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Taya Valkyrie Recalls Managing John Hennigan’s Social Media While He Filmed Survivor

February 1, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Johnny Mundo and Taya Lucha Underground, Taya Valkyrie Image Credit: Lucha Underground

– During a recent interview with Darren Paltrowitz on the Paltrocast, Taya Valkyrie discussed managing her husband John Hennigan’s social media when he had his run on Season 37 of Survivor in 2018. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Taya Valkyrie on managing John Hennigan’s social media when he was on Survivor: “Nah, he’s weird so it fits the mold. But yeah, when he was on Survivor, I was in charge of all of his social media because he obviously couldn’t have a phone. I think I spoke to a producer one time when he was gone, like nobody was telling me what was going on. It was like five or six weeks of this. Then I had friends reach out to me who didn’t know that John was on Survivor and they were like ‘Where’s John?’ and I’d be like ‘Oh, he’s filming something.’”

On how she handled things when John was away filming: “I would just make things up or with people that did know, [they’d be like] ‘Are you sure he doesn’t have a phone on Survivor?’ Guys, it’s me. Surprise. I’m the one that’s posting on his socials. We had a system going on to keep it quiet. I did get a few messages from dirt sheets who were like ‘Is John doing this?’ and I just wouldn’t answer.”