Wind on H as UT is next. Taker practically kicks the door down and goes through his arsenal on all. He picks up Kozlov for Snake Eyes but Kozlov rotates like it’s a Tombstone and then the spot looks fucked up. Taker with some Ho Trains and a preps a double ChokeSlam but Show jumps him from behind. Taker goes for Old School but changes midstream and jumps toward Show and gives him a DDT on the grate. UT now with the Old School on Trips. Kozlov interrupts with a Pounce on Taker. Kozlov mounts and hits some rights in the corner but Taker gives him the Last Ride coming out and Kozlov is gone at 22:59.

• Show with a ChokeSlam on Taker. Trips preps a Pedigree but gets backdropped to the grate. Show press slams Hardy onto Trips on the outside. Show with a headbutt and tosses Trips and Hardy around. Show tries to toss Hardy into the the pod but he catches himself and climbs up on top of the pod. Show cleverly goes in the pod and pulls down Hardy by the foot to crotch him. Nice. Show goes up top but Taker cuts him off and goes him a top rope suplex to a nice pop. H gives Show a Pedigree but is too out of it to cover. Hardy comes to and gives Show a Swanton off the top to a massive pop and H covers and Show is gone at 26:13. Hardy tries Whisper in the Wind on UT but whiffs. Trips goes to work with right hands but Taker counters with his own. UT sends Trips across and he does his Flair-esque bump over the top. UT tries Old School on Hardy but Trips crotches him on the top rope. As UT staggers, Hardy springboards off him for Air Hardy into Triple H on the outside. Good spot. UT picks Hardy up off the outside and gives him a Tombstone for the 3 at 28:30. Would have liked more false finishes for Hardy before he was eliminated. Now, it’s down to Taker and Triple H. They get to their feet in opposite corners and soak in the moment. H tries a charge but runs into a big boot. JR says it will be settled in “Satan’s vacation house in Hell” which sounds like a Weekend at Bernie’s horror movie. UT with right hands in the corner and a headbutt. UT gets a head of steam and goes for the flying zombie hipcheck but eats turnbuckle. H sends him into the cage and heads up top. He jumps off for whatever but lands into a goozle and gets ChokeSlammed but kicks out at razor thin 2. Trips eats Snake Eyes but manages to hit a spinebuster on Taker. Cover gets 2. They brawl to the outside. H sends Taker into the cage and preps a Pedigree to dueling chants. UT counters and catapults H into the cage. Taker picks up H for a battering ram but he reverses back into the ring for a Tombstone position only for Taker to reverse again and hits the Tombstone. Cover gets 1, 2– foot on the ropes. In the moment, I would have bet my house that was the finish. Triple H now hits the Pedigree to a small smattering of boos and covers for a close 2. Both pull themselves to their feet. They trade rights. Trips mounts in the corner with rights but in a nice callback just like Kozlov, UT preps the Last Ride. H slides over the top to counter and hits the Pedigree again for the 3 to win his 8th WWE title and overall 13th world title at 35:57. The dead space in the middle with Show and Kozlov working over Hardy with the blandest heel offense ever keeps this from being so high, but Edge’s unexpected early exit, Hardy’s swanton off the top, and the UT-Trips mini-match are great stuff. ****1/4

• Meanwhile, Edge vents backstage to Vickie about needing to restart the match and blaming the ref. Before she can think, Vickie tells Edge that he “lost” but immediately tries to backtrack and Edge is pissed at her lack of support.

No Holds Barred Match: Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton (c). After punting Vince and winning the RR, Orton had nuclear heat for a period of about two weeks before Shane single-handedly took out Orton, Dibiase, and Rhodes by himself. That’s still one of the most unbelievably, counterproductive heat-killing segments the WWE has ever produced. This also revolved around the IED nonsense that only lasted about a week before it was never mentioned again. They tried to get Orton’s heat back by having him punt Stephanie and the feud between him and Trips was fairly well built (I thought) but the ship had sailed (and of course the match went on after UT-HBK and couldn’t live up to that). Pre-match, Orton cuts an average promo mocking Vince’s injury and threatening Shane but that doesn’t get across any point that the package didn’t already cover.

• Shane with a jab on Orton and another. Orton is just walking forward and eating this stuff. Shane is juking and jiving with more rights. Orton returns in kind and overpowers him. Shane fights back with rights and gives Orton one that sends him spiraling and another where he throws himself outta the ring. This is embarrassing. Shane with a baseball slide that knocks down Orton and Shane gets a table from under the ring. He puts a trash can in the corner to prep for the inevitable Van Terminator. Orton cuts him off with the neck/backbreaker hybrid. Orton rams him into the apron a couple times and gets booed. Orton with a back suplex and uncovers the top turnbuckle. Orton whips Shane hard across and he eats turnbuckle. Orton casually boots Shane to the floor and postures some more to a mixed reaction. Shane in the meanwhile grabbed a kendo stick and hits Orton with it a few times and another right to the fuckin’ throat. Shane gives Orton a clothesline on the floor and preps the SAT. He hits Orton with a TV monitor that busts Orton open the hard way. Shane puts Orton on the SAT and heads up top but Legacy jumps him from behind. Cody gets a chair as Dibiase holds Shane. Shane reverses and Dibiase eats the chairshot and he gives a DDT on the chair to Rhodes. Orton has a major gusher going on the announce table. Shane very… very… slowly sets up the Van Terminator and hits it on Cody. Shane now heads up top again and goes for the Macho elbow but Orton moves and he eats table. That was a long fucking way to fly; just ask Mick Foley’s sternum. Back in, Orton regroups with Legacy and tells them to seek medical attention. Weak. Shane tries crawling back in but Orton gives him the rope-assisted DDT. Cover gets 2. Orton pulls the table in. In the last 8 minutes, exactly two moves have been completed and three attempted: Orton’s DDT, Shane’s Van Terminator and Shane’s top rope elbow drop. Orton takes his time setting up the table and puts Shane on the top rope. What is this shit? Did I accidentally start watching a Larry Zbyszko match with all this stalling? Orton gives him a top rope suplex through the table as the match seems to drag on forever. Cover gets 2. Orton gives him the Malenko/Garvin stomp as the ref disposes of the table shrapnel. Orton’s wound seemed to dry up in a hurry. Orton sets up the punt but counters with a spear to a pop. I’m surprised the crowd is still with this because it sucks. Shane gives Orton a chairshot to the back and another to the leg and despite myself I am liking the psychology and especially Orton’s selling. Shane with three more to the leg. Orton begs off but Shane gives him another to the face. Shane get a head of steam but Orton hits the desperation RKO to end this charade at 18:15. The match is not good. Where’s the Kevin Sullivan-Chris Benoit level of intensity from GAB 1996? Where’s the sheer maniacal violence of Funk-Flair I Quit? Where’s the visceral hatred and drama of HBK-Jericho 2008? By comparison, this is too slow and plodding with WAY too much time setting up spots. But when you add in the booking debacle this was, the whole fiasco is practically a crime against humanity. Your top heel stable including your RR winner can’t take out a non-wrestler? The only redeeming characteristic is that it’s a “fight” and therefore not a “wrestling match” but that’s hardly justification for neutering your top heel. * Post-match, Orton sells the leg all the way to the back like a man.

WWECW Championship: Finlay vs. Jack Swagger (c). Finlay is face and accompanied by Hornswoggle. Finlay with an inside trip and goes to the half crab as the crowd chants “We Want Christian!” At least, Grisham and Striker seem on their A-game as they play up Swagger’s momentum with a long streak before winning the title but he had recently lost back to back matches (non-title) to Finlay. Finlay works the hold for a little while and then boots the knee. Finlay reapplies the hold an continues the knee work in the corner. Finlay tries a charge but eats turnbuckle. Swagger then kicks him into the ring post and the crowd is dead. Swagger torques the hammerlock. Swagger with a badass Bulldog powerslam/shoulderbreaker combo and now goes to the armbar. They work the hold for a little while as Striker explains the logic of the hold. I still like Striker a lot but hearing him here reminds me of how much more I use to like him as a commentator. Less smarmy, wasn’t trying to always get over new move names and catchphrases. I think being on the main shows play a heel but particularly having to try to one-up Herr Cole’s sideshow has throw off his style. Finlay rolls through and goes straight to the side headlock. Swagger counters back to the hammerlock and knees it a couple times and goes back to the armbar. Swagger goes to the armwringer and some shoulder surges. Finlay escapes and hits a falling neckbreaker for 2. Swagger tries to ram him in the corner but Finlay begs off with an apparent injury. They repeat the spot and Finlay gets a roll up indicating that someone blew the call last time. Unfortunately, they also botch the roll up but Striker nicely plays up Swagger’s wrestling pedigree explaining how he wouldn’t have his shoulders on the mat at all. Swagger rams in the corner and hits a right hand as he obviously has no idea what to do. They talk it over and Swagger puts him up top and then gets knocked off. Finlay with a knee, European uppercut and a clothesline. Finlay hits a crossbody off the second rope for 2. He hits a flurry of clotheslines and a buttbomb for another 2. Finlay with a shoulder ram in the corner and sets up the forward roll slam. HS gets on the apron for no reason and Swagger knocks Finlay into him as the crowd starts to boo. Swagger hits the gutwrench powerbomb to take it home and retain at 7:59. I appreciate the attempt at psychology but when it doesn’t play into the finish or even the flow of the match. What’s the point? You had botches, at least once where Swagger was completely lost on offense, and a completely irrelevant ending spot with Hornswoggle.*1/4

Shawn Michaels vs. JBL. This was set-up by HBK’s financial trouble and his laying down for JBL to get the number 1 contender’s spot. Then, he “failed” JBL by knocking out both him and Cena and JBL went on to lose the match. If HBK wins, he gets his freedom; if JBL wins, he has the HBK copyright and Michaels as an indentured servant. HBK’s wife, Whisper of the Nitro Girls, is in the front row to watch. JBL overpowers Shawn into the corner and then taunts that it only takes “one mistake” and he’ll own Michaels. JBL tries to leer some more and HBK erupts with a flurry of rights and JBL rolls to the floor to regroup. Michaels follows out and JBL gets a chair and gives it to HBK to tempt him into getting DQ’ed. Michaels considers and then opts for straight rights instead. Back in, JBL cuts off Michaels with some rights. He telegraphs a backdrop but counters the sunset flip with a roll up for 2. HBK tries a backslide but JBL bulldozes him with a shoulderblock and drops an elbow for 2. HBK slides out of a bodyslam and clips the knee. He goes straight to the Figure Four but JBL gets the ropes. HBK, like AmDrag, waits until 4 before releasing the hold. Doane admonishes him and threatens a DQ. Good storytelling so far. HBK goes to the Crippler Crossface but JBL nicely counters with a roll up for 2. JBL sends Michaels across and he steals Triple H’s bump over the top. Back in, JBL knocks him down with a few CLUBBINGBLOWS and drops some elbows for another 2. JBL with a shortarm clothesline from hell for another 2. JBL with rights in the corner to mostly boos of boredom and indifference. JBL goes to a fuckin’ bearhug to show ’em who’s boss. HBK chops out and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Michaels with a pair of inverted atomic drops. JBL counters with a whip and now HBK does his turnbuckle spot. JBL puts him up top and follows but HBK punches him off. Michaels goes for the Macho elbow but eats canvass. JBL waffles him with the Clothesline from Hell but only gets 2. JBL is in disbelief but the crowd didn’t buy it much. Mild “HBK” chant. JBL with another Clothesline from Hell and now taunts Michaels’s wife. JBL kicks him to the floor so the ref can count him out. HBK staggers and crawls back in just at 9. JBL casually shitcans him again to jeers. JBL follows to the floor and talks shit to HBK’s wife. The front row lets him hear it calling him a “piece of shit” and then Whisper smacks him to a pop. That gives Michaels motivation and he hits the flying burrito inside and kips up and goes to the Thesz press. HBK with a body slam and this time hits the Macho elbow. He tunes up the band and nails the SCM for the 3 at 13:10. It’s a shame JBL’s body gave out on him as a heel because he has more character and personality in a sneer than 90% of the roster. That’s why he was perfect as the heel commentator and would be great as a manager, but as a wrestler, he just has no moveset and his matches suffer because of it. Still better than Shane/Orton and Swagger/Finlay due to storytelling. **1/4

• Meanwhile, Chris Jericho is backstage with Grisham. He says when he wins he’ll invite Flair to face him at Mania for the belt and then says he changes his mind and calls him a charity case. Jericho was in the middle of his feud with old-timers that would lead to a match with Mickey Rourke and later Ricky Steamboat. Good promo.

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship: Mike Knox vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena (c). Cena won the belt by defeating Jericho at SS one month into his reign that should have lasted muuuuuuuuuuuucccccch longer. Jericho had a lot of heat after sneaking in the scramble match, beating HBK in the ladder match, and generally being the best promo they had but I digress. On his watch to the ring, Kofi is jumped from behind by Edge. Edge throws him into the stairs and everyone is in a state of shock. He gets a chair and gives Kofi a conchairto on the stairs and then forcibly locks himself in the pod. Rey comes out to check on Kofi and then tries to break into Edge’s pod. Before he can get far, Jericho’s pyro goes off. No GM comes out to rule, so I guess that means…

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship: Mike Knox vs. Kane vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Cena (c). Fans are still a bit baffled as to what’s going on but there’s definitely a pre-match buzz that wasn’t there before Edge took out Kofi. Jericho and Rey to start and Cole and King go over the rules and conveniently omit the clause where you can jump a wrestler and hold the match hostage to get a title shot. All these years and Jerry Lawler never thought of that. Also, Cole botches the rules by saying pins only count inside the ring which isn’t true. Jericho works a side headlock and takes down Rey with a shoulderblock. He preens for some massive heel heat but gets monkey flipped down by Rey. Rey with a flying headscissors to set up the 619 but Jericho rolls to the grate. Mysterio follows out with a flip splash seated senton. He then clotheslines Jericho back in. Rey tries a charge in the corner but Jericho dodges and rams Rey into the ring post and pod for a great sound. Jericho with a hanging vertical suplex for 2. Jericho goes to a crossface chicken wing but Mysterio elbows out. Mysterio charges but gets backdropped to the floor. Jericho catapults Mysterio into the cage but he catches himself and climbs up. He drops off the top with a seated senton and then ranas Jericho back in. Mysterio hits another seated senton for a close 2. Mysterio with a wheelbarrow bulldog and next is Kane. Kane hits a couple big boots and stares Edge down in his pod. Jericho tries a sleeper but Kane tosses him off and hits a side slam on Mysterio for 2. Kane punches both of them around for a little while and hits a Batista kick on Mysterio. Jericho tries cutting him off but gets clotheslined to the grate and sells his knee. Kane sensing psychology decides to ram the knee into the grate and go to work. Coming back in, Mysterio clobbers him with clotheslines and a basement dropkick but one throat thrust ends the flurry. Kane tries a Bulldog powerslam but Mysterio counters with a falling reverse DDT. Jericho tries a Lionsault but eats canvass. Rey sends Kane into the turnbuckle and sets up a 619 on Jericho but runs into a goozle from Kane. He tries the ChokeSlam but counters with a rana that sends Kane into the ropes. He hits the 619 as Cole calls him “The Magician” and I wonder if I missed a straight to DVD WWE films project that starred Rey Mysterio as a Danny Ocean, bank heist type. Jericho hits the Codebreaker as well. Mysterio ranas Jericho to the grate. Mysterio goes all the way up top and hits the seated senton off the pod on Kane and he’s gone at 9:40. Mike Knox and the awesome Bruiser Brody beard are next. He hits the bicycle kick on Jericho and takes out Mysterio with a Ho Train. He takes down Jericho with a slam and knee drop for 2. Knox tries a charge but he gets backdropped to the grate by Jericho. Jericho tries the cross corner springboard splash but Knox catches him and rams him into the cage a few times. Mysterio jumps him from behind but gets snap mared over and hung in a Tree of Woe on the chains. These are virtually the same attack-counter-attack from behind, etc. that happened with Kane down to the same basic moves. Jericho goes thrown into a pod and press slammed back in the ring. Rey tries to fight back with kicks but gets caught with a badass capture, Bossman slam backbreaker. Jericho hits the codebreaker and Knox is gone at 14:42.

• Edge is next to a large reaction of boos and cheers. Mysterio gets a second wind and jumps Edge. He rams him into the pod a bunch and hits a flying crossbody. He kicks Edge some more but Jericho cuts him off with a clothesline to huge boos. Jericho against taunts with gusto for the crowd. Jericho with a back suplex and now he mocks Mysterio. Edge tries cutting him off but eats a bulldog. Jericho hits a back elbow and tries a Lionsault but Mysterio gets up the knee. Edge then hits the Edge-o-matic for a close 2. Edge preps a Spear on Mysterio but leap frogs. Jericho tries a Codebreaker but Edge grabs the top rope. Edge tries the Spear again but Mysterio dodges and Edge lands in the ropes. He goes for the 619 but Jericho cuts him off with a Pounce. Jericho and Mysterio battle on the top rope and Edge follows up there. Jericho hits the MDK/Arabian powerbomb on Edge and Edge hits a super German suplex on Mysterio for the Tower of Doom. Nice. Edge recovers first and shitcans Jericho to the grate. Edge puts the boots to Mysterio as Cena is next. Cena hits a series of shoulderblocks and a belly to belly on Edge. Bulldog for Edge and another shitcan for Jericho. Protobomb and the 5KS on Edge. He preps the FU but Jericho gives him a Codebreaker to cut him off. He lands in the ropes and Rey gives him a 619. Edge with the Spear and Cena is out at 22:20 and the crowd is in shock once again. Edge’s facial expression is great to sell the moment. Edge, Mysterio, and Jericho all sense the chaos at the same time and get another wind. Mysterio with a dropkick on Edge and a flapjack huracanrana on Jericho. He sets up both for a 619. Edge moves and Jericho eats it. Edge tries a Spear on the grate but gets send into the pod by Mysterio. Mysterio tries a seated senton on Jericho but he catches him and sets up the WoJ. Mysterio counters with a roll up for the 3 at 23:53. Edge preps the Spear from behind but Mysterio dodges and Edge eats turnbuckle. Mysterio with a school boy and everyone in the building thought that was it but only 2. Mysterio with a springboard crossbody for another 2. Mysterio rolls out of a sunset flip and gives him a standing enzuigiri for another close 2. Mysterio tries a moonsault but Edge catches him. Mysterio floats off with a tornado DDT and the crowd is into every false finish. Mysterio tries to go up top but Edge gives him a crucial yakuza kick that sends him flying to the grate. Edge tries a powerbomb but Rey uses the Kidman counter into a bulldog. Mysterio sets Edge up outside the ring and gives him a 619 to the back of the head. Mysterio charges but gets launched head first into the pod like a missile and he’s toast. Edge hits the Spear to become new World Heavyweight Champ for the 4th time and overall 8th world title at 29:46. Great mini-match just like the other chamber with Trips-UT and just like this year with Edge-Rey again and the surprise entry and win for Edge is awesome. But the carbon copy segments of Knox and Kane drag it down and because it was around 10 minutes rather than the 5 minutes of boring Show-Kozlov it’s a shade under the first one. ****

The 411: These shows are a problematic viewing experience. They usually put some booking effort into the underground or semi-mains but it doesn't seem they put a lot of workrate effort into them. Therefore, when it becomes obvious the company only thinks 2 matches matter, is it worth watching the whole show if you already have Satan's Prison anthology? Probably not. I'd skip unless you are a fan of Edge or Triple H.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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