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Sam Adonis, Revolution Pro Wrestling Apologize After Adonis Uses Anti-Gay Slurs at Show

August 6, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sam Adonis

– Sam Adonis and Revolution Pro Wrestling have issued apologies after Adonis used homophobic slurs at an event over the weekend. Adonis reportedly cut a promo in which he referred to to members of the crowd as “f***ots” and “retards.” The promo had fans chanting at him “don’t come back” and turning their backs on him according to WZ.

Adonis issued an apology in which he apologized for upsetting people, noting that Adonis is a “fictional character” and that “My lack of judgment lead me to believe that offensive comments would be accepted as entertainment” in the venue. He said that they are not his personal beliefs and he is “ashamed of letting the fans down.”

Revolution Pro also apologized via Twitter, saying that Adonis’ words were not given to him by anyone else and that Adonis, “who has made a career of being a controversial, Trump flag-waving character in Mexico,” misjudged the situation and had no malicious intent. The post adds, “There is an argument between separating fiction from reality, however we also believe that as the line gets blurred we need to make it perfectly clear that this type of language is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The statement notes that Adonis won’t be appearing on the rest of the Summer of Independence tour and closed with a statement that they wanted people to recognize it as a mistake on Adonis’ part, instead of using it “as a chance to attack another human being.”