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Tony Khan Discusses AEW Taking A Shot At Triple H at Double or Nothing, PAC’s Status, Giving Wrestling Fans A Better Quality of Life, More

May 26, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
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411 was on hand for the media scrum following AEW Double or Nothing and was able to ask AEW head Tony Khan a few questions. Highlights from the scrum are below and you can watch the full video where he talks about the women’s division, AEW working with Cracker Barrel, the importance of wins and losses, and more.

On Cody taking a shot at Triple H during Double or Nothing: “We all just want to do the best shows. If for any of us, it fuels our fire, the competition, that’s great. For me, I’m just trying to do the best shows possible, I’m not really thinking about their shows and I hope their shows are great because at the best times in wrestling, honestly, everyone was doing great stuff because there was a time 20 years ago where all the shows were great. Maybe 21 years ago. ’98 was a really good year. I think we can get there again. I’m so excited when we get to weekly. We’ve done a show that now we can hang our hat on, we’ve done one of the great wrestling PPVs, but I’m really excited to get to weekly, it’s just going to be a better quality of life.”

On PAC’s status with AEW: “I’m a huge PAC fan, and we love PAC. Hopefully he’ll be doing a lot of shows for us in the future.”

On why PAC wasn’t at Double or Nothing: “It just didn’t work out. There were a lot of reasons why. I think the show came together great and I think we would have loved to have him here and we’d love to work with him in the future, we love PAC and we all respect him as one of the best performers.”

On if his fandom contributes to AEW: “Yeah, I think by loving wrestling and watching a lot of wrestling, I can already see, yeah, I think it is gonna help. I think I understand what a fan wants to see, from top to bottom. I feel like today I was able to go in and sit with the guys and everyone had great opinions on what was going to make this a great show and that’s what makes this such a great collaborative process with the group we have, the booking, because we communicated really well, and I think I offer a little bit different perspective, as a fan, but as a businessman, too. It’s a little bit different from what the guys’ experience is. It’s great synergy.

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