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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (1.16.1993)

January 21, 2016 | Posted by Adam Nedeff
Smoky Mountain Wrestling
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The Name on the Marquee: Smoky Mountain Wrestling (1.16.1993)  

-Originally aired January 16, 1993.

-We’re in Morristown, TN.

-Your hosts are Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantell. Dutch flashes a cue card on the screen that says Bob is gay, and Bob doesn’t notice. Dirty White Boy and Mr. Ron Wright come out, and they’ve already spent the $1,000 that they’ll collect for their first TV Title victory this week. Reno Riggins heads out next, thanks Mr. Wright for the offer, and very politely asks Mr. Wright for more time. Mr. Wright grants him more time, but he’s so riled up that he mutters “Jesus…” and has a minor heart attack.

-Dutch welcomes Paul Orndorff, who can’t understand all these rinky-dink towns coming out to show their support for Tim Horner. Meanwhile, Paul Orndorff was just on WCW and scored a victory over Ron Simmons, and he also reminds us that in the WWF, he gave Hulk Hogan a piledriver, and now, seven years later, you don’t even see Hulk Hogan on WWF television.

-Orndorff brings out a young fan, about 12 or so, holding a foam Tim Horner lightning bolt, and he says Tim Horner is his favorite rassler and he should be the champion. Orndorff says he can’t understand how this kid’s father didn’t do a better job raising him and then realizes, “Wait, this is a small town in Tennessee, your dad’s drinking, isn’t he?” He says the men have nothing to live for and all the women look like hogs…but this kid is being offered a chance to switch allegiance to Paul Orndorff. He declines, so Orndorff rips up the lightning bolt, which the kid has a fucking HILARIOUS reaction to, trying to look horrified by how viciously this big mean man is bullying him, but really, the kid is just giving Orndorff the look you give a friend who rips a big loud fart while sitting on your couch.

-Anyway, Tim Horner comes out to stand up for the kid and attacks Orndorff, and Mr. Wonderful leaves in a daze.

-Tracy Smothers reminds us to come see SMW events live throughout Kentucky in February. He wants to get revenge against Dirty White Boy for spreading false rumors that he’s from New York.

-Two men stand on the apron at all times and you have to tag in to participate. Last man standing is the champ. Weirdness: They act like Smothers’ participation is a big surprise, even though he was announced last week.

-Golden and Kyle can’t agree on which one gets to start the match, so Smothers handles the disagreement by cradling Kyle for an immediate three-count to eliminate him. That’s great.

-So now Smothers and Golden go at it. Smothers outwrestles him and Golden complains about pulling the tights. Smothers hiptosses him. Golden fights back with right hands, but Smothers catches him with a second-rope bodypress for two. Heels try double-teaming Smothers just to get rid of him, but Golden crashes into DWB and knocks him off the apron, and all of a sudden, the heels aren’t getting along.

-Test of strength goes Golden’s way thanks to some well-placed boots. Smothers dropkicks out of his predicament while the commentators openly question Smothers’ strategy. His opponents are suddenly pissed at each other and Tracy needs to rest; why doesn’t he tag out?

-Heels try double teaming again, and this time, Smothers noggin-knocks them. Abdominal stretch by Golden to take control back. He charges at Smothers, but Smothers turns it into a sunset flip for three, and Golden’s gone.

-We’re down to a one-on-one match, but Smothers is tired so White Boy lays a beating on him. Smothers gets clotheslined out of the ring and DWB won’t let him back in. Smothers finally slingshots himself back in, but DWB blocks the attempted pin. DWB shoulderblocks Smothers, then lets him rest up and get back up just so he can do it again. Smothers ducks and DWB goes flying out of the ring.

-DWB tries to make the best of the situation by sprinting up to the top rope and coming off with a bodypress, but Smothers rolls through and makes it a cradle for the three-count, and Tracy Smothers is YOUR first Beat the Champ TV Champion.

-Smothers collects his first $1,000 bonus check and announces that if he successfully defends the title for five straight weeks, he’s going for the SMW Heavyweight Title.

-We go to some unedited footage from a recent locker room taping session where Jim Cornette and the Heavenly Bodies were recording promos for upcoming SMW house shows. (“What town is this for? Beckley, West Virginia? Jesus!”) Stud Stable shows up early for their taping session and hassles the Bodies, and a pull-apart ensues.

-Bob Caudle talks to Jim Cornette and the Bodies. They were never REALLY friends because everybody from Tennessee is a swaybacked hick no matter who they are. Out comes Bob Armstrong, saying that he’s noticed a lot of suspicious activity involving Tom Pritchard’s boots in recent matches, and he’s doing a thorough investigation. Jim Cornette responds, “Inspecting people’s boots? Who are you, Mel Phillips?!” Oh my god.

-Stomper doesn’t even make it into the ring. Brawl starts instantly. Stomper gets the edge until Sullivan goes to the balls. Sullivan brings him inside, but Stomper takes him right back out. Sullivan crotches himself on the barricade and Stomper takes control. Sullivan climbs in the ring just to escape him and Stomper predictably stomps him.

-Sullivan stops a charge with a raised boot and targets the shoulders. Stomper yanks his boot off and clubs Sullivan with it. Night Stalker comes to the ring and before ANYTHING else happens, Stomper clubs him with the boot too. Sullivan throws a fireball to blind Stomper. Brian Lee, with taped up ribs, runs in to make the save, and gets absolutely murdered. Chris Comet and Dixie Dy-no-mite attempt to make the save and it ends badly. Tracy Smothers shows up, having the best week ever, and manages to clear the ring.

-Dirty White Boy asks what chance Tracy Smothers has if Tim Horner couldn’t get the job done. Jim Cornette isn’t looking forward to coming to Kentucky because the last time he was there, a fan said “I want you to meet my wife and my sister” and only one woman was standing there.

-Kevin Sullivan and Night Stalker offer some closing words, but Brian Lee interrupts those words with a metal pipe. Stomper shows up with his boot, and we have a brawl all over the commentary area to finish.

The final score: review Good
The 411
A crazy brawl, am exciting title match, and some spectacular interview segments. Excellent show.