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Sheamus Credits Stan Hansen For Inspiring His In-Ring Fighting Style

August 14, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Sheamus Raw Talk Image Credit: WWE

In a recent Metro interview, WWE’s Sheamus offered some insight into the development of his wrestling technique. The wrestler explained that watching Stan Hansen’s work prompted him to work in a similar style for himself. You can find a few highlights from Sheamus’ interview on the subject below.

On using Hansen’s performance as a foundation for his own work: “When I was in FCW, Dr Tom Prichard – who was an unbelievable trainer, loved that guy – he had me watch videos of Stan Hansen. It was a different era and everything, but Stan’s physical style… because I was a lot heavier too, I was about 290, I wasn’t in the shape I was in now. I was bigger and rounded, I was more like a brawler. I watched that stuff and I was like, this is what wrestling needs to be. People wanna see a brawl, they don’t wanna see tippy-tappy shite, they wanna see physicality!”

On ensuring he mitigates the risk for his opponents: “Everything’s done the right way, no noses are being broken – well mine got broken twice. But you’re not hurting anybody. I pride myself on that style.”

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