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Steve Maclin On Facing Rich Swann On TNA Hard To Kill Pre-Show

February 20, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Steve Maclin Impact Under Siege Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Steve Maclin battled Rich Swann during the pre-show to TNA Hard to Kill, and he recently reflected on the match. The two battled in a match that some fans argued should have been on the main card, and Maclin spoke with Fightful’s Joel Pearl for a new interview where he discussed kicking of the event.

“So I put out a tweet right away saying, ‘Good. I’m excited for this position, ‘cause I’m the first thing you’re gonna see,’” Maclain said. “Obviously Rich came out first, but, ‘I’m gonna be the first thing you see and the person that’s winning in the new era of TNA.’ ‘Cause I planned to win going into that match and I did. Swann who, we’ve had multiple matches now, we fought at Hard to Kill last year in our street fight or no holds barred, however you want to consider it. He’s one of those opponents I love to work with. It meant a lot for both of us to go out there and just take in the TNA chants, and that crowd just getting hot to start the night off.”

He continued, “It’s an awesome spot. I know a lot of people are like, ‘Oh, why is it the pre-show?’ It’s like, ‘Well, it’s for a reason.’ Multiple former World Champions were on the pre-show to get more eyes on the product for the pre-show. Which, we want more people to buy buys for the TNA app, which is perfect. Why wouldn’t you want that? WWE did it when the app came out for the $9.99 deal and they were pushing that. You also get a little bit more time, a little bit more leeway. So I was like, ‘The ball’s in my court.’ For me to be the first person you see out there, I just love that moment.”