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Ron Harris, Aroluxe Seek Dismissal of TNA/Audience of One Lawsuit

December 29, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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– Ron Harris and Aroluxe LLC have filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Audience of One Productions, TNA’s former production company, against them as well as Impact Ventures LLC and TNA CFO Dean Broadhead. PWInsider reports that lawyers for Harris and Aroluxe filed the motion for dismissal on December 6th in the suit. The lawsuit was filed by Audience of One under claims that Broadhead, Harris and Aroluxe brought them on under false pretenses of using them as the full-time production company, then failed to pay them what they were owed.

The motion to dismiss argues several points, including a claim that the lawsuit is in the wrong venue. The lawsuit was filed in Virginia, where Audience of One is based out of, and lawyers for Harris and Aroluxe claim that the Court lacks jurisdiction over the two. Harris said that he was not part of the agreement between TNA and Audience of One and likves in Tennessee, while Aroluxe says that they are not based in Virginia and don’t do regular business in or make any signficant money in the state.

Lawyers for the two also claim that Audience of One has failed to produce evidence of a conspiracy to defraud them and under Virginia law, the court cannot “allow a plaintiff to establish jurisdiction over a non-resident defendant by simply pleading bare allegations of a business conspiracy.” They say that since any dispute didn’t originate in Virginia, the case should not be heard there. They also denied a relationship between Harris and Aroluxe, and that Harris was not employed by the company.

Audience of One responded on December 20th and said that since they are based in Virginia and the “economic damage” of their not being paid properly took place in Virginia, it’s the appropriate venue. They also filed material showing that Ron and Don Harris were listed as featured executives on Aroluxe’s website until after the lawsuit was filed, and said Harris had responded to group emails using a aroluxe.com email address along with a TNAWrestling.com address. They acknowledge it is possible that Harris was was an independent contractor working with Aroluxe.

A hearing on the matter is set for February 3rd.

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