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Various News: Ethan Page Nearly Had a Match With Jason David Frank, Nick Aldis on Why He Cost PCO the ROH World Title

March 4, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Ethan Page

– Ethan Page took to Twitter today to reveal that he nearly had a match with Jason David Frank, aka the original Green Power Ranger. Page noted that the match fell through at the last minute but said he liked Frank and would “be happy to do this anytime.”

Page spoke about a potential match with Frank back in January of 2019, saying:

“I don’t think [the match happening] is impossible. He announced that he’s having a match in Laredo, Texas, and it got a little bit of buzz, and I was like, “People should be talking more about this. This is my childhood hero wrestling, this is so cool.” So, I was like screw it, I’m gonna use my social media power to bring [attention] to him wrestling and challenge him to a match. I designed my own poster, and it blew up online. I’m hoping it gets back to him and I have a few people on the inside reaching out to see if he’s actually hitting the independents.”

– The NWA shared a video of Nick Aldis explaining why he cost RCO the ROH World Title. In the video, Aldis said, “Nobody upstages me and nobody steals my thunder. So PCO had to learn firsthand the same thing that every other member of Villain Enterprises is gonna learn when I run through them one-by-one before I beat Marty Scurll that you do not mess with the real Worlds Champion.”