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Tommy Dreamer Thinks Britt Baker’s Negativity “Needs To Be Handled”

December 1, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
AEW Dynamite Britt Baker Image Credit: AEW

Speaking recently on Busted Open, Tommy Dreamer shared his thoughts on Britt Baker’s critical social media statements targeting AEW (via Wrestling Inc). Dreamer explained that if Baker’s post wasn’t a work or part of an upcoming angle, it would require addressing before things snowball at AEW. You can find a few highlights from Dreamer on the subject and listen to the full podcast below.

On the effects of Baker’s comment: “I don’t think AEW needs any negative. As of today, this is deemed a negative up until [if] this is the reveal. If this is the reveal then, we all got got. If it’s not, then it needs to be handled, and if it’s not handled, there will be more disruptiveness.”

On other talent’s handling of similar situations: “There’s people who complained online about stuff in WWE, they were let go. There were, if I would say, hey, you don’t understand what this person went through, I did because I lived it through him, and it was The Miz. The Miz was put through hell. A different locker room, he was ostracized, you weren’t allowed to speak, it was made horrible for that young man. I like Miz, Miz’s my friend. From that, Miz has outlasted everybody. Did Miz go out on social media and say, ‘I’m dressing in a broom closet’? Miz ate it and then continued his hard work and whatever little, stupid spots he’s given, he got it over. And he’s been there forever.”