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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 1.21.22

January 21, 2022 | Posted by Lee Sanders
AEW Rampage Jade Cargill John Silver Image Credit: AEW
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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 1.21.22  

Happy Friday amigos! Lee Sanders here and tonight’s AEW RAMPAGE on TNT will be a live show from right here in my hometown of Washington, D.C. at the Entertainment & Sports Arena in South West. We witnessed the return of Jon Moxley this week on DYNAMITE as it’s followed up with his in-ring return tonight against Ethan Page. Meanwhile, Jade Cargill faces Anna Jay for the TBS Championship.

Also scheduled for tonight’s Rampage:

* Nick Jackson vs. Trent Beretta

* AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill defends against Anna Jay

* Hook vs Victim no. 4 aka Serptenico

* Jon Moxley vs. Ethan Page

Nothing to promote this week except I want to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of comedian Louie Anderson and rock singer turned actor, writer, political activist Meatloaf, who both passed away this week. Both men had profound impacts on my life and I’m sure for many of you as well. 2022 off to a rocky start for celebrities. In any case, again nothing but love with thoughts and prayers.

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Ricky Starks, Chris Jericho

MATCH 1: Jon Moxley vs Ethan Page

And we’re off to a lockup as Page powers out of it successfully. Moxley is pissed as they lockup again, it goes to the ropes as Page chops Moxley’s chest. Moxley demands for more chops as Page obliges. Moxley delivers chops of his own and follows up with a back elbow. Action goes to the corner as Moxley is biting on the forehead of Page. Ethan delivers a kick to Moxley’s forehead, followed by a great shoulder tackle that sends Moxley outside the ring. Ethan is taking it to the head of Moxley with punches. Moxley comes back with chops and punches of his own before sending Ethan crashing into the barricades. Moxley now with a toss of Ethan into the ring as Ethan catches Moxley’s leg in between the ropes upon entering. Page with a low dropkick to the knee of Moxley, followed up with a backbreaker. Pin attempt made now by Ethan as it’s a near fall. Moxley is now caught up laying over the middle rope as Ethan punches Moxley repeatedly in the face as we go into Picture in Picture break. During the break Page continued putting the hurt on Moxley as now Moxley is on the offense with two German suplexes. Both men now exchanging slaps to the face, Ethan with a spinning kick that doesn’t connect as Moxley counters and attacks with a lariat! Mmmmmm nasty! Moxley picks up Ethan as he was looking for the Paradigm Shift but Page counters with a roundhouse kick, and an elbow strike followed by a brain buster for a near fall as Moxley kicks out. Ethan Page now with a single leg crab on Moxley as Moxley successfully gets to the ropes for the break. Page tries charging at Moxley as Moxley baits him to send him crashing over the top rope to the outside. Moxley quickly gets in some hits on Page as he tosses Page back into the ring. Action now on the top rope as Moxley was looking for something but Page counters with an Avalanche Powerslam. Almost a near fall as Moxley is now savagely striking Page with forearm strikes, knees to the face and a bulldog choke to make Ethan pass out! Whoa daddy!

Winner: Jon Moxley (12:05)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Great seeing Moxley have his in-ring return on TNT before GCW weekend as I know that rubbed some people the wrong way. Moxley looked as if he didn’t missed a beat whatsoever. Lean, mean, well defined body, more agility and speed compared to when we last saw him. Ego Ethan Page as his opponent though? I’m on the fence about that one considering the program he and Scorpio Sky are involved in right now. No one else was available to face Moxley? No Dustin Rhodes or someone? Either way solid match, solid opener!

Post-match for whatever reason, Ethan continued being in the ring as Moxley planted him with another paradigm shift. As Moxley walks off into the crowd he comes face to face with…Bryan Danielson who looks on quite pleased while smiling as Moxley walks away. Sign me up for that match up. Let’s go!

Jurassic Express package shown now as they are pissed at what the Gunn family did to Christian Cage this week, promising the big payback.

MATCH 2: Nick Jackson vs Trent Beretta

And we start off with a lockup as it goes to the ropes where both men slowly release their hold on one another. Nick charges at Trent with a gut kick followed by a takedown from off the ropes. Trent comes right back with a double axe takedown, followed by a series of chops to Nick in each corner. One more knife edge chop is attempted as Nick escapes and tries to plant Trent into a maneuver but Trent counters with an overhead toss, later followed by a northern lights suplex and a back body drop. Nick now on the offense as he’s targeting the neck of Beretta with kicks as we go into break. Back from commercial, Trent is delivering forearm after forearm to Nick’s face. Trent charges at Nick as Nick does a backflip to the outside of the ring. Trent quickly slides underneath the ring as Nick tries to clothesline Trent and misses as Trent plants Nick with a spear! Nice sequence! Back inside the ring now as Trent connects with a backdrop driver followed by a ddt from off the ropes for a near fall. Nick barely got the arm up on that one! Nick puts the ref in the way of Trent after taking a series of chops. Nick comes in with a roundhouse kick and German suplex as Trent comes right back with. German suplex of his own as both men are now on the ground staggering to come to their feet. Nick comes in with a big elbow strike followed by a destroyer to get a near fall! A frustrated Nick Jackson delivers club strikes after club strikes onto Beretta. Jackson with a great spinning roundhouse kick to Trent as a great series of offense is on display from both men now! Superkick from Nick countered as he looks for a clothesline that’s countered by Trent with a big suplex as Nick fires back with a superkick as Trent counters with clothesline followed by a piledriver! Good GAWD!! Only a near fall! Action over by the ramp as Nick sends Trent crashing to the canvas with a suplex followed by a senton, followed by a 459 splash once Trent is back inside the ring. Trent somehow kicks out as Nick delivers a superkick to Trent. Nick is looking for another superkick but Trent counters with strong zerofor the victory.

Winner: Trent Beretta 13:00)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Very rare we get to see the Bucks in singles matches but when we do I do love Nick as I think he is the better in-ring storyteller of the two. Some may not have liked the series of near falls and slight no-sells of suplexes and ddts but putting that to the side? This was a fine match that no shenanigans from the outside of the ring by either stables was done nor was it needed. Now I can get behind that baby!

Recap of Mercedes Martinez and Thunder Ross’s rivalry is shown.

MATCH 3: HOOK vs Serpentico

HOOK just shoulder tackles Serp off the break followed by knees to the stomach, followed by a hip wheel! Takedown after takedown as he applies a double wrist takedown-turned submission hold. Big overhead thrown applied as HOOK follows up with REDRUM to end this Create-A-Wrestler’s story mode.

Winner: HOOK (1:30)
Rating: NR
Thoughts: HOOK continues to impress but hey that other guy never even had a chance.


QT Marshall comes out talking trash to HOOK letting him know he’s ready to face him this time face to face, no ambushing needed! HOOK plants him, lays him out and walks off as QT looks on dazed and confused.

Mark Henry gets pre match comments from Jade and Anna as it’s time for the main event!

MATCH 4: TBS Championship -Jade(c) vs Anna Jay

And we start with…What’s this…Another lockup! Jade quickly plants Anna to the ground looking oh so cocky! Anna tried to get a roll up from behind but Jade kicks out. John Silver tries getting in the face of Mark Sterling as Jade gets in Silver’s face telling him he don’t want none of her. Both go muscle posing as Anna Jay strikes Jade from behind as we go into our last commercial break. Back from break and Anna is doing good on the offense as she plants Jade with a flatliner. Mark Sterling tries to distract Anna as Silver plants Sterling with brain buster. Inside the ring a two count as Anna applied a backslide pin onto Jade. Jade hits Anna with a pump kick, tries looking for Jaded but Anna counters it into a rear naked choke hold. Jade gets up to her feet and powers out of the hold by sending Anna into the corner. Anna manages to somehow grab onto the neck of Jade, trying to choke her out but it’s of no avail as Jade ultimately counters with a one-handle slam followed by Jaded for the victory.

MATCH 5: Jade Cargill (8:45 but technically 6:45 if minus two minute ad break)

Rating: **
Thoughts: A short match and to the point. Both women put in a somewhat stellar effort although there were a few rough spots here and there, a few miscommunications but overall decent. I’m personally ready to see Jade engulfed in a feud with someone over the title as opposed to a weekly title defense but long as I see her on my TV each week who am I or we to complain?

End of Show

The final score: review Average
The 411
Not being over analyzing but for each match to begin with a lockup…Yeah, we gotta switch up on that. Especially when some of these people can’t stand the heck out of each other. I’m glad we didn’t get that with HOOK which brings me to my next point. Pretty smart that they have HOOK in a program with QT Marshall as most fans don’t like QT. He’s appreciated for what he does behind the scenes and all by fans but as an in-ring character most are indifferent to him. Seeing him in this program with HOOK is good because fans are gonna cheer to see him get his face caved in. Send HOOK! To see the nod for Danielson vs Moxley as the next feud will be very interesting as I’m curious what they’ll be able to cook up together as I believe the last time they fought was in 2013, although I could be wrong so please correct me. High marks towards Nick vs Trent, and Moxley vs Page. Oh and high marks for Moxley not even acknowledging that Bully Ray crap from the other day. Enjoy the weekend y’all!

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