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Tremendous Tirades: TNA Cross the Line – Hard Justice 2008

February 11, 2009 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Tremendous Tirades: TNA Cross the Line – Hard Justice 2008  

-Live from Trenton, New Jersey!

-The opening voice over was a play on the Law and Order opening, THEY SEEK HARD JUSTICE!

-Sting arrives 15-minutes before the show and we see footage of Lauren trying to talk with him. He blows her off.

-F.I.L.T.H.E.E., and Grandmaster Caz open the show with the tune we’ve been hearing all month hyping the PPV. Word.


-Mike and Don welcome us to the show and run down the card.

TNA X-Division Title Match: Petey Williams © w/Rhaka Khan vs. Consequences Creed

Chants for Creed as they begin. Side headlock takedown by Creed, Williams tries to escape as they play the mat game to begin. Williams does escape, off the ropes and Creed avoids a cross body and then gets a cover for 2. TKO try by Creed, countered with an arm drag, Destroyer countered and they stand off. They shove, Williams backs off into the ropes. Creed then press slams Williams into a double knee gut buster. SENTON by Creed connects, but he caught the back of his head on the apron. He pops back up and appears to be fine. Creed tries a RANA, but Williams gets a leg drop on the apron. Khan then levels Creed with a kick and he is down. Creed rolled back in and Williams sling shots in with the lung blower and covers for 2. Creed with body shots, jabs now and as he drops down for the split Williams gets a basement dropkick. The crowd is into things so far, rights by Williams, an Irish whip and Creed slides to the apron and then eats a dropkick. Slingshot RANA by Williams. Back in the ring we go and Creed tries to fight back, gets a roll up for 2. Drop toehold by Williams, and then a dropkick to the back of Creed. Williams poses, grabs Creed and rakes the eyes. Creed throws wild shots and misses, an Irish whip and Creed rebounds with a sweet superkick! Both men are down now, Williams back up and forearm shots to Creed. They trade now, crowd loves Williams right now as they boo anything Creed does. Corner clothesline by Williams, but Creed back with elbows. A whip and Creed to the apron, but he then springboards in with a bulldog. Jabs by Creed, split and back up with a right and covers Williams for 2. Russian leg sweep by Williams, and he calls for the Destroyer. Reels him in, boot, countered and a sidekick by Williams, off the ropes and a rolling thunder by Creed. Williams to the apron, and Creed charges, shoulder block by Williams, and into a crucifix for 2. Backslide by Creed for 2. Off the ropes, a counter and Enziguri by Creed. Williams counters a gut buster into the sharp shooter! Williams sits down, Creed fights and Williams grabs an arm and stops him from getting the ropes. Creed finally gets them, Williams argues with the ref and then slaps Creed. Chops by Williams, Creed fires up and calls Williams on! Rights by Williams, off the ropes and a Creed is up and gets a GERMAN! Corner clothesline connects. A knee and the CREEDDT~! Creed up top…BIG leg drop connects! 1…2…NO! Khan is in the ring and talks smack to Creed. TKO FOR KHAN! Williams back in, Destr0yer countered into the drop down driver! 1…2…NO! Sheik Bashir is now coming to the ring and hits Creed with a chair as he goes off the ropes. Canadian Destroyer finishes Creed.

Winner: Petey Williams @ 12:10 via pin
A strong showing from both guys, but I wish they could have save the Sheik stuff for afterwards.
Rating: ***

-After the match Sheik grabs a cameraman and pulls him in the ring. He broke red, white and blue. That’s a representation of this pathetic country. He grabs Creed and says he was just destroyed by the Middle Eastern Nightmare. We will all be owned by Sheik Abdul Bashir, well that sucks.

-To the back as JB is with Joe and Nash. JB says Sting is here and Joe says he is not distracted. He is more focused than ever, and he knows Sting is here and that he knows what he has to do. He is tired of the light show and Showtime. He doesn’t give a damn about Sting’s issues. Nash says they need to think about this. Nash says to focus on Booker, and if he trusts that he has his back, HE will take care of Sting for him. He promises Sting will not be down at the ring tonight. Joe says it IS all about Booker. He will walk that isle, climb in the cage and this “wanna be Indy worker” will stomp Booker’s ass and take the title. Tonight he will learn that he IS pro wrestling.

-We get a video package for the Knockouts Tag Match.

-Traci Brooks makes her way to the ring, as she will be the special referee for the match.

The Beautiful People (Love and Sky) and Awesome Kong w/Riesha Saeed vs. Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim and ODB With Traci Brooks as Special Referee

ODB and Love to begin things. ODB shoves her and calls her a bimbo. Love tags in Sky and alludes to the fact that ODB smells. She sprays some Bath and Body works on her, and tries to slap her. Low kick by ODB and a clothesline. ODB grabs the spray and sprays her crotch with it. They toss the bottle around a bit and Kim tags in and clotheslines Sky. Corner clothesline connects, a whip, reversal and a sunset flip by Kim for 2. Lucha arm drag and then takes down Love as she tags in. Tag to Wilde, slaps by Love and then forearm strikes follow. Wilde fires back, rolls through a clothesline and gets an arm drag and a dropkick. Love now tags in Kong, leg kicks by Wilde, off the ropes and gets dropped by Kong. Kim tags in, forearms to Kong and a cross body caught and she is tossed down. ODB in, they trade rights and a shoulder block by ODB. Clothesline by Kong and she is in control. Kong then clotheslines Wilde and Kim at the same time, ODB with chops and then a high low by Kim and Wilde takes Kong down. Kong charges, they drop the ropes and she flies to the floor. Brooks tries to get control and Love and Sky check on Kong. Kong back in and rights by ODB. Off the ropes and Saeed trips up ODB. Hair toss by Kong and Brooks tosses Saeed to the back. Kong is NOT happy about this and looks to kill Brooks. ODB spits the booze in Kong’s face, mistake. Kong kills her with a corner splash, Sky tags in and covers for 2. Octopus hold by Sky, BITES the hand of ODB as well! ODB gets to the corner, escapes and looks for a tag…and Kim is in. She gets a clothesline and dropkick to Love,. Forearms by Love, to the corner and Kim avoids her but then gets tossed to the barricade. Love rolls her back in the ring, drops an elbow and covers for 2. Brooks tries to keep control as Love mounts and unloads with rights and lefts, as well as a choke. Brooks pulls her off, they argue and then slams Kim to the corner. Love and Brooks argue, Love tossed down and Kim tags Wilde. She cleans house on Love and Sky, tilt a whirl and a cover for 2 as Kong makes the save. Kong in and goes for the bomb, dropkick by Kim stops that. Forearms to Kong, EVERYONE is in and Kim and Kong go to the floor. Love and Sky left in the ring and a bicycle kick by Love drops Wilde. Kong misses Kim and hits the steel post. Wilde reverses a rock bottom by Love into a roll up for the win.

Winners: Wilde, ODB and Kim @ 12:30 via pin
Good stuff from the ladies, it was a bit silly early on but they had a good match with Taylor continuing to win and Kong looking strong.
Rating: **½

-Lauren is with Team 3D. Devon felt her up and Ray says to follow them. They look for Sting but Ray is afraid of heights. Lauren harasses him about it. Ray calls out Sting and wants to say hello and that they have his back. Devon says that they are behind him 110% in whatever he does. Ray says if he wants to drop in during their match to feel free to whip out that big black bat, not you Devon. Ray says Devon is afraid of the dark, they argue and Ray runs away.

-We get a video package for LAX vs. Beer Money.

-F.I.L.T.H.E.E. performs as LAX comes to the ring.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: LAX © (Homicide y Hernandez) w/Salinas and Hector Guerrero vs. Beer Money (Roode and Storm) w/Miss Jackie

LAX attack at the bell and Cide has his eye bandaged due to going through the glass table. Storm whips Hernandez to the barricade as they brawl around the ring. Cide and Roode in the ring and we are officially underway. LAX double team on Roode, Hernandez in and they catapult Roode, clothesline into the drive by. Storm in, a neck breaker by Cide and then Hernandez grabs him and gets a stalling suplex. Cide drops Roode to the floor as Hernandez keeps the suplex and finally drops him down. Storm to the floor, Cide pull shim back in and gets a butterfly suplex for 2. Tag to Hernandez, Storm and Roode to the floor and as Cide misses a baseball slide Hernandez FLIES with the plancha and ands on his feet! Cide and Roode back in, rights to Roode and then off the ropes and an overhead toss by Cide gets a cover for 2. Jackie distracts the ref, Storm spits beer in Cide’s eye and Roode beats him down. He rips off Cide’s shirt and rakes the back. A whip and double teams, a Hennig neck flip and then a knee drop gets 2 on Cide. Storm chokes Cide out on the ropes, rips off the bandage by the eye and Cide yells about his eye being in pain. Chops by Roode, off the ropes and a tilt a whirl back breaker gets 2. To he corner, a boot by Cide and then a cross body by Cide gets 2. A knee by Roode, nails Hernandez and then Storm sneaks in as the ref was distracted. He chokes out Cide, tags in Roode. DOUBLE TEAM SUPLEX! BEER! MONEY! I love that. The ref check son the eye of Cide, he tries to fight back and Roode tags Storm in and the crowd chants for Beer Money and LAX. Brain buster by Storm and a cover for 2. Chinlock by Storm, off the ropes and a bog boot levels Cide, Storm covers for 2. Roode in and locks in the chinlock, Cide to his feet, escapes, rights to Roode and then gets leveled by a clothesline. Roode gets a snap suplex and rolls into another and then rolls again into the third! AMIGOS! He mocks Cide with the chest slap, Roode goes up top and MISSES a splash! BOTH men are down Cide up and backs into a tag. Hernandez runs wild and is taking care of Beer Money with clotheslines and backdrops. Corner splash to both men, grabs the flag around the throat of Storm and tosses him across the ring. Roode stops a pin attempt. Roode to the apron, sunset flip in and Hernandez up and eats an Enziguri by Storm. Blockbuster by Roode gets a CLOSE 2! Hernandez then clothesline them both, tags in Cide and up top he goes, dual dropkick! They toss Roode, suplex by Cide and up top he goes…Jackie grabs his leg and he kicks her off. FROG SPLASH by Cide gets a close 2! Roode back in, cutter countered and a spinebuster by Roode. Hernandez in and gets a gut wrench into a fall away slam. Lung Blower by Storm! Gringo Cutter by Cide to Storm! Beer Money to the floor, LAX argue as Cide wants Hernandez to do something and Cide slaps Hernandez. Hernandez grabs up Cide and BORDER TOSS ONTO BEER MONEY ON THE FLOOR! Hernandez and Roode back in, misses a charge ad he flies to the floor! Roode dives onto him, Jackie low blows Hernandez and Salinas and her fight! Back in and Cide looks for the Gringo Killer, Roode in and BEER BOTTLE TO THE FACE OF CIDE! Storm gets the cover, the ref is back in and that is all!

Winner and NEW CHAMPIONS BEER MONEY @ 14:35 via pin
A great effort from all involved here. They played the injury up on Homicide, which was nice and played into the finish.
Rating: ***½

-Nash is in the rafters with Sting. He calls him Steve and says these guys don’t know what he can do. Sting says they do know and that there is no other way. Nash asks for a minute, and Sting walks off. He sure took care of him.

-We get a video package for Dutt vs. Lethal.

-Lethal’s family is in the crowd. Watch out for Mamma Lethal.

Black Tie Brawl and Chain Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal w/Val

They are chained together, and you win by stripping the tux off of your opponent, or pinning him. Lethal gets chained first, and Dutt stalls. Lethal is sneaky, ties the chain to the top rope and starts to beat down Dutt. Mounted rights to Dutt, The ref tires to tie them back together, but Lethal just keeps beating down Dutt. Dutt manages to low blow Lethal with the chain as he gets connected and now he tries to rip off the tux. Dutt in control, stomps on Lethal’s head and then wraps the chain around his hand and misses a fist drop. Rights by Lethal, chain wrapped elbow by Lethal and tears at the jacket of Dutt. Spinning back elbow by Lethal and rips at the tux again. Dutt tossed over the top and to the floor. Plancha by Lethal wipes out Dutt. They brawl on the floor, Dutt tries to run into the crowd and Lethal pulls him back into the barricade. Val isn’t happy about this as Lethal ties up Dutt around the post. He tries to strip him, and them misses a clothesline and hits the post. More brawling as Dutt has control and finally back in the ring they go. A whip, reversal and Dutt avoids Lethal and gets a kick to the head. Lethal with rights, and chokes out Dutt in the ropes. Val flips out and begs Lethal to stop. She then walks away from ringside. Dutt slams Lethal to the steel post repeatedly. Tree of Woe by Dutt, rips at the tux and then mocks Lethal. To the floor and Dutt talks shit to Lethal’s family. He beats down Lethal in front of them, back in the ring and Lethal fights back now but gets dropped by Dutt. Dutt prays, hoping the match improves as we get boring chants. Dutt tries to slingshot in by Lethal yanks the chain and Dutt flies into the ring and hits hard. Lethal slams Dutt to the corner by the chain, gets a knee lift and then gets a cool flapjack for 2. Dutt fights back, dragon DDT and that gets 2. And now we get a fire Russo chant. Dutt up top and MISSES the 450, and Dutt gets a roll up and rolls all the way into a small package driver! Mounted rights by Lethal, pulls Dutt up and gets the Lethal Combo. Lethal up top and gets the elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal @ 13:00 via pin
It was bad at points, really bad. It did pick up at the end, and is about as good as we could have hoped for with the lame stipulation, but it went too long and was still not good.
Rating: *½

-Backstage with Booker T and Sharmell. JB asks about Sting and Booker tells Jeremiah that he sees nothing but crap. TNA has put him in this horrible situation. Of course he knows about Sting, they are two of wrestling’s crowned jewels. Sting has issues like Joe that he will take care of. He says to Joe that he doesn’t respect him nor does Sting. He and Sting have paved the road that Joe walks on and now Joe dumps crap on it that they have to clean up. Joe is a backyard, trailer park wanna be Independent worker. Booker will prove tonight why he is the champion, and the title will stay with him, where it belongs. They drink champagne.

-We get a video package for 3D vs. Cage and Rhino.

New Jersey Street Fight: Team 3D vs. Christian Cage and Rhino

We have plenty of toys around the ring for them to use. They all brawl at the bell. Cage and Ray to the floor, Devon and Rhino stay in and for a bit and then they go to the floor as Ray and Cage roll in. Ray misses a corner splash, clothesline by Cage, another and then off the ropes and a HUGE backdrop by Ray. Rhino and Devon brawl into the crowd as Ray and Cage do the same. They go split screen as Cage drinks a beer and then pours some out on Ray. Too much foam for me. Rhino and Devon are way up into the crowd as Ray and Cage do the same. They finally meet at the top by an exit, Cage slams Ray into a wall and now Devon tosses Rhino down the steps. Cage dove off of a wall onto Ray, which they pretty much missed. Rhino and Devon finally go back to the ringside area as Ray and Cage come back down as well. Rhino and Devon fight in the entrance way as the crowd is staying with them. Ray with an ax handle smash off of a barrier. Rhino gets a ladder now, Ray back into the ring and so is Cage. He has a “USE MY SIGN” sign and hits Ray with it. It was a Do Not Enter sign. Rhino and Devon in, corner shoulder block by Rhino as Cage and Ray are in as well. Double team on Ray, backdrop and then a double suplex on Devon. Ray has the sign and wipes out Cage and Rhino. Ray grabs the steps and tosses them in. Devon has them and NAILS Rhino! Ray now sets them up near the corner, grabs Cage and slams him onto them. He lays him out on the steps, goes to the 2nd rope and Cage is up and stops him. Face buster onto the steps by Cage! Road sign shot to Devon! Cage climbs the steps and looks to hit Ray and misses, Ray grabs him and BUBBA BOMB off of the steps! That gets 2. They get the big orange barrel, crowd wants tables as Rhino is back in, clotheslines to Ray. Devon stops him and charges Cage, he puts up a stop sign, he does, GORE by Rhino! Cage up top and a cross body to Ray gets 2! Unprettier try, Ray fights and gets the electric chair drop! Ray to the 2nd rope, Rhino over and nails him. He slams Devon into Ray’s crotch repeatedly. A roll up by Rhino gets 2. Off the ropes and they clothesline each other. Cage back in and Ray is still up top, rights by Cage, up top with him and Ray counters a RANA into a POWERBOMB! Ray rolls over and covers for 2. Cage to the floor and Ray nails Rhino with a detour sign. The crowd wants tables and Devon slides one in. They set it up in the corner, Rhino avoids the table and clotheslines them both. Cage hands Rhino a table, he nails 3D with it and sets it up. Cage climbs and FROG SPLASH to Ray! GORE THROUGH THE TABLE by Rhino! 1…2…3!

Winner: Rhino and [email protected] 15:05 via pin
Not as good as it could have been, but it wasn’t bad. Way too much crowd brawling, but the crowd stayed with them, which is good. The post match would make you think that they still have some stuff to settle, possibly a 6-man next month with Abyss and Devine involved.
Rating: **¾

-Johnny Devine is out now and attacks Cage and Rhino with the Kendo stick. They beat down Cage and Rhino, but here comes Abyss. Abyss cleans house, Devine misses a can shot, Black Hole Slam for you good sir. Abyss has the cane, they chant for him to use it but he drops it.

-Lauren is with AJ and she asks him about Sting. They talked and Sting told him everything happens for a reason, they are good and will talk more later. AJ then says he has been through hell and that tonight is personal. They want to hurt each other. If Angle wins, he beat the best AJ there is. Angle may be a better wrestler, but he will never be the better man. At the end of the night, AJ promises to be the last man standing.

Last Man Standing: AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

They are doing the Texas Death Match rules, pin fall and then they have to answer the count of 10. Angle stalls and keeps going to the floor. AJ wants to fight and keeps calling him on. AJ finally chases him after Angle spits on him. Angle back in first, lands uppercuts and then rights in the corner. Angle chokes out AJ with the boot, a slam by Angle and a cover for 1. He works the chinlock of hate on AJ, who escapes and gets chops and rights on Angle. He lays the boots to him, choke shim out but Angle then rakes the eyes. Uppercuts by Angle, but AJ gets the counter combo into the dropkick and then clotheslines Angle to the floor. SENTON DIVE by AJ, and he then covers Angle on the floor for 2. AJ slams Angle off of the apron, and then to the barricade. Stiff kicks by AJ to the chest of Angle, back in the ring and more kicks by AJ. A slam followed by a knee drop from AJ and he covers for 2. Angle manages to pull AJ to the floor and follows. Slams AJ to the barricade, whips him and AJ leaps the barricade and then dives onto Angle, gets caught and Angle gets an overhead belly to belly into the barricade! Angle covers for 2, and then slams AJ to the steps. Rights by AJ, chops and unloads on Angle. They brawl up the ramp and more rights by AJ where the cut from Thursday is. Angle tries a suplex, but AJ gets one on the ramp. AJ covers for 2. They fight on the stage now, rights by AJ and Angle is rocked. Angle suplexes AJ off of the stage! SENTON DIVE BY ANGLE! Psycho. Angle covers for 2. Rights by Angle as he drags AJ to the ring and then slams AJ off of the announcers table. Back in the ring and Angle lays the boots into AJ. Side back breaker and a cover for 2 by Angle. Back to the chinlock goes Angle, AJ fights to his feet and takes Angle to the corner. Enziguri by AJ. Kicks to Angle now, chops follow and a whip, counter and AJ avoids him and chops Angle down. Overhead belly to belly by Angle! A slam by Angle and right into a cover for 2. Side headlock by Angle as he tries to keep AJ down. AJ fights, works to his feet and escapes. Chops to Angle, rights, lefts and knees by AJ. Off the ropes and they collide as they both went for a cross body. They trade rights, a clothesline by AJ, another and a third. A whip, AJ tries to counter and to the apron he goes. Springboard shoulder block by AJ. Torture rack by AJ! AJ spins it into a powerbomb and covers for 2. AJ picks up Angle, clash try countered and Angle gets the ankle lock. AJ escapes, gets a spinebuster and then goes up top. Angle runs up, AJ knocks him off and tries a RANA, powerbomb by Angle, rolls and tries the clash but AJ gets the ankle lock! Angle gets the ropes, but AJ pulls him back and grapevines the leg! Angle taps @ 17:00.

The ref counts on Angle, he works to his feet and is up at 9. AJ to the apron, rights to Angle, back in and more rights by AJ. AJ misses the back flip DDT and a LOW BLOW by Angle. German by Angle, another and then a third. He hangs on and gets a sick release German on AJ, and he covers for 2! Straps are down! Angle calls AJ a pussy and calls him on, Angle slam countered and a PELE by AJ! AJ covers for 2. AJ crawls and goes up top now. Angle over, rights to AJ and then climbs up with him. Elbows by AJ, Angle down and Angle runs up and gets a SICK SUPER GERMAN! 1…2…3!

AJ was pinned @ 21:00 and the ref counts, but Angle with an Angle slam and pins him again. The ref counts on AJ again, AJ is down and crawls for the ropes. Angle grabs him, AJ counters the Angle slam into the clash! 1…2…3! That pin came @ 23:00 and the ref counts on Angle. AJ is up and Angle is up at 9. Corner shoulder block by AJ. Sets Angle up top, follows, they battle and Angle looks for a suplex, AJ head butts him and DDT’S ANGLE OFF OF THE TOP ROPE! AJ covers for 3 @ 24:00. The ref counts again, AJ is up and Angle cannot answer the count.

Winner: AJ Styles @ 25:10
A great match and a very big victory for AJ. The post match did take away a bit from it thought, but the match was excellent. I hope that this will be played out to give Angle some time off, which I think he needs. They delivered, period.
Rating: ****½

-Commentary plays up Angle’s history of neck issues as he lays on the mat. The ref calls for medical attention and the EMT’s come to the ring. They put the neck brace on Angle and place him on the backboard as AJ watches on. AJ is back in and gets a brain buster on Angle!

-LIGHTS OUT, back on and Sting has AJ on the ramp! SCORPION DEATH DROP! Kevin Nash is out and asks what the hell that was as they leave. AJ is now being checked on and helped to the back.

-We get highlights of the match.

-Tenay and West speculate about Sting’s actions.

-We get a video package for Joe vs. Booker.

-Booker and Sharmell walk as we get another video package.

-Joe walks, and we get another video package.

TNA World Title Six Sides of Steel Weapons That Will Hurt a Man Real Bad Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Booker T w/Sharmell Win by Pin, Submission or Escape.

They circle, look to lock up and they finally do, Booker backs off and Joe attacks him against the ropes. Chops in the corner by Joe, a whip and aback elbow by Booker. Chops follow, rights and then forearm shots. Booker gets a cane and a boot by Joe. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Joe and then an Enziguri. Joe has a trashcan, lays it on Booker and kicks it into his chest and then back splashes onto him and the can. Joe has the cane now, and lays out Booker with it. Jabs by Joe in the corner, an Irish whip, countered and a back elbow by Booker. Can shot by Booker levels Joe. Booker misses a swing with the hockey stick, and Joe gets another Enziguri to take him down. Joe uses two can lids to beat on Booker, and then covers for 2. Joe gets a chair, misses and Booker kicks it into his face. Booker grabs the chair and KILLS Joe on top of the head and Joe is bleeding. Mounted rights by Booker, trying to bust him open more and then leg drops Joe with a can lid assist. Booker chokes out Joe with an ax handle and then Booker looks to escape Joe climbs up, they fight and Joe gets a cutter off of the top. Jabs by Joe and then tosses Booker into the cage. Joe climbs, but Booker gets a back suplex to stop that and covers for 2. Booker now locks in a guillotine choke, Joe has the ropes and Booker breaks. Booker has the can lid and waits on Joe. Booker tosses it to Joe and superkicks it into his face and then covers for 2. Rights by Booker, he climbs and looks to escape, Joe grabs him and then climbs. They trade rights, head butt by Booker, slams Joe to the cage and then Joe gets an ENZIGURI on the top rope. Booker falls and crotches himself. Clothesline by Joe, another and then gets the snap slam and cover for 2. Powerbomb by Joe, into the STF! He then transitions to the cross face as Booker looks for the ropes and gets them. Why are there rope breaks in this cage match? Joe gets a chair and lay sit down. Gets another and lays it down with it. Sets Booker up top, another kick by Joe and Booker escapes the muscle buster and gets the bookend on the chairs! 1…2…NO! SPNAROONIE~! Off the ropes and the ax kick. LIGHTS OUT, and Joe has a guitar and lays out Booker and pins him!

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 13:00 via pin
An under whelming main event. Joe got his revenge and his title back, and the tease of The Chosen One is interesting since he has been gone for so long. The crowd was dead after the first few minutes, possibly due to sitting through so many gimmicks and such. Both guys appeared to be on auto pilot, which is a shame.
Rating: **½

-Joe leaves the cage and gets his title. Tenay and West speculate what the guitar could mean. IS HE BACK?

-End Scene…

FILTHEE Music Video: This is the PPV recap video, it’s nice, but also lame that this is the only special feature.

The 411: Remember, the score is for the OVERALL 3-DVD set. Overall I will go with a 7.6 out of 10 for the event. It wasn't a blow away show, but there were a lot of good matches, a very good match for the tag titles and an excellent AJ vs. Angle match. The only bad was the tuxedo bullshit, and even that was way better than I expected. The main event was a disappointment, but overall the show was very enjoyable. I hope that they go back to simple next month, for both TV and PPV because the gimmick overuse is going to hurt them live. They seriously need to realize that wear the crowd out and it will continue to wear out crowds if they don't tone them down and make them mean something. A fun show and an overall recommendation from me to see it for some really fun wrestling; just turn your brain off.
Final Score:  7.7   [ Good ]  legend

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