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The Sandman Recounts Unrealized WCW Stable Plans

October 3, 2022 | Posted by Jack Gregory
MLW The Sandman - Kings of Colosseum Image Credit: MLW

Appearing recently in a virtual Captain’s Corner signing, The Sandman shared an anecdote about his earlier years with WCW and what had been planned for him by the promotion at first (h/t to Wrestling Inc). “They flew me to Florida to do a couple of things with Raven. I was going to join his Flock,” Sandman recalled. “Then Kevin Nash gets the book, and I’m being paid from September 10 to March 6 [to do nothing]. Nash calls me over, I go over for his birthday and he says ‘I just got the book and I want to bring you in.'”

He continued, “We were taping in Tampa Bay, and I had a house in Clearwater. So they’re paying me like 5 gs a week, and they’re also paying me to go down to Florida so I can live in my own house.” Contemporary reports at that time indicated that WCW signed a three year deal for approximately $200,000 per year with Sandman. The wrestler was released by the promotion a year later, which in his mind was one more nail in WCW’s coffin. “After I got fired, they were done in, like, less than a year,” Sandman concluded.

You can watch the full signing video below.

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