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The Viking Raiders Say Their “Current Evolution” Is Largely Self-Designed

May 30, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
WWE Smackdown Valhalla Viking Raiders Image Credit: WWE

Speaking in a recent Fightful interview, The Viking Raiders explained the changes to their image and presentation over time and credited themselves with the majority of elements they bring to the ring. They also mentioned the addition of Sarah “Valhalla” Logan to the faction and how the arrangement came about. You can read a few highlights from the interview below.

On the origin of their characters and presentation: “It’s funny because we get a lot of flack online as far as name changes, costume changes, whatever. We pitched the name Viking Raiders. We pitched the costumes, we designed it and wanted to be in that creative direction for a long time. This current evolution of our characters and current evolution of the look was us. We has concept art drawn and presented it to creative. We had gear made and that was okay’d. We brought it forth to TV. There is so much that happens backstage, you have no idea. We love the new direction, we love the new look. The energy, especially with Valhalla now. It’s presented in a way that suits the look and feels more true to who we are.”

On the process fo adding Valhalla to the lineup: “I don’t exactly remember who made the initial call. ‘What if the Vikings had a priestess?’ That was kind of a natural…once that idea was out there, people were like, ‘Could we get Sarah? Do you think she would want to do that?’ Of course, I shoot her a text, and she was interested. ‘Yeah, you probably want to give her a call. You never know how it’s going to go.’ She starts talking and just like our characters and costumes, she designed the look. The feel, the energy, the makeup, all this stuff. A lot of it was just stuff she already had. She’s already into that stuff. It wasn’t a big stretch for her. It just happened that way where once the doors cracked, it’s a natural fit and no resistance.”