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Steve-a-mania reviews: Bound For Glory 2005

July 17, 2011 | Posted by Steven Reynolds
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Steve-a-mania reviews: Bound For Glory 2005  

Venue: TNA Impact Zone

Attendance: 900

Samoa Joe vs. Jushin “Thunder” Liger

Samoa Joe at this point in time was on an undefeated streak and just off the back of the classic 3 way a month before at Unbreakable. I remember this being considered an International dream match. Samoa Joe gets an elaborate entrance with Polynesian dancers to kick off the show.

The fans show their appreciation for Liger showering him and the ring with streamers. Samoa Joe uses his power early on to take control of the match, attempts to knock Joe down prove unsuccessful. Liger gets into the match with a drop kick on Joe through the ropes and a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Liger hits a cross body but is caught by Joe and then he hits a Samoan drop. Liger manages to get some offence in hitting a Fisherman Suplex and a frog splash. Going high risk again does not treat him as favourably this time as Joe kicks Liger’s legs out. He hits a Muscle Buster from there and follows up on it with a Coquina Clutch. Liger with little choice but to tap out 7:15 Not quite the dream match everyone was hoping for. It was a solid match but there was a lack of chemistry between the two which prevented it living up to high expectations.

Winner: Samoa Joe
Rating: **

Backstage Simon Diamond gives his team a pep talk ahead of their upcoming match. With being on somewhat of a losing streak as of late.

Diamonds in the Rough vs. Shark Boy, Apolo & Sonny Siaki

Simon Diamond starts in with Shark Boy, dominating early on with some slow motion offence. David Young gets the tag as does Apolo, Apolo hits an Ace Crusher and covers, but only gets 2. Diamonds in the Rough take control of the match, but a tag to Siaki proves to be salvation as he takes them all down with some rights. David Young springboards off the second rope into a Somersault Splash onto Apolo and Skipper. Apolo bounces off the ropes and dives out of the ring taking them all out. Elix Skipper throws Siaki over his head into David Young as he nails the spine buster for 3. 7:07 Slow and plodding match which could have been prevented if Skipper and Shark Boy was given a chance to give it some energy it sorely needed. But, even that wouldn’t have made up for the numerous mistakes and out of nowhere finish.

Winner: Diamonds in the Rough
Rating: *¼

To the Announce table with Mike Tenay and Don West. Mike Tenay talks about a fatal Four way match on the pre-show and lets us take a look, but only the finish. After that we get a look at Raven demanding a title shot against Jeff Jarrett with Rhino confronting Raven calling him pathetic.

Jeff Jarrett is backstage being interviewed by Shane Douglas. Jarrett talks about he cannot believe the lengths that Kevin Nash would go to in an effort to avoid tonight’s match. Jarrett runs off some potential names to face him followed by a screw you for each one. Monty Brown confronts Jeff Jarrett, where he dares him to say screw him as well. Jarrett doesn’t want to, but he warns Monty Brown that losing to Lance Hoyt could put him further down the mountain. Get it? Because he’s the King of the Mountain. Very clever Jeff.

Monty Brown vs. Lance Hoyt

Back and forth in the early going of the match, neither being able to gain an advantage. They trade chops with each other in the corner. Hoyt climbs to the top rope but Monty Brown shoves him off to the outside. Back in the ring Hoyt hits a big boot and follows it up with a Moon Sault. Hoyt is back on the offence, Monty Brown reverses an Irish Whip and hits the Pounce! 6:32 This match was just kind of there, the positive of it was the crowd seemed into it. That’s where the positives end though.

Winner: Monty Brown
Rating: *½

3 Live Kru are being interviewed backstage where they talk about the odds being against them against Team Canada. Kip James interjects and offers his help, BG James and Ron Killings are on board for this. Konnan is not a fan of it though and walks off.

3 Live Kru vs. Team Canada (With Scott D’Amore)

Konnan and Eric Young starts in with Konnan gaining the advantaged knocking Young down several times. Bobby Roode gets the blind tag but falls victim to a back body drop. Ron Killings is in and shows his athleticism with the splits followed up with a jumping calf kick. Team Canada take control after Bobby Roode hits a full nelson slam. They keep Killings in their corner. He shifts the momentum with a spinning forearm and tags BG James. All hell breaks loose shortly afterwards with everyone getting involved. Eric Young and BG James are in the ring, the referee is distracted by Scott D’Amore giving Bobby Roode the opening to hit him with a hockey stick. Young covers for 3. 5:59 This is what happens when you let the exciting performer’s do what they do best. Unlike the earlier 6 man tag team match, this had a lot more energy and excitement to it. Sure, it had the familiar story and finish to Team Canada matches but it was still pretty fun.

Winners: Team Canada
Rating: **¼

Post match Team Canada start to put the beat down on 3 Live kru. Kip James enters the ring, Team Canada are holding Konnan for him. But Kip James instead hits Team Canada with the chair! Clearing the ring of the Canadians.

Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Matt Bentley- Ultimate X match to become no. 1 contender for the X-Division Title

Petey turns to the corner attempting to climb but he is cut off by Bentley and Sabin. After disposing of Petey they come face to face, an exchange leads to a hurracanrana by Sabin. He climbs the cable, but Bentley jumps catching Sabin in an inverted Atomic Drop. Petey eyes the red X, but Tracy is on the apron distracting him. She pulls his head down to give him some major boobage. Bentley is hanging from the cable, Sabin rocks him with an enzuguri and he pulls Bentley down to an elbow drop on Petey. Sabin is sent into the ropes, he dives over Petey resting on the apron and hooks him for the power bomb, Petey leg drops Sabin to escape it Bentley dives over the ropes onto Sabin. Petey dives over the ropes into a hurracanrana on Bentley. Back in the ring Bentley hits an ace crusher and neck breaker combo on Petey and Sabin. Chris Sabin eye’s the opportunity takes it to hang onto the cable and move along it, Bentley is able to tackle him down from the cable to the canvas. Causing the red X to fall, oops. They have to wait for the X to be re-adjusted, Bentley and Petey trade rights to keep the momentum flowing. Bentley and Sabin are on the cable and manage to kick each other off which causes the X to fall into the hands of Petey Williams. 13:38 The finish of the match brings the rating down. That being said though it was still an entertaining match and served its purpose, if just a match filled with spots they were good spots.

Winner: Petey Williams
Rating: ***

Video package of America’s Most Wanted and Jeff Jarrett history so far starting with the controversy in Canada of Jarrett winning the title. The brutal attack on Team 3D included as well as America’s Most Wanted winning the Tag Team Titles from the Naturals.

America’s Most Wanted vs. The Naturals- NWA World Tag Team Titles

The Naturals run in and go straight on the attack of AMW. Chase Stevens power bombs James Storm into the steel barricade, The Naturals start to double team Chris Harris. He attempts an escape but The Naturals chase after him leading him back to the ring. AMW regain control of the match when Chris Harris bashes Andy Douglas’ head against the announce table busting him open. In the ring he focuses on the cut. AMW make some quick tags to try and keep Douglas grounded, it becomes short lived as Douglas tags Stevens. He bursts in over whelming AMW with some strong rights and lefts. Chris Harris has powder in his hands, but is kicked back up into his face. A moment of blindness for him creates a case of mistaken identity as he hits the Catatonic on Storm. Surely he could tell the size difference. Douglas seeing Gail Kim as a threat chases after her around the ring, but Harris sneaks up on Douglas and hand cuffs him to the barricade. AMW begin to dominate Stevens, finishing him off with a bottle to the head and a Death Sentence. 10:38 Pretty fun brawl that was able to maintain a good level of intensity throughout.

Winners: America’s Most Wanted
Rating: **½

Rhino vs. Sabu vs. Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy- Monster’s Ball

Rhino and Abyss with the same idea in mind go for Jeff Hardy, Sabu though throws a chair at both of them. Hardy jumps off the chair to the outside on Abyss. The two brawl through the crowd, leading to Hardy hitting a double axe handle from the bleachers. In the ring Sabu throws a chair at Rhino, and jumps off the chair diving into Rhino. With Abyss in the corner, Hardy gives Sabu the chance for the poetry in motion, but Sabu boots Hardy in the mid section. Rhino wipes them all out with a Kendo Stick, laying in some brutal shots to each guy. Abyss leads Jeff Hardy up the ramp, he sets up two tables but is rattled with a chair shot by Hardy. Jeff Hardy climbs to the top of the setting, showing either amazing courage or out of this world craziness hits a Swanton bomb perfectly crashing Abyss through the table. Sabu has Abyss in the corner and jumps off the chair, Abyss catches Sabu and throws him out of the ring through a table. Abyss has some thumb tacks ready, before putting them to use is greeted with a Gore through the table. Continuing his momentum, he grabs Jeff Hardy and hit’s a Rhino Driver from the second rope! He makes the cover for the win 11:47 I am not difficult to please when it comes to Hardcore matches. A hard hitting, high risk, out of control brawl will do for me. This delivered on all 3. Very fun hardcore match.

Winner: Rhino
Rating: ***½

Larry Zbyszko is backstage with Shane Douglas as he is ready to announce the decision regarding the Main event title match tonight. He announces there will be a 10 Man Gauntlet to determine the no. 1 contender. Shane Douglas talks about how unfair this is to Jeff Jarrett and Jeff says that it stinks of a screw job. If anything he is at a far superior advantage than the winner of the Gauntlet.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels- TNA X-Division Title (30 Minute Iron Man Match)

Daniels takes control of the early going with a sneak attack, but is quickly cut off by AJ hitting an arm drag and a backbreaker. On the outside, AJ kicks Daniels off sending him over the guard rail. From the steel steps he dives over taking Daniels out. AJ locks in a head lock, Daniels attempts to escape, but each time AJ has an answer for it to keep it locked in. AJ on the top rope dives off but Daniels catches him and hit’s a T-Bone Suplex. AJ tries to surprise Daniels with a series of roll ups, he is caught out on the last as Daniels locks in the Koji Clutch. AJ using impressive strength grabs the ropes. AJ is back on the attack after hitting the Stylin’ DDT. AJ attempts to springboard off the ropes again, but is caught by Daniels mid move and he drops him for the Death Valley Driver! Daniels dodges a splash from the corner and knees AJ out of the ring, Daniels charges and hits the suicide dive through the ropes on AJ. From the ring apron Daniels grabs AJ, but AJ nails Daniels with the Pele kick. AJ follows it up with a dive to the outside on Daniels. Back in the ring, both guys fearing the end is near try to surprise the other with various roll ups, with a kick out each time. Daniels eventually breaking the chain hits the enzuguri, he goes for the Angel’s Wings. It’s reversed into a pin, Daniels kicks out! AJ then hits the Styles’ Clash and covers for 3! 30:00 Great match. They didn’t need to overdo it with the usual rapid pace and spot heavy style the X-Division is known for or even a finisher kick out sequence. These two told a great story and kept it enjoyable for 30 minutes.

Winner: AJ Styles
Rating: ****¼

10 Man Gauntlet with the winner getting an NWA World Title shot for the Main Event

Samoa Joe and Ron Killings start in, Killings begins to mock Joe’s heritage which is a strange thing for a face to do. Joe lays some shots to Killings and some face washes in the corner. Killings avoids the boot, pulling himself to the top rope. He dives off and hits a neck breaker. Sabu is in and he throws a chair at Joe and hits the Moon Sault from the second rope using the chair for assistance. Lance Hoyt is in now and he nails Joe with a vicious big boot. Abyss is in and comes face to face with Joe, they trade slaps and grab each other by the throat. Ron Killings knocks them both down. Jeff Hardy is in nursing his injuries makes him an easy target for anyone in there, Monty Brown is the next guy in. He nails Sabu with a pounce, Hardy runs at Monty Brown taking him over the top rope but also eliminating himself. Rhino is in now, he trades shots with Lance Hoyt, gaining the advantage he clothesline’s him out of the ring. Kip James is in now, the cameraman barely catching Sabu’s elimination, which is better than Tenay and West as they didn’t catch it at all. AJ is the next guy in as he throws some rights at Abyss. Commentators finally pick up on Sabu’s elimination. Abyss throws Kip James out of the ring on the apron, as he goes he pushes Ron Killings away from danger. AJ throws Killings out, but Kip James tries to keep him in. Joe charges at him kicking Killings out getting some of James on the end of it too. Joe ducks the clothesline from AJ and locks in the Coquina clutch, Abyss is able to lift them both out. Rhino surprises Abyss with a Gore! After that he throws Abyss out the ring for the win. 14:16 About what you would expect from a Battle Royal.

Winner: Rhino
Rating: *½

Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino- NWA World-Heavyweight Title

Tito Ortiz will serve as the Special Referee for the match. Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring, but he calls for a casket to be brought down. Stemming from an earlier promise of his that there will be a funeral tonight. Jarrett takes control in the early going with throwing Rhino into the barricade and bouncing his head off the announce table. Jarrett goes high risk several times, but is caught with the low blow by Rhino. Rhino attempts the Gore but it’s missed. Gail Kim puts herself in the match by going to the top, Tito Ortiz catches her though and orders her out of the ring. Ortiz then makes her leave, as he does Jarrett hits Rhino with the guitar. Rhino is able to kick out! Chris Harris distracts Tito Ortiz as James Storm slips Jarrett another guitar. Before given the chance to use it Rhino nails Jarrett with the Gore! He makes the cover 1…2…3! 5:40 Jarrett controls the majority of the match, several interferences and a lucky win for his opponent. Nothing really new, despite the title win Rhino didn’t look like a champion.

Winner: Rhino
Rating: *¾

Post match Jarrett and AMW go on the attack of Rhino. 3 Live Kru try to make the save, but Team Canada then run in to make the odds even more uneven for Rhino. They put the casket in the ring, Jarrett hits Rhino with the guitar and puts him in the casket. Team 3D’s music hits! They run to the ring and unload on their enemies with rights and lefts clearing the ring of all but Eric Young. They hit the 3D on Young and put him in the casket. Rhino stands on top of the casket raising the title.

The 411: Not a bad event by any means, but what they are treating as their Wrestlemania, nothing stood out as too special. It had a selection of good matches, sure but that’s all it had. Wrestlemania has been able to deliver on special moments we all hold dear. This severely lacked that, I don’t count Rhino winning the title as a special moment when he lost it 2 weeks later and there were several more suitable candidates for that role. It’s like they picked a month out of a hat and decided to have that be their Wrestlemania, but continued the booking of it as any other PPV.
Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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