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Sami Zayn On How His WrestleMania Win Compares To Elimination Chamber, Kevin Owens Shouts Out Usos & Briscoes

April 2, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WrestleMania 39 Sami Zayn Kevin Owens WWE Image Credit: WWE

Following their Tag Team Championship win in the main event of WrestleMania 39 night one, Sami Zayn talked about how it compared to his Elimination Chamber match while Kevin Owens shouted out The Usos and The Briscoes. The two spoke at the post-night one press event, and you can see a couple of highlights below:

Zayn on how the win compares to his Elimination Chamber match: “I feel very lucky, because not many people get two WrestleManias in six weeks, but I did. And they’re apples and oranges a little bit, hard to compare them, but they’re two of the biggest and proudest moments of my life. And they just happened to be a mere six or eight weeks apart. That night did feel like WrestleMania. Tonight had the happy ending though, that was nice. And it was with him [Owens], and in LA and everything else. So it’s different.

And I don’t have multiple children, let me preface what I’m about to say with that statement. But I would assume it’s like when you have multiple children and you just love them all in different ways, right?… I don’t know, like I love them both. I don’t hold one [over the other], and I don’t tend to put things in a hierarchy of importance of ‘This was more valuable because it’s on a different platform or whatever, so therefore it’s higher on the totem pole of worth.’ The metrics that I use are like, creative satisfaction and what I was able to create that night. And what I created that night was magical, and what I was able to be a part of was magical. And what I was able to create along with these guys and be a part of tonight was magical. It’s not — it’s apples and oranges, but they’re both delicious and I’m lucky to be eating so much delicious fruit.”

Owens on The Usos & Briscoes: “Before we go, two things. The Usos, even though everybody loves them, everyone appreciates them? They’re underappreciated, they’re the best. Unbelievable, just — I don’t have enough good words for them. Also, I said PWG helped us get here, Super Dragon helped us get here. There’s two other guys who helped us get here. Their names are Mark & Jay Briscoe, we lost Jay recently. I really hope we made them proud tonight. Great guys, and we really miss them.”

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