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Shane Helms Says He Tried to Get Mike Awesome in the Hurri-League in WWE

January 15, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Shane Helms Hurricane

Shane Helms wanted Mike Awesome to be part of his WWE superhero stable, and recalled pitching for the ECW alum to join the Hurri-League. Helms posted to Twitter on Friday to share a picture of himself, Molly Holly (as Mighty Molly) and Awesome, recalling that he pitched for Awesome to join them as “Captain Awesome”:

“I once pitched for Mike Awesome to be a member of The Hurri-League. My idea was that I’d constantly refer to him as Captain Awesome, which would drive him crazy until he eventually either went along with it or just completely snapped.”

Helms went on to respond to a fan who suggested that wrestling doesn’t need writers, pushing back on that point by noting, “Not true. A creative team is still need to structure a show, any show! Talents usually have good ideas for themselves but not so much everyone else. & some Talents idea of a good story is to just make themselves the Champ. Collaboration between Creative and Talent works best.”

He then explained why the story didn’t happen, noting that the idea was “set aside” for a storyline with Lance Storm and they never got back to it: