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Tremendous Tirades: Pro Wrestling Unplugged Presents – The 2006 Pitbull/Public Enemy Memorial Cup

April 24, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades: Pro Wrestling Unplugged Presents – The 2006 Pitbull/Public Enemy Memorial Cup  

So I got this DVD from the Pro Wrestling Unplugged people. I watched some very early PWU, like the initial stuff and I didn’t like it that much. Bad production, bad wrestling and my discs didn’t work that great. But it has been a long while since then, and I have been told this was a good show; plus it is shot by Smartmarks Video, and I almost never hear complaints about their work. It is a two-disc set featuring the tournament, as well as a women’s, hardcore and heavyweight title matches. Let’s give them a try!


-From the former ECW Arena!

-Music Video Opening.

-Show Opening with all of the tag teams coming out to the ring. Some chick welcomes us to the ring, Todd Gordon and Gary Wolfe make their way to the ring. They glad hand with all of the tag teams, crowd looks decent, not a sell out but pretty full. They have a nice little entrance area and good looking video screens, so good stuff there. Wolfe on the mic now, and says they will find out the best tag team tonight. They unveil a pretty bad ass looking 7-foot trophy. Todd now says you make a lot of friends, but not many people you could call a brother. Todd says the PE and Pitbulls were like brothers, and tonight is all about their memory. Annie Social is here with them, and says in the honor of PE and the Pitbulls, there should be no DQ’s or count outs, just hardcore action and finishes. She then attacks the trophy bitch and we get a catfight and thing shots.

-We get a video tribute to the teams. We have to watch it on the wall like everyone else. This was mostly Pre-Extreme footage, and before and after WWE ownership photos. The crowd sucks so far, like no reaction to almost anything. They then play the old PE theme music and have the crowd “wave their hands like they just don’t care.” They just don’t care.

-Gary Wolfe is on commentary.

FIRST ROUND MATCH: The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay) vs. The Krash Krew (Kwame and Gemini)

Most everyone knows the Briscoe Brothers. The Krash Krew are a pair of 300lbs individuals. They kick things off by brawling on the floor. The Krew will have none of this as they slam and suplex the Briscoes on the floor. Kwame and Mark brawl in the crowd as Jay tosses Gemini into the raining. Jay I think actually runs away from a chair shot, which is the smartest thing he has ever done. They fight by the gimmick tables and it is just a fight right now. Gemini and Mark fight ringside, Kwame over and they toss him into the ring. The Krew get a SLOPPY ass super bomb ala the Pitbulls. That gets 2 as Jay makes the save. Gemini tossed to the railing again, the Briscoes set up a table on the floor, Gemini slammed onto the table and Mark goes up top…Gemini rolls off the table. They brawl on the floor still, chops by Kwame and then he gets Mark and tosses him into the crowd. Jay has a chair and throws it at Gemini. Kwame levels him and Mark is over to help. Gemini throws a chair at Jay. Gemini charges at Jay and misses him and collides with the railing. Mark then hits Jay with a chair as Kwame moved. The Briscoes toss Kwame into the crowd, have Gemini on a table and Jay goes to the top rope and gets a splash on him through the table. They toss him back into the ring as Kwame tries to help. Mark up top…Shooting Star Press kind of connects, well, his knees connected with Gemini’s face and that is all.

Winner: The Briscoe Brothers @ 7:12 via pin

  • That was something. I’ll give them credit for effort, but overall not the way to kick off a tournament quality wise. *

    -After the match Gemini is pissed off and yells at Kwame.

    FIRST ROUND MATCH: The Backseat Boys (Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere) vs. The Angus Brothers (Billy and Danny)

    The Angus brothers attack before the bell. They take off the boots of the Backseat boyz, that’s not very nice. Irish whip and the Boyz dance and take them down. Danny and Kashmere in, reversals and Acid flies in with a missile dropkick. Strutting double Russian leg sweep and a double surfboard on Danny. They toss him to the floor, Billy dives in, and they catch him and get the Backseat Driver (powerbomb/neckbreaker combo.) All 4 in and the Angus Brothers toss them out. Stereo planchas on the Boyz. They have Acid in the ring, drop toehold and leg drop connects. Missile dropkick by Billy. Double team powerbomb/neck breaker by the Angus brothers. Yakuza to Danny by Kashmere, spear knee combo to Danny and then a total elimination. Kashmere covers for 2. Tiger bomb by Billy for 2. Acid in and a big kick to Danny with his boots back on. Hart attack on Danny, the leg drop and camel clutch dropkick combo and that is all.

    Winners: The Backseat Boyz @ 6:45 via pin

  • Fun little spot match, the Boyz got their shit in and the crowd loves them being reformed.

    FIRST ROUND MATCH: The Outcast Killaz (Diablo Santiago and Oman Tortuga) vs. The Rotweilers (Ricky Reyes and Homicide)

    Reyes and Oman to kick things off. They feel each other out, lock up and to the corner they go, switch and they fight back to the center of the ring. Shoulder block by Reyes. Front facelock by Reyes, Oman reverses it for one of his own. Off the ropes and a boot but Oman. Misses a boot and kicks by Reyes. Elbow by Oman and a forearm connects. Santiago tags in, slam and an assisted splash by the Killaz for 2. Head butts by Santiago, Reyes with a trip and then charging forearm. Shining wizard and a tag to Cide. Backdrop by Cide. Irish whip and a knee by Cide, knees to the back of the head and a cover for 2. Neck breaker by Cide and a cover for 2. Knees by Santiago, rights to Cide and off the ropes, Cide low bridges him and to the floor he goes. Cide off the ropes and Oman stops the dive try with a clothesline. Double elbows to Cide, off the ropes and a knee and yakuza combo connects. Reyes in and all 4 brawl. Cide tosses Oman. Senton to the floor by Cide. Santiago chokes out Reyes, Cide back in and a camel clutch/basement dropkick combo. Cover for 2. Knees by Santiago, a slam and then clubbing shots to the back of Cide. Cide back with rights, Oman tags in and a boot by Cide, tornado DDT try fails and Santiago gets a release German for 2. Suplex by Oman and a standing leg drop gets 2. Tag to Santiago, head butts follow. A back suplex connects and a cover for 2. Tag back to Oman, off the ropes and a sloppy reversal try, off the ropes again, Cide ducks under and gets a snap suplex, rolls and gets another and then the 3rdrd one connects. They get Cide and put him up top, he fights them off and Reyes in and a GERMAN to Oman. A suplex and a top rope splash by Cide gets 2. Reyes and Santiago on the floor, Cide and Oman in the ring. Big boot by Oman, Cide battles back but eats a face plant for 2. Reyes made the save. Nice back suplex by Reyes, T BONE on Oman! LARIATOOOO by Cide finishes it.

    Winners: The Rotweilers @ 11:45 via pin

  • Best match so far, but it still had a lot of miscommunication issues. **

    -The Briscoe Brothers come out and decide they should have some interview time. They say that shit happens, and one of them got two of their teeth knocked out and has to leave to go to the emergency room. But they won the match, and if he has to fight by himself he will still fight and he doesn’t give a fuck. Mark is the one that got hurt. That is nasty looking.

    FIRST ROUND MATCH: The SAT’s (Jose and Joel Maximo) vs. All Money Is Legal (K-Pusha and K-Murda)

    Arnold Furious would be breaking his keyboard right now as his favorite team, the SAT are involved. They are also the PWU tag team champions. They try to play the crowd, and I don’t think they care. Joel and Pusha to begin. RANA on Joel, some wacky reversals and a dropkick by Pusha. To the floor and a stiff kick by Joel and then an Ace Crusher. Jose and Murda in, RANA on Murda. Wacky stuff and a nice head scissors by Murda. Dropkick sends Jose to the floor. SLINGSHOT RANA by Murda and his head bounces off the floor. Joel on the floor, Jose back in and Murda in as well. Bulldog knee buster combo on Jose. Cover for 2 after a neck breaker by Murda. He lays the boots to Jose, off the ropes and Joel tags in and they get a wacky moonsault neck breaker combo. 1…2…stopped by Pusha. Joel lays the boots to Pusha now, chops connect and an Irish whip, corner-running boot hits for 2. Off the ropes and a spine buster, Boston crab applied now. Pusha escapes and Joel gets an STF. He nails Murda now, tags to Jose and rights to Pusha. Suplex connects and a cover for 3. Arm bar now, Jose in control and then some forearm shots to the back of Pusha’s head. Jose mocks Pusha, lays the boots to him and gets a snap mare and basement dropkick for 2. Tag to Joel, boots to the ribs of Pusha. Chops, forearms by Pusha and then an Enziguri by Joel. Stiff kick to the face and then a cover for 2 as Murda saves it. Tag to Jose, snap mare and a chin lock applied. Cover for 2. Tag back to Joel, ax smash to the back of Pusha. Snap mare and another chin lock applied. To the corner, forearm shots by Jose as he snuck in, rights, and an Irish whip, boot by Pusha, 2nd rope neck breaker follows. Both men are down, tag to Murda and Joel! Clotheslines for all. Irish whip, Joel misses and charging knees to Joel. Enziguri to Jose. LUNG BLOWER to Joel for 2 as Jose breaks it up. They double team him, drop toehold and dropkicks to Joel. Cover for 2. All 4 men in now, Irish whip and dual boots by Jose. Double top rope stomp! Joel with a superkick and a cover for 2. Pusha takes to the apron, speared off by Jose! Joel has Murda, off the ropes and a dropkick sends Joel to the floor. RANA try and Jose dives onto him! That was dangerous. Back into the ring, they grab Pusha and set him up top…Spanish Fly try… Pusha kicks away and gets a SICK TOP ROPE DDT on Joel for the win!

    Winners: All Money Is Legal @ 10:25 via pin **¾

  • This was one of those really fun spot fests. They about killed themselves, but it was clean and overall very fun.

    PWU WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Detox vs. Mercedes Martinez ©

    The title looks like a WWE Women’s Title with a PWU logo on it. Detox is a dude, um…ok. He tries to sneak in from the crowd and Martinez tosses him to the floor. Go behind by Martinez, take shim down and slaps the shit out of him. Arm drags by Martinez, hip toss and then into the front facelock. Arm bar by Detox, he won a match to get a shot at any title and chose the women’s title. Pansy. Trip by Martinez, gets the leg bar and Detox gets a roll up for 2. Headlock by Martinez snaps him over and he gets a head scissors. She escapes and boots him in the face. Chops by Martinez, and then rights. Off the ropes and a reversal and knee by Detox. Elbows by Detox, and then the hair mare on Martinez. Another hair mare connects and the crowd is alive with hate for Detox. Chops by Martinez, hair mare from her to Detox. Clothesline, misses a boot and a dropkick by Detox. He chokes her out now, this dude needs a tanning bed BTW. Snap mare and a basement dropkick by Detox and a cover for 2. An Irish whip, and then a big boot by Martinez. Clubbing shots by Martinez, stalling suplex by Martinez connects. 1…2…no. Martinez lays the boots to him, more chops now and then forearm shots. Loud chops again and his chest is red. Knee by Detox, suplex try and connects for 2. Martinez back with rights, off the rope and Martinez tries a Thesz press, but Detox catches her and locks in a cradle submission. Nice hold, and then into a butterfly suplex for 2. Clubbing shots by Detox, and then a back suplex. A slam and then misses an elbow drop, an elbow drop? Dude, she laid right there. He chokes her out, clubbing shots to Martinez. Picks her up, back suplex countered and she gets one of her own. Both down, the ref counts and they get to their feet. Rights by Martinez, slaps and chops. Off the ropes and a dropkick by Martinez. Clothesline and then Detox gets the passion of the Detox, and covers for 2 and then pulls her up. He takes her to the corner, grabs a spray can and the ref takes it away. LOW BLOW by Martinez. Lays his feet on the top rope, neck breaker gets 2. Detox on the floor, Martinez grabs him and he hits her with the spray can for the DQ.

    Winner: Mercedes Martinez @ 10:03 via DQ

    Detox on the mic and has the title belt. He lays the boots to Mercedes Martinez, and says she won on a technicality. His chest is red and bruised. He says to remember Detox was here. He wipes his ass with the title belt.

  • Detox is a small dude, and this actually made for a fun little match. **


    -Annie Social is out and gives annoying ring announcer chick a note that reads next month, “The Juggalos are Coming.” The crowd still doesn’t care that much about anything.

    -Corporal Robinson is out for promo time. He’s the PWU Hardcore Champion. He is also from Louisville, maybe he is Steve Cook? His forehead is JACKED from blading, poor guy. He says AFA Jr. got a job with WWE, and he didn’t want to come to his last ass kicking. He has some rules for the hardcore belt. Anything goes, he’ll bleed all over the building. But, he is sick and tired of 3 counts. That’s shit. The hardcore title will only end in a knockout or submission. He wants to challenge anyone that can grab their buts and walk out here. What a classy guy.

    -Aramis comes out, Robinson says to go back to the back because he’ll get fucked up if he comes in the ring.

    PWU HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Corporal Robinson © vs. Aramis

    Aramis into the ring, gets clotheslined and then Robinson with a SICK belly to back suplex drops Aramis on his head. Aramis gets to his feet and eats a right. The ref counts to 10 and that is all.

    Winner: Corporal Robinson @ 1:30 via KO

    -Jason Blade is out now, and he wants a title shot and gets it.

    PWU HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Corporal Robinson © vs. Jason Blade

    Blade goes low on Robinson, forearm shots follow. Chops now and Robinson with rights and then a stiff clothesline. Huge right to Blade and he is knocked out.

    Winner: Corporal Robinson @ 1:24 via KO

    -Robinson on the mic, he says they were scrubs and don’t even count. Pete Hunter comes to the ring, and we have match #3.

    PWU HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Corporal Robinson © vs. Pete Hunter

    Lock up and Hunter tosses him down. Eye poke by Robinson, forearms and off the ropes and Hunter with a clothesline. Forearms, off the ropes and a powerslam by Hunter. More forearms now, an Irish whip and he misses Robinson. Knees by Robinson, wash face by Robinson. Charging knee follows and then more rights. Cobra clutch leg sweep, keep sit locked and Hunter taps.

    Winner: Corporal Robinson @ 1:50 via Submission

  • This was kind of cool. Robinson was out there to establish his new title rules and looked dominant in doing so. Also, nothing crazy to take away from the tournament matches, so smart booking there.

    -He gets on the mic and says people need to take notice…bitch.

    SEMI-FINAL MATCH: Jay Briscoe and Joker vs. The Rotweilers (Ricky Reyes and Homicide)

    Joker is in street gear, which I actually like since he wasn’t booked on the show. Joker and Cide to kick things off. They talk shit and Lock up, snap mare by Cide, goes for some groundwork and Cide controls, and Joker finally escapes to his feet. Tag to Reyes, lock up and a go behind by Joker, arm bar by Reyes. To his feet, arm bar by Joker, Reyes rolls out and gets the arm back. To the ropes, kick by Reyes and he backs off. Drop toehold by Reyes, front face lock by Joker and rolls into a cover for 2. Reyes with the arm bar escape, tag to Cide and they get a boring chant for wrestling, how dare they! Cide with a seated octopus, Joker to the ropes and escapes. Jay tags in and rights to Cide, atomic drop to Cide and a cross body. J-Driller try, Cide escapes and Reyes tag sin. Jay goes for it again and Joker attacks Jay! Reverse suplex connects, diving head butt by Cide also hits! Reyes gets the dragon sleeper and body scissors and Jay taps!

    Winners: The Rotweilers @ 4:33 via submission

  • Well that was interesting. I suppose with the injury they had to do something creative. This was good because the heels cheated their way to the finals and have an advantage as they only went for 4½ minutes.

    -Cide on the mic now. He calls Jay a dirty ass redneck. Joker was a hired gun, and the most underrated group, the Rotweilers will take over. SUCK A DICK NIGGA~! BBBBBBBBBLLAT!

    SEMI-FINAL MATCH: All Money Is Legal (K-Pusha and K-Murda) vs. The Backseat Boys (Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere)

    I just realized that the Backseat Boyz have a version of the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS THEME MUSIC~! They rule now. They play the crowd and stall a bit at the beginning. They all stand off, slaps and a BRAWL to begin the match. Acid slams Murda, misses a moonsault and then gets a tornado DDT. Pusha over to attack, off the ropes and an ax kick by Pusha. Off the ropes and a SPEAR by Kashmere! Figure four locked in by Kashmere, but Murda off the top with an elbow drop stops that. Pusha eats a Hart Attack, leg drop and Murda stops the dream sequence and dropkicks Kashmere in the face as he held Murda. The boyz hit the floor, Pusha with a corkscrew die onto them. He lays the boots to both and AMIL get a table. They set it against the railing as Murda attacks Kashmere. They pick him up and double powerbomb Kashmere through the table! Acid has a chair and smash mouth to Pusha! Murda set up some chairs, grabs Acid and they brawl. Acid sets up chairs, smash mouth again to Pusha. LOW BLOW on Acid, they lay out the chairs and Acid is in the ring, they have him and try to suplex him to the floor through the chairs, Kashmere in and sears them off through the chairs! I think Pusha broke a hip. Acid sets up some chairs and lays Murda on them. Acid to the apron, ASAI MOONSAULT through the chairs onto Murda. That had to suck for Murda. Everyone is down now. Pusha throws a chair onto Acid, and then tosses Kashmere into the ring. A slam, up top he goes and Acid nails him and crotches him. Acid and Kashmere up top with him, TOP ROPE RAZORS EDGE! Pusha runs in and gets a roll up on Kashmere though and that is all.

    Winners: All Money Is Legal @ 10:05 via pin

  • This was a brawl/spot fest, it was fine for what it was, but anti-climatic in the end. “A” for effort though boys. **

    PWU HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Azriel vs. Devon Moore ©

    They stall a bit and play the crowd. Now they talk trash and Azriel misses a right, rights by Moore. Off the ropes, boot and chops by Moore. Irish whip, back elbow by Azriel and then a sweet leg lariat by Moore. Knee drops and boots by Moore. Forearms connect, to the apron and slingshots on, slips and Azriel shoves him off the top to the floor. Stun gun on the railing by Azriel. Forearms by Azriel, chops now and then tosses Moore back into the ring. A slam and elbow drops by Azriel, cover for 2. A fishhook by Azriel, breaks and forearms to Moore, off the ropes and a charging elbow gets 2. More elbows by Azriel, taunts the crowd and then lays the boots to Moore. Snap suplex by Azriel, and then the sling shot senton connects. Azriel celebrates, picks up Moore and chops him. Azriel chokes out Moore, whips him off the ropes and Moore gets a crucifix for 2. Clothesline by Azriel and he is back in control and covers for 2. Snap mare and kicks by Azriel. Rolls and a basement dropkick connects for 2. Moore back with rights, knees by Azriel and a snap mare and into the sleeper. Moore escapes, to his feet, fists of fury and Azriel misses a dropkick and Moore manages a superkick and BOTH men are down! They struggle to their feet, exchange forearms now and More gets a series of them, off the ropes and a swank dropsault by Moore. Irish whip and a charging elbow by Moore. Slingshot splash to Azriel gets 2. Basement dropkick and a shining wizard connects for 2! A slam by Moore is countered and rapid fire chops and slaps by Azriel. Bulldog by Azriel, and a cover for 2. Irish whip by Azriel, reversal and a boot to Moore, Azriel misses the double stomp and a boot and Michinoku driver and an Asai moonsault by Moore for 2! Slam by Moore, up top he goes…MISSES a senton! Azriel off the ropes and a RUNNING YAKUZA gets Moore. Azriel up top…FROG SPLASH 1…2…NO! CRADLE MICKINOKU DRIVER gets 2; that was nasty! Azriel tosses Moore to the floor, argues with the ref and then follows. They brawl a bit, forearms by Moore and then he slams Azriel to the railing. Rights by Moore, chops by Azriel. They brawl up the entrance ramp, knees by Azriel, forearms by Azriel and they go backstage. They fight to the upstairs area and we can’t see shit. Azriel tries to toss Moore off and Moore is hung by his hands with a rope, yeah. He tries to climb up the wall, but can’t. Azriel is in the ring and tells the ref to count. He gets to 10 and we have an ULTRA LAME count out.

    Winner: Azriel @ 15:49 via Count Out

    Azriel says he needs to be respected. He knows they all love him, and he loves them, especially some chick he points too. He mocks Moore, and says to praise the good guy.

  • Well that was a damn fine match, but it really could have been much better with a different finish. That was too, “cute.” ***½

    -Annoying announcer lady introduces Gary Wolfe, Todd Gordon and the Trophy.

    Finals of the 2006 Pitbull/Public Enemy Memorial Cup Tournament: All Money Is Legal (K-Pusha and K-Murda) vs. The Rotweilers (Ricky Reyes and Homicide) w/Joker

    The Rotweilers attack at the bell and take advantage of a beaten down AMIL team. Back elbow by Reyes and then lays the boots to Pusha, who falls to the floor. Big knee by Murda, and flies to the floor, but Cide sidesteps him and he crashes to the floor. Cide slams him to the railing, in the ring a swank Enziguri by Pusha to Reyes. Rights to Reyes, corner shoulders and we see Cide beating down Murda. Joker gets involved and clotheslines him. Cide in the ring and he and Reyes double team Pusha. Off the ropes and a drop toehold and camel clutch, Cide with a charging basement dropkick connects. Clubbing shots by Reyes, Cide has a chair and lays out Murda on the floor. Pusha manages a head scissors on Reyes. Cide with a suplex on Murda on the entrance ramp. Cide back to ringside and forearms to Pusha. Back into the ring, and an overhead belly to belly by Cide. Joker in the ring and a back suplex on Pusha breaks him in half. Now the rest of the tag teams come out to watch the match, and surround the ring. They chase Joker away to even up the odds. Pusha manages a dual clothesline. Dropkicks and back elbows as he fires up. Charging knees to Reyes, gets a cover for 2. Murda and Cide on the floor, dropkick to Reyes in the ring and Pusha up top…misses an elbow drop. Smash mouth by Cide on Murda. Cide back in the ring, Reyes up top and Cide suplexes him onto Reyes…SUPERBOMB connects, 1…2…NO! Murda made the save. Cide and Murda on the floor now, Pusha with boots to Reyes, tornado DDT connects for 2. Cide sets up a table, smash mouth to Pusha. Then a full swing shot by Cide. Reyes works over Pusha, Pusha battles back and gets a DDT on Cide! Cide tries a latiatoooo, but it is blocked, ACE CRUSHER by Pusha! Cide on the table, DRIVE BY (PE TRIBUTE) by AMIL and they get a cover for 2! All 4 men in the ring, AMIL grabs Reyes…DOUBLE RUNNING MUSCLE BUSTER~! That gets 2 as Cide makes the save. Cide ha Pusha up top…TOP ROPE ACE CRUSHER gets 2 as Murda saves him. Dropkick to Cide, Reyes with a SICK T BONE on Murda. Pusha up top…misses and eats a charging dropkick by Cide. Murda in and tosses Reyes, Cop Kila try by Cide, but Pusha runs over, snags a roll up and that is all.

    Winners of the 2006 Pitbull/Public Enemy Memorial Cup Tournament: All Money is Legal @ 11:53 via pin

  • They were the underdogs, played it up and tried to make is a magical moment. The crowd sucked, so they never quite got that, but it was a good match to end the tournament on. ***½

    -After the finals, the other teams come in and raise them on their shoulders after Gordon and Wolfe present them with the trophy. They play the old school Public Enemy music and all do the hand wave in tribute.

    -Gary Wolfe on the mic now. He says the tournament kicked ass, but there can only be one winner, AMIL.


    Former 411 staff member Nate Stein and Dan “The Phan” Cowhey join us for this after show deal. They run things down, and AMIL join them as they talk on their cell phones. They plan to celebrate. They put over the other teams they beat, and say that they are now a top tag team. Next month they will challenge the SAT for the titles and plan to come out with the trophy. AMIL leave and they discuss the injury of Mark Briscoe. They then run down the second round stuff, including the turn of Joker on Jay Briscoe. They then run down the title matches and all that good stuff. Detox is here now, he challenged for the ladies title because a belt is a belt. A nice little wrap up deal for the DVD.

  • The 411: First off I have to say that PWU has drastically improved since I have last seen it. The Smartmarks people do a great shoot of the event, as it comes off very well. I appreciate the fact that they went back to the “OLD” ECW Arena and did a tribute tournament for the Pitbulls and Public Enemy, teams that most of these guys grew up watching. It is a nice nod to the business, and Todd Gordon did a good thing here. The Tournament was fine, booked pretty well especially considering the injury to Mark Briscoe, so that is appreciated. The tournament was not what I had hoped, but the finals stepped it up and it ended well as they worked to tell the story with AMIL. The Corporal Robinson stuff was fun, Azriel vs. Devon Moore was a rocking match even with the lame finish stuff and in the end, and there was nothing “bad.” I would say an accurate description of the event is that it underachieved. But there was some good stuff, good talent and I would easily check out the promotion again.
    Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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