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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 2.23.24

February 23, 2024 | Posted by Lee Sanders
Young Bucks AEW Rampage 2-23-24 Image Credit: AEW
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Sanders’ AEW Rampage Review 2.23.24  

Hello, my friends! Lee Sanders is back with you all for a loaded wrestling weekend. Shoutout to those of you who will be up in a few hours to watch Elimination Chamber. In the meantime, we have a solid edition of AEW RAMPAGE tonight before that goes down. Before we jump into the action, shoutout to the ever-talented Jeremy Thomas for filling in for me last week. Let’s jump right into the Rampage action already!

Location: Oklahoma
Venue: BOK Center
Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, Matt Menard

MATCH 1: Private Party & Matt Sydal vs Penta El Zero Miedo, Komander & Bryan Keith vs Top Flight & Action Andretti

All the teams are unleashing on each other as Dante Martin and Komander pair off in the ring. Komander pulls off leg scissors as he climbs to the top rope. Komander walks the side rope as he hits an arm drag, followed by a cover on Martin for a near fall. Penta with the tag as he pulls off the switchblade and a step-up kick to the face as we head into a commercial break. We are back as Private Party is double-teaming on Dante. Dante rebounds with a back spring elbow to them from the ropes. Dante takes down Quen with a big crossbody for a near fall as it’s interrupted by Byron Keith. With a running boot, Keith sent Darius flying outside the ring—Isiah with an over-the-rope tope to crash into everyone. Dante soon follows with one of his own as it’s over Komander and Sydal. Sydal hits the meteora on Komander! Penta follows up and hits Sydal with a fear factor on the side apron! Isiah hits a guillotine cutter on Penta! Quen now takes flight as he flies off the top rope to crash into everyone outside the ring. Komander flies over the rope to crash into everyone as Penta hits the fear factor on Sydal to pick up the victory.

Winner:Team Penta (14 minutes)
Decent opener. A bit chaotic and all over the place as I felt there wasn’t enough solid structure. It was a big ol spot fest as far as I’m concerned. Can we please limit the over the top rope spots already? It was overkill in this match and not needed.

Rene Paquette is with Saraya and Harley Cameron as Saraya is upset with Ruby SoHo and is done talking about her. She reveals that her brother, Zodiac Zack Knight, is now part of the AEW roster. Saraya tells Ruby that she messed up and that her brother could’ve been Ruby’s as he’s single and not. Things are about to get spicy from here on out, Saraya claims, as we are done with this segment. Thank god!

MATCH 2: Young Bucks vs Jonny Lyons & Cappuccino Jones aka CAW 1 & 2

Nick is right at clubbing the back of Lyons as Matt is tagged. Nick clotheslines Lyons as the fans chant for Cappuccino. Cappuccino is tagged as Matt Jackson shuts us down with a few moves followed by a set. Nick clotheslines Cappuccino as Bucks set him up for the win in the TK Driver, aka the Tony Khan Driver.

Winner:Young Bucks (2 minutes)

Bucks ask for Tony Schiavone to come into the ring. Nick apologizes to Tony for tripping him up last week. They give him an Amazon gift card worth $25, which is pretty good. What the Bucks won’t be sorry about is beating the crap out of Darby Allin. They won’t regret pinning The Icon Sting to end his career. The Bucks consider themselves Father Time as they are undefeated and are coming for Sting. Back from a commercial break, Tony Schiavone is still in the ring as he welcomes Sammy Guevara. Tony asks for Sammy’s thoughts on Don Callis, as it seems obvious Callis has it in for him. Sammy isn’t happy with Will Hobbs messing with his match against Jeff Hardy. Sammy props Hobbs as a big man and feels Hobbs doesn’t need Callis. In the meantime, Sammy wants Hobbs to come out as he’s done talking and wants to fight! Callis comes out and calls Sammy weak and a pathetic little c*ck! Hobbs tries attacking Sammy from behind but gets superkicked outside the ring. Sammy follows up with a chair to Hobbs’s spine. The action goes back inside the ring, where Sammy tries to pick him up, but Hobbs reverses it with a clothesline. Hobbs follows it up with a couple of spine-busters and the world’s most dangerous slam to end this unofficial match, as this was a brawl!

Elsewhere, Skye Blue is mad at Stokley Hathaway for his recent shenanigans. Julia Hart reassures her they’ll have three caskets ready for Stokley, Willow Nightingale, and Kris Statlander soon.

MATCH 3: Mariah May vs Anna Jay

Lockup will begin this one as Anna hits a neckbreaker. Mariah with a right hand to the face, followed by an overhead double chop as we head into another set of commercials. We are back as Mariah is stopped on the top rope. Anna counters with a big kick followed by a toss. Lateral press follows as Anna gets a near fall. Mariah with a backslide pin attempt as Anna rolls through. Mariah follows up with a knee to the face! Anna tries going for the queen slayer, but Mariah backs her into the corner to break free. It works as Mariah hits a vertical hurricana but misses a hip attack. Anna hits a backbreaker as Mariah barely kicks out. Anna with the queen slayer as Mariah bites on Anna’s forearm to break free and hit the Mayday for victory.

Winner:Mariah May (9 minutes)
Solid stuff! Anna is coming along as a wrestler. Anna and Mariah complemented each other well in this match. I wouldn’t mind seeing this again down the road.

Rene is with Ruby and Angelo and asks them how their date went. They both were quite pleased as the attention soon turned to Saraya as she challenged her to appear next week. Ruby wants Sarya to meet her in the ring to air everything in the open. Will the invitation be accepted?

MATCH 4: Jake Hager vs Roderick Strong

Shove to Hager’s back by Roderick Strong. A chop to the chest follows as Hager absorbs it to send String running outside the ring. Back inside, Strong tries for another chop, but Hager catches it and sends him flying across the ring. Strong heads outside again, but Hager catches and tosses him back inside. Strong catches Hager between the ropes as he’s trying to enter. Hager regroups to dig his knee into the face of Strong as we head into our final set of commercial breaks. We are back as Hornsby, the mascot who came out with Hager, catches the attention of Mike Bennett and Matt Taven. The duo is about to attack him when Orange Cassidy comes out for the save! Cassidy pounces on them and throws Hager’s purple hat into the ring. Hager puts it on and seems to have hulked up as he puts Strong in a Hager bomb for a near fall. Hager with an inverted powerbomb as he soon goes to the ankle lock. Strong tries to get to the ropes as Cassidy is tossed into the ring. Strong with a knee strike to the face of Hager, followed by the pinfall win.

Winner:Roderick Strong (9 minutes)
Decent but so not worthy of being the main event. At this point it’s like why watch? No disrespect to these men as both are talented but to close out a show? I don’t know about that one as the action here was average at best.

End of Show

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The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
This is one of those rare times where I’m looking at an episode of Rampage overall and asked myself was it entertaining? For the first time and in a long time, I was more interested in this show to be over with folks. Those who have checked out my reviews for the past couple of years know I always call it as I see em. I was bored out of my mind over this episode. It’s like Tony Khan and crew didn’t even try. I never thought I’d say this but man at least things were more interesting with the CMLL guys on Rampage. Seriously, nothing earth shattering on this episode you need to go out of your way and watch. I’ve seen far better episodes of Rampage since I’ve been covering them. For those who feel I’m being to harsh, apologies in advance but I’m not changing my mind on this one. I’d really be shocked to see the ratings do solid with this edition. If you asked me for one match to watch from this show, I’d say watch Anna Jay vs Mariah May. Otherwise folks? I’d say skip this episode. For more great talk of all things wrestling and beyond, be sure to follow me on Twitter @THERCWRSHOW and check me out on YouTube.com/thercwrshow Enjoy the weekend you all!

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