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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Against All Odds 2006

February 11, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades Throwback: TNA Against All Odds 2006  

PPV Pre-Show

Borash welcomes us and says they had to turn away hundreds of fans again. He runs down the card and hypes the matches.

Cage vs. JJ hype video is shown, same from Impact, very good.

Pre PPV-Match #1 is A1 w/Team Canada and D’Amore vs. Ron Killings. The ref tosses all of Team Canada to even things up. Killings wins in about 3-minutes. Killings looked great, match was real good except for one spot near the end where A1 got lost on a reversal.

Abyss vs. Rhino hype video is shown. Another good video package.

Mitchell is here with an authentic “Fiji Mermaid.” They too were blood thirsty war machines, until they went somewhere where they weren’t the top of the food chain.


Do you realize that there is no rule book, the only stipulation is someone must get punned somewhere.


This is like from a fish bowl to a shark tank for you, Abyss can split your skull open. He can drive a steel door until you vomit blood. I have never been one to pray, but I do tonight and I pray for Abyss to take you to the top of the building so he can drop you 60-feet straight to hell!


Pre PPV-Match #2 is Lance Hoyt, Cassidy Riley and Sharky vs. Elix Skipper, David Young and Shannon Moore. Pretty good match. Elix and Young kept refusing to tag Moore for a while, and then would blind tag in and that annoyed Moore. Hoyt got a hot tag, cleaned house, but Elix and Young got a double STO on Hoyt, then broke up the pin and tossed them. Moore eventually left and Hoyt got a swank chokeslam on Elix for the win @ 5:55.

AJ vs. Daniels vs. Joe video package. This is a new one, and it is another really good one.

Tenay and West run down the card and hype the show.

Borash is with Larry Z and Dave Hebner. Larry says they had a lot of meetings, and they are to ensure a level playing field. Larry is serious about making sure the best man wins.

Don West is here to do the hard sell.

To close out the pre-show we get a sweet video hyping all of the feuds and matches.

Earlier today we see Cage arriving.

Also, we see D’Amore and Eric Young waiting for JJ, and D’Amore promising Sting Is not around. JJ arrives in a Hummer. D’Amore says the tape on Jackie is golden and now he has to handle Cage. Young says Sting is not gone, JJ disagrees and makes his say Sting is gone.


Austin Aries and Roderick Strong vs. The Naturals

AA and Strong attack at the bell. The Naturals fight back, ram them together and dropkick them to the floor. Stevens suplexes AA in and gets a cover for 2. They double team AA now and get a double team guy buster for 2. Douglas is in and chops away at AA. Tag to Stevens, STO/Sweep combo gets 2. Neckbreaker into a flatliner by Stevens for 2. Douglas in, neckbreaker combo, another variation gets 2. Douglas rams AA into Strong and then Douglas tries to fly, they stop him and Stevens goes up top and gets a SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO THE FLOOR! Stevens and Strong back in and a count of 2. Strong battles back, rakes the eyes and then chops away at Stevens. Tag to AA, tosses Stevens to the floor and then a sweet suicide dive by AA. Back in the ring and gets 2. Strong tags in and a double trip and they then just beat on Stevens. Side bacbreaker by Strong gets 2. Tag to AA, chops to Stevens. He tries to fight back, but AA trips him up and Strong in with an elbow. Rear choke by Strong, Jawbreaker by Stevens and he tries for a tag…AA takes Douglas to the floor and then get Stevens in the corner and get a corner dropkick and cover for 2. Strong tags in and gets a 2nd rope elbow for 2. AA tags in, goes up top…Stevens falls into the ropes and AA crotches himself. TAG to Douglas! Some miscommunication, and then a high knee by Douglas. Sets Strong up top…AA charges and ends up crotching Strong. Top Rope RANA by Douglas for 2! AA and Strong gets a clothesline/German Suplex combo for 2! Double knee buster to Douglas, elbow into a yakuza kick combo by AA and Strong. AA tries a suplex, float over and AA rolls him up, grabs the ropes but no go. Natural Disaster on AA and that’s all.

Winners: The Naturals @ 10:42 via pin **¾

Borash is with AMW. Harris says they will defend the titles. He says that Sabin and Dutt were impressive, but those teams weren’t AMW. D’Amore and Team Canada are here. Gail says she is sorry to D’Amore and he has the goods on Jackie, and next week on Impact she gets hers. Larry Z is here. Tonight the rule is this, if ANYONE messes with the main event, you get fired on the spot.

Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Matt Bentley w/Traci vs. Petey Williams

Bentley and Petey start out. Some nice reversals, and Bentley works the arm bar. Petey escapes, Bentley with a suplex and gets 2. Slam by Bentley, knee drop off the ropes and a count of 2. Petey is up, grabs Bentley and puts him in the tree of woe…Traci now distracts Petey…and Bentley grabs him and back in the ring they go. Dropkick to Petey, he tags Alex and Bentley gets whipped into the ropes and Jay tags in. Lock u, a great series of counters and they both try a dropkick, miss and then stand off. Chops by Jay, off the ropes…snap mare and then a basement dropkick off the back of Alex’s head. Bridging suplex gets 2 for Jay. Tag to Petey and he nails Jay. Backbreaker by Petey gets 2. Stiff kicks by Shelley now who tagged back in, sweet little lucha submission on Jay. He breaks it, and then works over Jay with rights. Slam to Jay, sling shot senton by Alex gets 2. Petey tags back in, and they double team Jay. He tries to fight back, but gets dropkicked in the back and covered for 2 by Petey. Slam on Jay, and a rear choke by Petey. Petey and Alex argue, Bentley tags in and goes wild. Backdrop to Petey. Slam and Bentley up top…Petey crotches him and goes up top…Alex is over and Jay dropkicks Bentley as Alex gets a powerbomb. Jay gets a bridging suplex and then someone flies onto him and breaks the pin up. Swinging neckbreaker by Petey, but Jay gets a release full nelson suplex! Dropkick to Bentley. Leg lariat to Alex! He gets tripped up, and Alex gets a sling shot DDT. Bentley in and gets a flatliner to Alex. Petey in with the tilt a whirl Russian leg sweep. Jackie Gayda is out to yell at Alex Shelley, and slaps him. Petey laughs and Bentley fights out of the destroyer and Jay rolls him up for the win!

Winner: Jay Lethal @ 10:51 via pin ***¼

Rhino says he’ll beat Abyss, and Larry Z says not to mess with the main event or else.
Hype video for the James Gang vs. The LAX.

The LAX (Homicide and Machete) w/Konnan vs. The James Gang

Where is Apollo? Who the hell is Machete? Konnan says he did what he did and now the James Gang will get theirs. This is Machete’s chance to impress Konnan. BG does his mic stuff.

The LAX all jump them at the bell and my cable goes out. Back now, 5-minutes in and Homicide and Kip are looking for tags. Tag to BG and Machete. BG beats Machete and Homicide down, boot to Machete and a count of 2. Kip takes out Homicide, BG gets the pump handle on Machete and that is all.

Winner: The James Gang @ 6:05 (?) via pin

After the match Konnan attacks with the slapjack. BULLET BOB IS HERE! Konnan ran from him, hahahaha!

A ref is here to tell Larry there is no ref for the main event. Larry says he is the boss, and if he wanted him to know who it was, it would have been written down. Larry says he is on a need to know basis, and he doesn’t need to know.

Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin vs. America’s Most Wanted ©

Storm and Sabin begin. They play cat and mouse, and Sabin tags in Dutt. Dutt and Storm went around with some great reversals and Dutt had the advantage. Tag to Sabin, and some double teams on Storm. Harris tripped up Sabin and then started to bash his ankle off the steel post and then they ripped the tape off of his ankle and punished it more with a modified ankle lock. Storm tagged in and kept the attack going. Sabin fought back for a bit, but Storm hit a lung blower and kept him in check. Harris tags in, Sabin fights and gets a kick to take him down. Storm in and makes sure he doesn’t tag, but he does manage it. Enziguri by Dutt. RANA on Harris. Basement dropkick on Storm for 2. Sling shot missile dual dropkick to AMW! Sabin manages a dropkick to Harris and Dutt with the dragon DDT for 2. Dutt springs in, Harris tries the catatonic but Dutt gets a cradle for 2. Harris Storm got a chair, Dutt knocks it from him and Sabin gets a tornado DDT on the chair for 2! Storm slams the security railing on Sabin’s ankle and then get the Death Sentence on Dutt for the win.

Winners: AMW @ 11:15 via pin **¾

After the match they handcuff Dutt and go to hit him with a chair, but Sabin is able to make the save.

Borash with JJ and Gail. JJ says he feels no pressure because it’s all of Cage. JJ ensures that he is the best man, and will walkout with the title. Monty is here. JJ is sick of his disrespect. He mocks Monty and says he is sick on his crap. JJ says when he beats Cage, Monty gets the next title shot, and that is a promise. They shake.

Falls Count Anywhere: Abyss w/Jim Mitchell vs. Rhino

Rhino charges the ring and they start to kick the shit out of each other and then go to the floor. Into the crowd they go, and Abyss rams Rhino into a wall. They head back to ringside, Abyss into the ring and Rhino gets some toys from under the ring. Rhino finds a trophy, kendo sticks and a lot of stuff. Boot by Abyss, and then he goes to work with the Kendo stick. Rhino is busted open, fights back and waffles Abyss with a paint pan. Rhino lays the trophy on Abyss’ crotch, grabs a baseball bat and nails it. To the floor they go. Abyss manages a suplex on the ramp. Abyss goes for some tables and sets them up. Abyss has 2 tables set up, and then sets 2 more onto of those. Rhino is on top of the stage, and Abyss up the ramp after him. Rhino fights back, but Abyss tries a powerbomb, escape and Rhino sets fro a gore…charges and eats a boot. They brawl back into the parking area and Abyss has a bat, misses Rhino and hits the car. They brawl back inside and Abyss tosses Rhino into a trashcan. They brawl to ringside, Rhino rams Abyss to the steel post and goes for a table. Abyss has a staple gun and STAPLES RHINO’S HEAD TWICE! Abyss gets another table and there are 2 in the ring now. One is set up in a corner and one is regular. Mitchell tells Abyss to finish it. Rhino fights and gets a belly to belly. Tries a gore, GOOZLE! Chokeslam through the table gets 2! Mitchell tosses Abyss the bag O tacks! GORE GORE GORE THROUGH THE TABLE as Abyss held up the tacks! 1…2…NO! Rhino wants another one…Mitchell stops him and Rhino chases him. They brawl up into the bleachers now. They brawl and Abyss rams Rhino into the wall and it is breaking. Abyss rips the wall apart in the bleachers and GOOZLE! Rhino escapes and GORE’S Abyss and he falls THROUGH THE 4 TABLES! Rhino climbs down and covers for the win.

Winner: Rhino @ 15:01 via pin ***¾

EMT’s check on Abyss.

Borash is with Samoa Joe. Joe says they think he broke the code. It’s not about code’s, it’s about the title. To remind you of that, I brought 2 towels. An old one as a reminder, and a new one for my trophy case. Tonight you both aren’t against all odds, you’re against Me.

EMT’s are still with Abyss, he is able to get to his feet and they help him to the back.

AJ, Joe, Daniels hype video runs.

Samoa Joe © vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles

The opening is crazy as they decide to try and one up each other with tons of stiff kicks and punches. AJ with dropkicks for Daniels and Joe. Side backbreaker by AJ to Daniels. Forearms to Joe, suplex try stopped by Joe and he PLANTS AJ with a front suplex. Irish whip, but Daniels stops the running knee of doom. Daniels monkey flips AJ and Joe catches him and gets the Boston Crab! Daniels stops that. Forearms to Joe, running knee by Daniels. And Joe to the floor. AJ levels Daniels and then Daniels knocks AJ to the floor. Daniels tries a suicide dive by Joe punks him out as he flies through the ropes. AJ and Daniels back in the ring, Indian Death Lock by AJ. Joe in and punts Daniels. STF by Joe on AJ now and Daniels gets the Koji Clutch, triple submission! Daniels slams AJ. Sling shot elbow drop for 2. Joe whips Daniels and then gets the running corner knee of doom. Face wash by Joe and running kick. Daniels falls to the floor. AJ charges Joe…STJOE! Daniels fights back in and tries to suplex Joe to the floor. Joe jacks him in the head. AJ charges, Joe ducks and decided for a SWANK plancha onto Daniels. AJ and Daniels battle, Joe charges…DOUBLE ELBOW SUICIDA ON AJ AND DANIELS! Joe tosses Daniels back in, kicks at AJ and then tosses him back in. AJ gets a leg sweep and then knocks him to the floor. AJ and Daniels exchange quick roll ups. Joe back in and levels Daniels, then kills AJ with a running leg lariat. Joe has Daniels, AJ charges and it’s a clothesline/German combo. Atomic drop and then running yakuza by Joe to Daniels gets 2. Daniels battles back, but Joe gets the snap powerslam for 2. Joe with a cross arm breaker, but Daniels gets the ropes. Chops by Joe, then stiff kicks. Sets Daniels up top…AJ over to save and gets an Enziguri to Joe! Daniels and AJ go at it, Joe nails AJ and Daniels gets the koji clutch again, but Joe breaks it up. Chops by Joe to Daniels, but Daniels fights and gets a GERMAN on Joe! Uranage onto Joe! BEST MOONSAULT EVER on Joe gets 2! He goes for the wings…Joe fights…AJ grabs Daniels, rolls through and they try to counter each other… Daniels levels AJ. Joe in to take out Daniels and gets a cover for 2. Joe sets AJ up top…has him up but he escapes and lays out Daniels and then Joe with the PELE! AJ gets the torture rack on Daniels into a powerbomb for 2 as Joe saves it. Asai DDT by AJ on Joe gets 2. Daniels nails AJ as he tries the clash, clothesline by AJ, Daniels gets a DVD on Joe as AJ flew in and nailed him! Joe is out, AJ goes up top… Daniels grabs him and Joe knocks him to the floor. Joe grabs AJ…MUSCLE BUSTER and that is all.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 16:02 via pin ****¼

Daniels tells Joe that it isn’t over.

Team 3D vs. Team Canada

Team 3D sneak attacks Team Canada and we have a massive brawl to being. Devon and Young pair off while Ray and Roode go at it. Ray with chops and then a German on Roode. Young is in, and they get a side suplex/leg drop combo on him for 2. Devon slams Young, and then gets an elbow for 2. Corner clothesline by Devon and Young bounces to the floor. Devon goes after D’Amore but Young stops that. Young is great as he hugs the ref while Roode pulls Devon to the floor. D’Amore takes off his bandage and rams him into the steps. Devon is busted open from that bad cut. D’Amore has the tag team of the year trophy and grinds it off of Devon’s head like last night! Double suplex on Devon gets 2. Roode continues to work on that cut and open it more. Rear choke now as Devon bleeds like a stuck pig. Devon fights, and gets a roll up for 2. Young is in and chokes out Devon. Snap mare and Young gets a camel clutch on Devon. Tag back to Roode and a slam to Devon. 2nd rope knee drop and then the top rope elbow by Young gets 2 as Ray makes the save. Roode with a rear choke and yells at Ray. Tag back to Young, and into the camel clutch again. Devon starts to crawl, low blow on Young and Roode is tagged in. Devon tries to fight him off, and FINALLY tags Ray! Cross body off the top by Ray onto both Canadians! Backdrop to Young. Samoan drop on Roode. Team Canada is able to get a double team flapjack on Ray for 2. Roode accidentally hits Young and Ray then goes up and gets a superplex on Young for 2. Roode has the hockey stick, misses and then gets a low blow on Ray. Hockey stick shot and Young goes up top…decides to come down and then covers for 2. Young up top…MISSES the moonsault. Roode in and Ray ducks, and he nails Young. 3D on Young and that is all.

Winners: Team 3D @ 13:00 via pin **¾

AMW is out and Team Canada and them beat down Team 3D. They get a table and they lay Devon on the table. Harris up top…and Ron Killings is here to make the save! They lay Young on the table and Killings with a top rope leg drop onto him. Killings and 3D stand tall.

Borash is in the back with Cage. Cage stands there for a moment as the crowd chants his name. He asks how his peeps are, they are good but he is nervous as hell. This is the culmination of 12-years. He has dreamed of this since he was a kid, about this moment. Larry told him there will be a level playing field tonight. Did he make a mistake leaving WWE to come here? Tonight we will see, tonight I come in the challenger but I will leave the champion.

Earl Hebner is the special referee.

NWA Title Match: Jeff Jarrett © w/Gail Kim vs. Christian Cage

They talk smack, lock up and Cage takes JJ down for a cover of 1. They go back to some reversals, and they shove off and stand off. Rights by Cage, reversals again and JJ slaps Cage. Rights by Cage and then chops. Irish whip and with a sunset flip for 2. Cage goes to suplex JJ to the floor, lands on the apron and Cage to the apron. Reverse DDT by Cage on the apron by Cage! We get a shot of Cage’s wife, pretty hot! Cage up top…dives and misses JJ and crashes into the railing. JJ grabs his legs and rams Cage into the steel railing. JJ in control, rams Cage into the announce table and then back into the ring. Off the ropes and JJ with the sweet dropkick. Sit out powerbomb by JJ gets 2. Rear choke by JJ now. JJ now chokes him and Earl pulls him off. Uppercut by JJ, and Earl is all over him again. Gail up top…RANA on Cage and JJ covers for 2. JJ whips Cage and goes for a RANA, powerbomb by Cage and then Cage gets the figure four! Gail helps JJ get the ropes and Earl missed it. Cage and Earl argue, and then JJ gets an Enziguri. Sharpshooter by JJ and Cage yells for Earl not to ring the bell. JJ keeps the hold on, bit Cage reverses the sharpshooter! JJ escapes, and then Cage rams JJ in the nuts as he falls. Both men are down, Earl counts…they are alive and they brawl. Atomic drop by Cage, spinning clothesline by Cage gets 2. JJ tries a powerslam, but Cage counters into a tornado DDT for 2! JJ slides under Cage, and he hit Earl and he grabs his ankle. Uh oh. Cage up top…Gail grabs him and then JJ goes up top. TOP ROPE STROKE by JJ! He covers 1…2…NO! Rights by JJ and Cage calls him on. Off the ropes, and Earl gets caught up and that’s ref bump #2. Unprettier by Cage for 2 as Referee Slick Johnson is here. Cage is ready and calls JJ on. Cage tries the stroke, but JJ gets a low blow. JJ nails Johnson and tosses him. Gail slides JJ a chair, Cage nails him and gets a dropkick into the chair and into the face of JJ! He covers for like 10, and then goes after Gail. Earl is still out. JJ gets his guitar, KILLS Cage and Gail cleans up the mess. JJ covers and Earl crawls over 1…2…NO! JJ grabs Earl, Gail up top…and Cage catches her and powerbombs her! JJ tries the unprettier, reversed and then the Stroke try and another reversal and Cage gets the unprettier! 1…2…3!

Winner: AND NEW NWA CHAMPION CHRISTIAN CAGE @ 16:30 via pin ***¾

Cage goes to hug his wife, and then gets in the ring where Rhino is there to hug him and they let the fans fill the ring to celebrate with fireworks and all.

The 411: While there was the one horrible match, there were 5-matches that broke *** and one of them broke **** stars. Great action combined with the crowning of Christian as the NWA champion make this event an EASY thumbs up from me. Grab the replay! Honestly, if you voted thumbs down on this show you eat babies with kitten blood, because this was a damn fine PPV.
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend

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