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Turner Memories Starrcast III Panel Report: AEW Commentary Team Confirmed, Horsemen Appear, More

August 30, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jim Ross Tony Schiavone

411mania was in attendance for today’s Turner Memories panel at Starrcast III. The panel featured AEW’s Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone sharing their memories from the old Turner days, with special appearances by the Four Horsemen and DDP.

The big news that came out of the panel was at the end, when Ross confirmed that he, Schiavone and Excalibur would be the commentary team for AEW on TNT when it debuts on October 2nd. Highlights from the panel are below, as well as live tweets from our coverage of the event.

Schiavone and Ross talked about how they were roommates when they started working together, and weren’t making much money. Schiavone said that Ross taught him a lot about their importance to the product and how to be confident. Ross credits Dusty Rhodes for having “the courage to put us together for the first Clash” and said that it big deal at the time.

The Horsemen then showed up at the panel. Arn Anderson talked about the arrival of AEW, noting, “I think the climate has been for the longest time [a matter of] management putting things on your plate that you didn’t feel like eating. Well guys, things are a-changing!” He said fans should watch what they want to watch, but not to be ashamed of being wrestling fans. Tully Blanchard talked about the formation of the Horseman, noting that it happened bcause fans responded to a promo by Anderson dressed up in blazers, throwing up the now-iconic four finger sign the next week. Blanchard recalled Jim Crockett saying, “This is really getting over innit?”

Ross weighed in on AEW, saying, “We’re going to make some mistakes through raw enthusiasm and trying new things, but it’s going to be a great adventure.” Schiavone discussed his signing with the company, saying he didn’t know if he could come back to help AEW. Ross’ response was “Bulls**t” and Schiavone ended up with AEW.

Ross also discussed his WWE departure, saying he left because he was fighting depression and needed to work, but WWE had only used him twice in 2018. Schiavone reflected on how things have come full circle for him, saying that Dusty Rhodes told him on his 40th birthday that as long as he’s in wrestling, “I’ll always be your boss.” He quipped that now that he’s working for Cody, “son of a bitch, he still is!”

A spoke during the Q&A and talked about how Schiavone and Ross helped her learn to speak by her watching them on TV at the age of when she was unable to speak much. She said, “Basically you guys were my mom and dad.” Schiavone brought her on stage to tell the story because he was moved by it. Finally, Ross confirmed the aforementioned broadcast team for AEW on TNT.

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